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America’s Royal Family

by | May 19, 2010 | Archived Material, May 2010

Everybody knows that, in America, everyone is equal, and no royalty exists – right?  Well now, not so fast.  Let’s examine the facts.

Most of us understand the general concept of the Royal Family of England from history classes.  There, the members of the Royal Family are the “sovereigns”.  That means that they are the only people who can own land (or anything else).  What you may not know is that in virtually every country in the world, there exists a “sovereign class” similar to the British Royal Family.  In every case, the sovereign people of the culture got their sovereignty in one of only two ways.  Most were born to it, meaning it was part of the birthright passed to them from their parents.  The others took it through war or insurrection.  Until this past century, there were no other ways to obtain sovereignty.

To better understand sovereignty, imagine that you move your family to England today, and you and your family live in England for the rest of your lives.  Then your children’s children, and their children, continue to live there.  How long will it be before your family becomes part of the Royal Family?  What form or application would you have to fill out to be granted entry into the Royal Family?  What test would you have to take in order to gain entry?  The answer: there is no form, application or test for entry into the Royal Family.  They are not looking for new members…they procreate the new members.

So, how do you become a member of the Royal Family?  The answer is simple – you don’t.   Even if you marry a member of the Royal Family, you don’t become a member.  The children of that marriage would be members of the Royal Family, but only if they claimed the lineage of your spouse.  In other words, technically, your children could never be members of the Royal Family unless they disavowed your lineage and took on the lineage of the Royal Family.

Instead of becoming a member of the Royal Family, could you become a British subject?  Of course you could.  There is an application for that status.  Once a British subject, would your children also be British subjects?  If they were born after you became a British subject, the answer is yes.

You may ask, “why would anyone want to become a member of the Royal Family, anyway”.  The answer is simple.  They are the only people who can own land.  They are the “sovereigns”.  Everyone else is a “subject” of the Master(s), and gets use of the land as a privilege extended by the Master, for which they pay a fee known as tax.  Privileges are given, and can be taken away.

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with you.  Everyone knows that there is no “Royal Family” in America.  Here, we’re all equal.  That’s what those “Founding Fathers” did away with – all that royalty stuff; right?  You were told that those were “your” Founding Fathers that they intended every man, woman, and child would be of equal status, and there would be no “Noble Class”, in this great county called America.  If that’s your thought pattern, you need to go back and examine the facts and events more closely.

Note: They took (stole) the land and the name “America”, from the Native American Indians. This is why you don’t see that group celebrating Thanksgiving.  In fact, it’s a huge slap in the face to them, as a reminder of what was taken from them.

When those “founders” signed the Declaration of Independence exactly what did they do?  They said to King George III of England was controlling this thing called sovereignty over them, and that they intended to take it for themselves.  Pure and simple.  And, they told him the reasons why.  They did, in fact, fight the Sovereign King and Royal British Family for it.  Through war, those men gained control of their own sovereignty.  The big question is, what did they do with that sovereignty once they had taken it from the King of Great Britain.  To understand that, we must fully understand exactly what they took.

Where was the sovereignty held at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?  It was secured within the Royal Family of England.  The King was simply the head of that family, or the “Supreme Sovereign” of the time.  When the King died, he was quickly replaced by another sovereign, also a member of the Royal Family of England; in fact, normally the member in line from birth.  Remember, all members of the Royal Family were/are sovereigns, in that they can all own land.  So what our Forefathers gained for themselves was not the King’s power.  Rather, it was the power held by the Royal Family – sovereignty itself.

Along the same line, what our Forefathers did away with was the King’s power, not sovereignty.  Sovereignty was kept for themselves and their descendants.

Once those founders had seized sovereignty from the Royal Family, what did they do with it?  The popular idea held today is that they passed it out to anyone and everyone who showed up on these shores.  The bureaucrats and power brokers would have you believe it was vested in the government.  However, the facts simply do not support either idea.  If we go forward some 12 years, to the signing of the Constitution of the People of the United States for the United States of America, we gain great insight into what those men actually intended, and did.

First, look closely at the Preamble to the Constitution.  It begins with the words, “We the People”.  The question arises, who were “We the People”.

