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It’s Coming Folks…and they’re picking up the pace

by | Apr 7, 2010 | April 2010, Archived Material

1) The United States has passed new legislation that requires foreign banks now become withholding agents for the US Treasury and the IRS on all non-exempt US Taxpayers and Americans.   The percentage to be withheld is 30%.   What is the fallout?  Ask yourself….” what foreign bank is going to want to do business with any US person, entity, or American individual and make themselves beholding to the US Treasury Department?”   And, if such a foreign bank would do so, what sort of fees to you suppose that they are going to tack on for doing this business of withholding?

The technology of mass control

2) Bio-chipping is part of the new health care regulation.   (oh….and you thought this wasn’t coming?)   If you think you’re not going to take the chip; make sure you understand this: YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.  For  American citizens that say “I ain’t taking the chip; they’ll have to kill me”; …So what?  They can chip you against your will, imprison or kill you, and then scan you as a statistic.  Even if DECEASED, you will be tagged and “MARKED”.

3) The new health care legislation is geared towards a more massive social program whereby the middle-class pay to augment the poor, and segments of the population that have previously been considered “advantaged” (such as “white men”) will now be given a lower preferential treatment to make up for the supposing said advantage of the past.  In other words, if you reach an age where you become “non-essential”, medical treatment for certain severe cases can and/or will be withheld.  Remember Boxer, the horse, in Orwell’s book: ANIMAL FARM?   When his usefulness was up, they sent him to the glue factory.

4) The United States is beefing up implementation of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, whereby any food not processed will become almost non-existent.   It requires that all food must be irradiated for the purpose of “food safety”.   And, if you think that you will “just grow your own”….NOT!   All personal growing will be considered ORGANIC farming and will require that Federal Regulators inspect the growing operation, at the grower’s expense.

5) Obama outlawed the National Day of Prayer and implemented MUSLIM OBSERVANCE DAY.   It’s not that it matters to me, because I am an Ambassador of a Foreign Jurisdiction and my beliefs are my own.  But it smells like a way to get the Christian Coalition and all the Christian “Paytriot” Movement hot and bothered.  Just another of the little preludes to a possible Civil War.

6) Several European Countries are just as much on the grounds of collapse as the United States.  So, at a time when people thought that “putting their money into the Eurodollar” was an alternative to the collapsing USD; then think again.  Greece, Iceland, Ireland, and other countries are unraveling faster than the US; which, if you are paying attention to the financial pundits, are saying that the commercial real estate market is in shambles and about to go into the same decline as residential has for the past 3 years.

Now…..I could go on, but why bother?  When I say that we going to pick up the pace, the audio below is just that.  It is a 54-minute high impact version of THE CURRENT NEWS IN A NUTSHELL.   This message is delivered by David Williams and a close personal friend of “MATRIX SOLUTIONS”.

Enjoy this Coffee Call.




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