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Mailbag: David and Brad

by | Mar 19, 2010 | Archived Material, March 2010

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From: brad Date: 3/8/2010 10:11:10 PM To: David Subject: document

Hi David, I was following the “discourse” you and Joey were having with David Clarence. The reason I am writing is I would like to get a copy of the 1928 document that started this all. It is my belief that between 1928 and 1932  much of the groundwork was laid for the nwo (owo) that we are experiencing today. Thanks in advance for any help. Brad

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From: David Williams To: brad Sent: Tue, March 9, 2010 12:32:34 PM Subject: Re: document

Sure….no problem.

This is an international document that defines what “the real American States” are.   I am sorry that the discourse with David Clarence went the way that it did, but I have no tolerance for men that don’t want to unite, and pontificate about their superior “discernment” and run around this planet with the “my God is bigger than your God” routine.  It’s obnoxious and stupid….so, rather than “beat around the bush”…I prefer to just “create a controversy” and put them on their heels to show them and/or others, the absurdity of disunity.   It ensures a quick end to the controversy on my part.

Joey is only 31 years old, and Clarence is much older and has more years of study.  As shown by Darwin and other evolutionists, Years of study do not mean that someone has found “the truth”; whereby people give credit where credit is not due.  Joey is a friend and a good man; and the way that David Clarence responded to him was uncalled for, in my “not-so” humble opinion.

From his own email, he stated: stay up to date, on this Self Empowerment “federation” county Level Movement, to take our nation states – back from the Corrupt of the World!

Take back a “nation” that he did not create; did not sign the compact, did not pledge life and fortune to build, and therefore has no political standing in?   I know better….and hope you do, as well.  There are getting the train cars ready for those that believe this.


David Clarence is doing exactly what Sam Kennedy is doing, with the possible exception of some “alleged” communications with the US MILITARY.   He is not a signatory to any of the compact states that he is claiming that he is going to usurp; and is, therefore, just as bad as Kennedy.  His arrogant thoughts about “taking over nation states” that are “pledged as debtors” to the Crown of Great Britain….will be viewed as Domestic Terrorism by the US.  I have seen the language in case law, in just the past three years.

If you want more information besides this…let me know.  You can also visit my website:   It is a membership site; however, there is some free material there.   The cost for monthly membership is 27.00 per month.  We have a “referral software program” tied to the membership that pays back 6.25 per referral, so it is possible to refer enough people to reduce your cost to $0.00, or to actually “learn and earn” at the same time.

You are right, in part, about the groundwork.   This document came from the “INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN STATES”; which changed its name to the ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES in 1947.  It is not an NGO.  It is an IGO….inter-governmental organization.   There is a huge difference, but needless to say…the IGOs, with their unlimited state jurisdiction and International Organizations Immunities Act….are expatriating further and further away from (what Clarence calls) the incompetent.

All the best,


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From: brad Date: 3/13/2010 8:26:09 AM To: David Williams Subject: Re: document

Belated thanks for the attachment. I just got to reading it this A.M.

Is it your understanding that these “Powers that be” are benign and recognize the individual men and women of the Creator or are we forever doomed to reading their proclamations and finding what we may perceive to be overt or covert recognition of the creations of the Father?


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Good morning Brad

There are four questions here.   What did you get out of the document?  Did you look at my website?

And…Why do you ask these questions in this manner?    Do want a “real answer” or for me to step off into some realm where you have your mind “made up about some alleged Powers”…so that you go ahead and dismiss the information and continue down some path that I already KNOW IS A DEAD END?

You asked for a document.  I thought that this was for the purpose of education and increase of knowledge, therefore I complied with your request.  I indicated to you that if you read it….you would find out what are the “Real American States”.   You did not (just now) even address this issue….and it is powerfully significant information since THEIR CONSTITUTION states that “All international treaties signed under the authority of the United States SHALL BE THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.”

You did not ask me about the Conference of 1928; nor did you ask about the Right of Self-determination.  So, what is your point in asking these questions?  I already know that you don’t know international law or you would have asked about the document and not my philosophy?

I will tell you as I told David Clarence…I am only interested in unity; since the current Global Maxim in law states that “for lasting peace and security, it is time for men of good will to unite and organize”.   I will answer your queries once I know the following: Are you asking me these questions so that you can dismiss me as “a fool/idiot”; and thereby go back to sleep and ignore the issue on the table?