Did this phrase refer to ALL the people who were living in America at that time?

Absolutely, unquestionably, no, it did not.  As an example, there were obviously American Indians living in America at that time, and they were the true Natives from whom the lands were being forcibly ripped away via the Papal Bull called the Doctrine of Discovery (hm: Doctrine of Discovery?…that’s a story for another day).

Were the True Native Americans included in “We the People”?  No, they were not.  They were, in fact, recognized by most, and for the next 100 plus years, as enemies of “We the People”.   Further “in fact”; on May 26, 1830, the United States passed the INDIAN REMOVAL ACT.   As if their treatment had not been bad enough already; Andrew Jackson became known as “the Indian Killer”, and certain tribes then began what was known as the Trail of Tears.  They certainly were not afforded the Rights bestowed by the Constitution, or they would not have been killed and had their land taken from them without recourse or remedy.

How about slaves?

Were the slaves of the time part of “We the People”?  Obviously not and the facts concerning the enslavement of other people, make a discussion of whether the slaves were included in “we the People” totally unnecessary.

So, who were “We the People”?  It becomes obvious that “We the People” were the company-people of that day that had possessed the original charters from the King.  They turned those Chartered “colonies” into “States”.  And it was only “states’-people that could vote.  You had to be a landowner to vote, so from there we can conclude who “We the People” were/are.  They were white male landowners.

The balance of the Preamble gives what basically amounts to a “mission statement”, or statement of intent.  It lays out what the authors wanted to accomplish; and, last, but not least, who they intended all these Benefits and Rights for when it claims, “…and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”.

Who were they doing this for?  Themselves and their Posterity!  Nobody else was included.  At no point did they say that anybody born on these shores would be endowed to receive these Rights and Benefits.

If fact, they obviously did not intend to “free everyone, because there were many living there at the time that were not given those Rights and Benefits.  The “common man” had no right to vote; and just like in England, the “common man” had to pay land taxes (rent) to his “lords”.

Did those men ever say that the benefactors would change with the next generation to include everybody born or naturalized here?  Did they ever give Congress, or anybody else, the authority to add new “members” to this very exclusive group called “We the People”?  If not, how were new People to be added to the group?  There was only one way provided – by birth with one of “We the People” as a parent!  That’s why it states “ourselves and our Posterity”.

Now go back and look at the Royal Family of England.  Do you see any resemblance?  How did/do the Royal Family of England expand its membership?  By birth.  From where did those Founders gain their power?  They gained it from the Royal Family of England.  Does it now start to make sense to you that very little about the system actually changed?  The main change was simply the benefactors.

When you look at citizenship issues in the United States, you see a great many people coming to these shores from other parts of the world.  When they come here, many wish to become “citizens”.  The United States accommodates great numbers of these people each year.  Millions have applied for, and been granted, citizenship of the United States based on application, learning certain criteria, and testing.  When they become a “citizen of the United States”, do they also become a “sovereign”?

If they do, it’s a well-kept secret.  Have you ever heard any of them referred to a “new sovereigns”?  Do you find this situation to be troubling?  If not you should, because it is obvious that when people come from other nations and then become “naturalized United States citizens”; they just acquired exactly the same rights and status as you, didn’t they?

Allow me to advance a few possible questions for your consideration.  What if there was an American Royal Family?  What if its power was passed from father to son just like it is done in virtually every country in the world, and just like it has been done for thousands of years?  What if there was a second status of citizenship for the common man, just like in every other country in the world, and just like there has been for thousands of years?  What if the Royal Family was very jealous of its birthright, and didn’t want to share it with anyone else?  What if the Royal Family turned over the reins of government to a group of “their public servants”; like the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was the Lords’ and King’s tax collector?

And, what if those “servants” swear to THEIR constitution to protect the Royal Family’s interests above everything else, much like is the case in England?

