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Closing a Paytriot Rabbit Hole…The Borking of Bork Finale

by | Dec 2, 2011 | Archived Material, December 2011


Everything is finally back to normal with the Internet, so it’s time to put the final nails into the Borking of Bork series (and/or any other Paytriot out there thinking that they can “go back in time” and “fix” the problem of other compacts….and indeed sign onto such compacts, as if they are still operational.   This is an impossibility because someone that actually formed those compacts (either the States or the Articles of Confederation…or for that matter…any other “former” nation-state on the planet)…must be at there to agree to this “alleged process”.   And, the point of the last presentation was to prove beyond a doubt that you don’t have such rights and even if you did…with the fiasco that was created back then…why would you want to even be involved?

If you haven’t figured it out by now…allow me to just state it is this way:


See, I just slam dunked the Patriots with yesterday’s presentation.  There is nowhere else to go, there is nothing else to do…and chasing the PATRIOT RABBIT HOLE REDEMPTION/RESURRECTION DREAMS is not just a waste of time…it’s now insane.  Ignorance is the lack of facts or lack of knowledge.  Insanity is having the facts and the knowledge and then doing something against the facts and knowledge.  As Ron White says in his routine; “ignorance is curable, but you can’t fix stupid”.

And you know, I woke up this morning contemplating what these patriots like Keith Livingway and LB Bork do in “thinking” (allegedly thinking) that they can “claim someone else’ documents and compacts”.  If someone could just take operational documents that were created by someone else and “just sign your name to it” and send it off to some nebulous office somewhere; and then claim the following “but THEY or said office didn’t respond, so our process worked and we are now a State national or a State sovereign/owner of such-and-such State”…then why stop at the U.S.A. or any state of the U.S.A.?

Let’s go do this to every Nation-State that’s ever existed.  Let’s go sign onto the Compact that formed Sparta, “revive” Sparta, and then we can all be Spartans.  Let’s go sign onto the compact that formed Babylonia, send notice to Nebuchadnezzar or his alleged descendants who must be somewhere in that area…and if they don’t reply in 90 days…well then, we’ll just resurrect the Compact of Babylon and call ourselves Babylonians.

And why stop there…there’s the ancient Medo-Persian country that we could “revive and fix”…and thereby become Persians.  And, of course, we could sign onto the Magna Carta, rewrite it as Livingway claims that he is doing with the Articles of Confederation; and in this fashion, …we could return all of Britain to English Common Law and “fix” all of Europe and the US before these problems started.  We could fix the Roman Empire by signing onto any of the Constitutiones/constitutio that was written by Caesar or the Roman Senate and return the Empire to “it’s former glory”.

Oh heck, let’s just go back to the city-state of Ur in the time of Abraham.  I’m sure that compact is around somewhere.  After all, when governments fall and/or go into emergency session to draft new Compacts and Constitutions in order to correct defects in the previous…it doesn’t mean that the previous was bad and done away with, does it?

And, why just focus on the past government, Nation/State compacts, or “government body politics”?  Today we have corporations with a corpus and corporate body politics.  So, let’s just take the originating documents of IBM, MICROSOFT, and APPLE…sign onto them as the “new founders/owners” and then send notice to their “original founders or Posterity” and their owners and/or Board of Directors…and we’ll start running those entities better as well.  We can rewrite their corporate policies and get Gates to stand down on funding vaccines.  (can’t we?)

But….why stop there?   Let’s just sign onto the minutes of the meeting at Jekyll Island when they formed the Federal Reserve System; and send the Rothschild and Rockefeller family notice that we “are adding ourselves” to their documents and becoming “new members” in order to “have our sovereignty and help them fix the problems with this 9 to 1 Fractional Reserve Banking”.  I mean, since debt is the problem of all nation-states; and we are here to “help and fix” all compacts and operational documents of all previously and currently existing “states” because of our “superior Sovereignty and Sovereign Authority”…then we can just fix the Federal Reserve and World Bank’s operational documents and policies in the process of Assuming our “Equal Station”.  Right?

 Isn’t this what being a TRUE SOVEREIGN like Bork and Pac and Keith Livingway and David Clarence and Bob Roberts and (on and on and on…ad nauseum)…isn’t this the Ultimate Mantle of Sovereignty is to just “print out corpuses of Compact and operational agreements on your little HP OfficeJet at home…and print out a copy of ALL corporate bylaws of body politics and corporate entities”; and then sign those printed out pages by which we then “declare our Sovereignty based on someone else’ work”…and then tell them that we now “possess Standing” and therefore THEY should acknowledge that we have “assumed our separate and equal station among the powers of the earth”….ALL BECAUSE WE AFFIXED OUR SIGN-NATURE TO THEIR 242  YEAR-OLD DOCUMENTS.

Does this sound plausible to you?  (and if you don’t understand the absurdity of this line of reasoning…then read it again until you get it…okay?)

All absurdity aside; this last presentation was to expose this nonsense by reading the words of those men that were there at the time of forming the compacts and Treaties and agreements to which LB Bork and so many others “claim their ALLEGED rights”.  Now, it’s time to learn how to debate these issues like a pro…like I do.  Never let them have the last word…they are wrong.  Never let them get you down or confused.  Standing means that you are required to STAND.

So, although this A/V presentation was actually recorded 2 weeks ago before Parts 1 and 2 of this series; I decided to leave it for last because of how little meat was in the debate between LB Bork and I.  Well, that’s not exactly true…plenty of meat from me…NONE FROM BORK.  Would you have expected it otherwise?

Understand, this is not about malice or anger.  It is about whose right, whose wrong…and AFTER BEING SHOWN THE TRUTH to which they cannot refute or rebut…it about who is being UN-REASON-ABLE.  After doing MATRIX SOLUTIONS FOR 22 months now, the one thing that I know is that I am not double-minded and I am not unreasonable.  I have told them all….”you have a better solution, then present it and if true..then I’m not STUPID…I will follow you.”

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?


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