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It’s Imperative Fireside Chat

by | Oct 19, 2010 | Archived Material, October 2010

If you look at the Right of Exile and the Right of Self-Determination (self-government) over the past centuries; you will see that to accomplish such a feat and gain FREEDOM requires an attitude that I define as: “This is what MUST be done; no matter what”.  It’s IMPERATIVE.

Pull up your chair and stick around a while

In the last blog, I mentioned that “we” (Aaron and I) had recorded a conversation about the blog: IN NAME ONLY; which led to something like an informal discussion between he and I on Imperative Thinking versus Subjective Thinking.  It is this mindset that is responsible for almost everything that is accomplished on Planet Earth.   Whether you look at a business accomplishment, technological achievement; or look at rebellion against tyranny, and/or holocaust survivors, or survival in general…or even something that many would consider mundane like losing weight…these things only happen when one’s “MIND” becomes fully made-up that “this MUST HAPPEN”.    This is how you defend/support your life and integrity.  This is the MINDSET that has led to many of the great quotes in history, such as: “The price of Freedom is Constant Vigilance”.

For the sake of providing a quick “Reason” (and by way of a review in case you didn’t catch the blog: IN NAME ONLY, yet); take the founders of the United States of America.  They formed a New Compact to get away from the “Arbitrary Nature” of the King of Great Britain.  It was an IMPERATIVE ACT for them, as it had been for many others throughout history.  And, the stated reason has always been when the people were about to be placed under absolute Despotism and Control.

And for some reason, the percentage of people that want true freedom to “be their own Governor’s” is usually very small. As stated, “people are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”  This is the reason that the benefits of gaining Sovereign and/or Diplomatic Immunity are highly treasured.   People will suffer for doing the right thing.  It’s simple: Standing requires that one STAND.

In the movie: THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL; these words were spoken, “It’s only at the pinnacle that you change”. Well, look around.  Look at the economies of the World.  Look at the massive regulation coming down on you.  I just saw an article where a family was declared dangerous because they belonged to a group called OATHKEEPERS, and because of this, they had their newborn baby taken from them at the hospital.   Are you seeing that Pinnacle, yet?  IF NOT, give ’em time.  The system is causing many to “suffer”; but the questions are these: “what are you going to do”?  and “what about your children the World they’re going to grow up in” and “have you had enough (like the founders of other NATIONS did), and “are you ready to do something about it?”

If so, the RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION requires honor that can only come from an IMPERATIVE MINDSET…holding no doubt.   Doubt will destroy your resolve and your honor.   If you had to sum up this “attitude” into one word; that word would be: MUST.

Listen in as we discuss why “you” must Self-Govern and why Self-Governance is IMPERATIVE by nature.




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