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Earthships – Get off the Grid, and Stay Off

by | Feb 16, 2010 | Archived Material, February 2010

You’d figure that in the “most technologically advanced civilization in the history of mankind” we’d figure out how to solve the problem of living.  I’m not talking about existing from day to day and meal to meal, I’m talking about actually living.  It would appear that either our claim to technology or our application thereof is broken.  Take the cars we drive, for instance.  We thrill at the prospect of a 30 MPG automobile when in the late 80’s the Geo Metro was getting 50+.  What happened between then and now?  Did we regress?  Did the automakers forget how to make 80 horsepower in three cylinders?  How about houses?  We live in the most energy inefficient monstrosities when compared to log homes or straw bale homes that we possibly could.  Did we forget the natural approach?

The simple answer is, no.  We were forced to avoid it.  It’s conspiracy, plain and simple.   GM killed the electric car (remember the EV1) because, as it turns out, driving them on the highway is illegal. How you ask?  Well, the rules say that in order to use the roads in the US, everyone must pay a highway tax.  So, how do they collect said tax?  Every time you pull up to the pump, that’s how.  If you aren’t getting gas, you aren’t paying the tax, and therefore you are driving illegally.  Electric cars are still illegal, but if the laws were enforced against electrics like they are against homemade biofuels (people get jailed for driving bio-diesel vehicles monthly), there would be an uprising.

The point of this article can best be made by watching this half hour video.  It’s an actual build of an “Earthship,” a completely self-contained, self-sustained home that even grows its own food year round.  The video quality is lousy (sorry), but the message is simple.  Granted, it’s loaded with global warming rhetoric, but it was made in 1990.  Forgive it for that, and concentrate on the parts where the simple solution to the electricity, heat, cooling, food, water, sewage and just about everything else you could want a house to do is included.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Everything you know is wrong, including what technology is available to build a home.

Think for a second about what life would be like if you had no heating bill, no electric bill, no water bill, and all your fruits and vegetables grew right in your house, year-round.  Would you have more time to read, or spend teaching your children (or grandchildren)?  That would be the definition of freedom.




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