In addition; once I understand your purpose for wanting that 1928 document and why you have asked about my philosophy (and not the document); would you please “restate” your four-part question….particularly the last part about “overt or covert recognition of the creations of the Father”?  The question is fraught with “presumptions” due to lack of specificity about “their proclamations” and what it means to “be doomed”.

All the best;

David-Parker: Williams

–Original Message— From: brad Date: 3/13/2010 4:57:48 PM To: David Williams Subject: Re: document

Yes, I did read the document right before I emailed you. As I said before thanks for the document. I am not trying to prove or disprove any of your beliefs. Frankly, I don’t know you that well and even if I knew you very well for a long time I may not try to dissuade you from your beliefs. I only asked the questions that I did to get a better understanding of what you understand. Yes, I went to the website. You have done a lot of work and study.

Just because I was made aware of you through david clarence does not mean that I am an acolyte of his. I once heard it said as I am sure you have also, that if I agree 100% with you at all times then one of us isn’t thinking.

Have a blessed day.



From: David Williams To: brad Sent: Sat, March 13, 2010 9:24:19 PM Subject: Re: document

Thank you, Brad.  I appreciate your candor.   I have been around or “seen” the “patriotic movement” long enough to understand that most folks that claim to belong to such; are more of The problem.  In my opinion, they are worth even paying attention to.  They want something for nothing, meaning that they believe that “they own the United States” and that they are “Posterity of the founders”…therefore the “patriots” believe that they have rights to documents that are copyrighted and are classed as private intellectual property that “belong” to someone else.     The worst part is that their arrogance is almost boundless, and makes them almost totally unteachable.

As far as this document from the Sixth International Conference of American States, it is only 5 pages from a convention of nation/states that make up the “real” American States.   Today that IGO is called the Organization of American States or OAS (   The printing of the convention was probably over 500 pages and it contains those elements of Private International Law, whereby THEY and the heads of all these “republics” pass “codes” called Public International Law and place these codes (international) into the National Codes of each of the disparate jurisdictions.   You can find many of the laws passed/signed in these treaties and conventions with the US Code; because the United States is bound to follow international Law, the Law of Nations, and the treaties that they are party to.   Within the realm of Private International law, it is called maintaining the INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC ORDER.    We call it maintaining peace within the IPO.

The reason that the website domain is “” is because this is the highest right in International law.  And, it is found in various treaties, but one in particular; when this right was given its present name in 1947, is specifically placed under “peaceful settlement of disputes”.   And it is the peaceful settlement or way to peace.  I know, because I exercised this Right…and as of and since November 2006, the United States has recognized and written to me as Ambassador at Large.   I am currently deemed to be the acting Prime Minister for a separate nation-state, and I am in the process of writing a new constitution and restructuring the government after certain failures that the founder(s) made in the past 17 years.

About your questions: Is it your understanding that these “Powers that be” are benign and recognize the individual men and women of the Creator

What do you consider “Powers that be”?    Are you assuming that what is occurring globally is not being allowed by the Creator…and therefore, endorsed as being “okay”?

Let me break up the questions that you ask.

Is it your understanding that these “Powers that be” are benign?   Do they recognize the individual men and women of the Creator?

THEY recognize individual “men and women” of the Creator because that is what THEY are.   So the answer to that is yes, THEY know who/what the Creator is.  I know this because I have been visited by one of THEIR agents….and I don’t mean a sheriff, FBI, CIA…I mean straight from the Cabal….who told me about the Cabal.   And, then he or THEY proceeded to attempt a “remote view” on me….wherein THEY told me the following: “we are THEY that you have been writing about for all these years….we are the “SEE”, the Holy See, the SEE I Am (CIA). We are Yahweh….and we are Ain Sof.”

Do THEY recognize that men and women are “of the Creator”?    Yes, THEY do.   THEY are men and women as well….and THEY are not stupid.  THEY wrote the bibles and created the religions; in order that THEY could control masses of people.  THEY merged the religious powers with the governments long ago.

Are THEY benign?   Well, like you, THEY love THEIR children or little ones….and THEY leave “in trust” to THEIR Posterity….those things that THEY have established and that their Posterity will rule over.   So…THEY love their own like you love your own.   But, do they LOVE OTHERS?

