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Camp: Atlas Shrugged

by | Jun 19, 2012 | Archived Material, June 2012

Okay, Folks….if you’re not having some fun with this; what can I say?

I was trying for a day (while editing) to think of what to even call this blog.  It is more-or-less about new draconian measures being placed into the system/Matrix, but with several twists.  It makes for a good little “check-up on current events”; and although much of the “problem” is our woefully distorted history and “historical-paradigm-programming” that make up MOST of our beliefs…we are in constant need of staying up-to-date on the things that happen in the “here and now”; while we are in the midst of our “re-programming”.

This video is one hour.   It is mostly a conversation between Gary and me about “certain events” that have occurred in the past month.  One of those events was the further proof that the difference between being a citizen/slave and becoming STATELESS (and left to the dogs) is negligible.    Now; we didn’t get into the “new” ZOMBIE VIRUS that’s out, where people have decided that when they’re hungry, it’s okay to eat someone else’ face.   (Didn’t SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS use the term “disgusting public”?  If you feel the same or think the same as I do on this one; then I’m back to the question….”how do you Stand to be ONE with the NONSENSE”?  Er…excuse me….MASSIVE AMOUNT OF NONSENSE.)

I know it’s tough to “really want out of the MATRIX” since it offers so much “entertainment”.  However, I think I just came up with a new idea and domain name for a website.  Gonna call it: IS-IT-JUST-ME….dot COM.   Maybe I can use it as a “shock and awe” platform.  I mean…really; doncha think that the behavior of your “fellow citizens” is a little…INSANE?

Sorry about that…but there are 4 A/V’s below; and they’re fresh on my mind because I went right back into the US Code to show people that the system itself is using “your consent” to get you “to admit and agree” that YOU ARE NUTS.   Don’t blame me, I didn’t write the script/code; and I blamed myself enough already when I figured out how “insane I was” for being ignorantly (and yet willfully) involved in a system that TOLD ME THAT I WAS NUTS/INSANE for wanting to be in it from the “git”.

The next blog gets us back on track with Ecclesiastical Law and the “Antic of the Roman Church”.  (Isn’t that “Rome-Antic”?)  It’s about 2 hours long.  I know because it’s almost ready to load.   (I’ve been a little busy with Dad…Father’s Day…training someone to edit material for MATRIX SOLUTIONS…and getting the site ready to archive for DVD production, so that I go back on Radio to see about finding more people that are ready to “do whatever is NECESSARY within Reason” to get outta of their dishonorable condition of E PLURIBUS UNUM.)



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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