Consider the status of a citizen of the United States.  The citizens of the United States is not sovereign because he cannot own the land.  Instead, as a citizen, you can negotiate for the use of land for which you pay a large fee (tax) to begin, and continue to pay a lesser fee (tax) for as long as you want to “use their land”.  You have the same set of rules for all your property, even though you may not realize it.  You are ruled by codes and regulations created by bureaucrats who are supposedly “public servants”.  Most of these “rules” are never even voted on, but are placed into “law” by an official who wasn’t even elected to office.

Now, think about it.  How do you differ from the class of “freemen” that most of those “alleged” forefathers were before coming to America from England?  See, you thought that they were “your Father”, didn’t you?  I submit that the King’s total sovereign dictatorial power over every issue has not been eliminated and that there is little difference between being a British subject and a United States citizen.

In fact; the real history teacher: Patrick Henry said it best on June 7, 1788, at his speech to the House of Burgesses: “Besides the expenses of maintaining the Senate and other House in as much splendor as they please, there is to be a great and mighty President, with very extensive powers: the powers of a King.”

And, if you don’t believe this, then go to England and find out what the rights of British Subjects are and then compare that to your status.    Or better yet; just look at the simple meanings of these words: Sovereign versus Citizen and see if they are even remotely the same. and

We know that sovereignty exists somewhere in this country.  It has to because someone owns the land.  Is it “We the People” who own the land?  If not, who?  The government would have you believe that it is the government that is the sovereign, which owns the land; otherwise, it could not levy taxes against it.   Show us any place where sovereignty was ever taken from “We the People”,  the original Signers of the Constitution of the United States for the United States of America and turned over to the common man or common woman.

Maybe you should simply reconsider your interpretation of the word:FOR.  In law, making assumptions and presumptions is an extremely deadly mistake.

Show us that it is not “those People and their Posterity” that still run THEIR government.  Show us where “We the People” pay taxes (to themselves).   Heck, THEY even allow those “re-presentatives” that you “think” you elect FOR you; to make themselves exempt from taxes. Show me any place where “We the People” ever turned over sovereignty to you, to the government that THEY put over you (FOR you), or to anyone else.

You can’t, because neither happened.

So what became of these sovereigns?  Nothing happened to them.  They passed on their sovereignty to their children just like it had been passed to them? What the government has is, at best, colored title…granted by the actual land owners…the Posterity of the People of the United States…..truly America’s Royal Family.

We find it very amusing that nobody is attacking the British Royal Family about being “equal” with all the other people in England.  In fact, have you heard such an outcry from any other country in the world?

So, after reading this so far, do you still think that slavery was a “black and white” issue?

It was never the plan of this government to free the black man or any other “common man”.  The plan was to use the black man, just like the original common white indentured “Subjects”; and place them side by side in a state of servitude.  This was done this by insisting that everybody is equal, and getting you to BUY IT at a very young age.!!  It was done by teaching you in their public schools that you are “free and equal” and that we must all “do our fair share” and “follow the rules just like everybody else has to”.

The underlying idea is that “citizens” should readily accept, that the government is all-powerful and benevolent, and believe that “government” is always acting in the best interest of the people.  If you believe that, then your programming and indoctrination is complete and you’ve wasted your time reading this.

Well, you have our thoughts.  You must decide if you believe that there is an American Royal Family; and, if so, if you are in it.  We’ve made a decision, and we know all the facts are in our corner.  This website is called MATRIX SOLUTIONS for a reason.   For anyone reading this that saw the first MATRIX movie; you know that Neo was told very early in the movie that….”you were born a slave….like everyone else”.

Those men, the founders and Real People of the United States; exercised International Law, International Treaties, and the Law of Nations.  It clearly states this in THEIR Declarations and Constitutions.  If that is how they did, then that is what you must do.   Those men were Lawyers, as well as being the land owners.   In the International Realm, among Sovereigns, at the time of their Revolution; the right to “come out” from under slavery, bondage, and/or Tyranny was called THE RIGHT OF EXILE.   That was the “KEY that fit the DOOR”…out.!

Today, in the International Rules and Protocols; it is called THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION.

Now, if you’re thinking…why have I never heard of this?   Simple….did your slaveholders (the real “People and their Posterity) tell you in THEIR public school system?

It’s time to wake up to the Truth that Education is the first KEY to freedom.




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