Well, this takes a universal perspective to answer.   First, you cannot specifically identify who exactly is “the Powers” behind this entire system.  Some of the government personalities are just as hooked and deluded by elements of division and divisiveness as the general masses.   And, many of these people are not benign, and their “love for others is limited to their own bloodlines”.

But, again…do THEY love others?    This is not the question that the universe or Creator ask.   It is much more personal than that.

So the question is….do you?   Do you spend your substance and energy to “support the war” or “support troops” that murder and kill innocent people….or do you love those people that are being murdered?   If you love those people, then have you broken your collusion with the ones that are pulling the trigger?  In Afghanistan and in Iraq, there is no Universally required “double witness” that either of these countries did anything.  There certainly was no Scripturally required trial that produces any real proof.   This trial was in the court of “public opinion” of the United States; therefore all United States citizens are guilty of this atrocity.  In international law, the nation/state is viewed “as a sole person”.   E Pluribus Unum.

My belief is that Yahweh punishes “nations” for “national crimes”.   In this case, there is no question of the guilt of the people here in “America”.  They send their sons to go pull the trigger for them, and pay others in the same manner as hiring a hitman to murder someone….all because the banking cartel wants them to.  They do it all for money, period.   They are not “deceived”…they freely choose to believe lies.

And many of the people who don’t believe the lie, they are still “accomplices” under the doctrine of Particeps  Criminis.  So, the question again is “have you come out from among them” and “assumed a separate station/statehood”?   If not, then are you benign….or do you just “pay these murdering hitmen to kill”…thinking that you have no complicity in the crime?

Make no mistake…THEY (the Powers) understand Divine Law, and are ‘allowed’ to rule over those that don’t want to take the responsibility to ‘self-govern’…and who “bind themselves to the unrighteous King who frames his mischief by decree”.   Psalms 94:20.   You are a U.S. Citizen, or you are an “American”…..and self-identified as such (unless you have some “particulars” that state otherwise).   All U.S. Citizens and Americans, are murders and thieves; because they “identify” themselves with that “beast/king/govt” which is “the murderer and thief”.

No one can convince me otherwise or pretend otherwise…Yahweh is watching and THEY are allowed to rule over those that “do not come out” of THE system….and “be ye separate”.

THEY (the powers) assumed THEIR Separate and Equal Station.  This is about understanding what “sovereigns” do.

Sovereigns build countries,  nations, states, and societies.  They “put their money/resources/energy” where their mouth is.    Are you building (exercising stewardship) a new society that is “in the world, but not of THEIR world”?  Or are you just TRYING TO CHANGE THE UNRIGHTEOUS KING THAT FRAMES EVIL BY DECREE?    That is what David Clarence, Sam Kennedy, Republic Broadcasting…and all these millions are trying to do….change THEM.

I am a sojourner and I am building a new “jurisdiction/society”.   I am an Ambassador and soon to be Prime Minister or Head of State.  I am working on “our Constitution/Charter”.  I am not self-identified as something that THEY created in order to fulfill “the great delusion” sent by the Creator onto those (the masses) that “don’t want to self-govern and exercise Just Stewardship”….but instead, want a King over them “like the other nations have….one to rule us and fight our battles.”   Acquiescence means agreement.   Trying to change THEM without agreement is an act of war.   What THEY do is not for you or I to avenge.

On my website, we have a section called Rabbit Holes.  One of those is the “Government is God” Rabbit Hole.   Do you presume that the United States or “America” was some “divinely inspired nation/state”?    It is a “re-public” (“re”–to again make you public mass chattel/Kattel”)….and like all Republics, it is run by Caesar/Kaiser/KaiZhars.

Here is the point….you don’t know what the Powers behind the scene believe….only what is told for “public consumption”.   Asking if the “powers” are benign is the same as asking “is Yahweh, the Creator benign”?

The answer is “yes and no”.    THEY are benign to those that THEY deem THEIR breathren….but, not to those that THEY consider “human or hue-moons”.  THEY consider that “huemoons” who self-identify as moonkind (mankind) to be moonsters, demoons, and mooniacs (i.e. Maniacs …which means “I act like the moon”)  The moon has no light of its own….it is not “illumined or illuminati”.   The “moon lives in darkness” unless lit up by the “Sun/Son”.  This is what THEY believe.   And, as I said, THEY do what they are allowed by divine law, because of people fondness for ignorance, illusion, delusion, and their failures to assume responsibility and become “friends” of Yahweh,  or “friends of the universe” and start “self-governing” and exercising stewardship in a different manner

If you become “ha Shatan” ( Adversary) to or of Yahweh….then I guarantee you that Yahweh is not benign about this.   It is Yahweh that brings down the nations and the wicked….so therefore… you assume for one second that the Creator will not bring a “Nebu-Kai-Ne-Zhar” into the United States to wipe out all those that like to “self-identify” that they in “partners in crime” (Participis Criminis) with the United States….the Unrighteous King/beast/govt??

Now….the question that must necessarily be asked at this point is this….”what does it mean to COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”?

And, “what does it matter what THEY believe, do, or recognize”?    What is that to you?   You are not THEIR JUDGE.   Yahweh builds up Nebu-Kai-ne-Zhar when Yahweh needs to “take down those that have become too deluded and too violent”.   Like Rome and Babylon, the United States has been allowed to “take power”.   There are reasons for that, as well.   But, the overall attitudes here are violent and the people do ‘evil’ all the time.  There entire banking system here is fraudulent, yet everyone participates….whether through the national banks or the SSN ABA nine digit trust routing number.  Plus, the people here are extremely violent.   And…

If THE PEOPLE of this Planet become “too violent”….well I suppose we’ll just have to have another flood to rid this planet of all these violent people.  If I get caught up in that, then so be it.   But, I have worked on “doing something new”…to prove myself a good and faithful servant.

But Yahweh…the Creator has stated it like this (if that scripture is true)…..”I create the blessing, and I bring the destruction”.   In the “by’ba’al”, the scribes changed it to the word “evil”,  but the word “evil” is not a Hebrew word or concept.  The word is destruction or ruin.   Destruction is not always “evil”.

Therefore, to come back to the question…..the question about ‘who or what is benign” is not something that I even ponder.   The creator is in control….and free will is paramount.  The ancient maxim is that “all people end up with the government they deserve”.  The people here “deserve” what’s happening to them…otherwise, they would change.

Are we forever doomed to reading their proclamations and finding what we may perceive to be overt or covert recognition of the creations of the Father?

Again, this is 2 questions,  and neither has much applicable to Just Stewardship.    My answer is that “no one is ever doomed” unless that is what they choose.


What is wrong with THEIR Proclamations?   There are lots of good concepts and laudable terminology in what THEY write.

Is it how THEY live?  I don’t know.  It’s not my problem….because as David Clarence states…we are on a Planet that appears to have gotten cursed if you believe the Book of Genesis.  So, if indeed “we” are on a cursed planet…..then “we” must be here to learn how to change ourself…NOT TO CHANGE THEM.

To the universe, it is about what I do, how I do it, and what I am in collusion with.   The word: America (itself) did not come from Amerigo Vespucci….that is another lie put there for the masses to believe, and delude themselves with.  The word America was what the native indigenous called all of this continent.   There was no “north, central, or south” America.  The entire land mass was “America”.   Vespucci only went to “South America”….so how would the “white Anglos spread that name to the entire land mass”?  And, Amerigo is not America; plus nothing is named after an explorer first name, but instead the last name.  Don’t you think that the other “explorers”, like Cortez or Champlain, would have been a little upset that one dude who only went to “South America”….would be responsible for naming the entire land mass?

The point here is that America, or AmaruKai; was the “land of Ameru or Amaru”.    It was what this “place” was called before any of those people got to this “continent”.   This is found among many tribes, but especially the Anasazi Indians.   Did you know that the word “Anasazi” means “enlightened ones”?  Did you know that Amaru was the god of the Amorites?   Did you know that Phoenician and Roman swords have both been found in Arizona (the arid zone)?  How do you think that the capital of Arizona came to be called “Phoenix”?

The meaning of “America or AmaruKai” is the “land and power of Amaru…the Plumed Serpent”.   And all Americans are self-identified universally as “serpents”….and their ignorance is no excuse.

Are you coming out of this condition or staying in?   As William Wallace (Gibson) said in the movie: BRAVEHEART….”all men die, is just a question of how and why”?   If Revelations is true, those that don’t come out are  going to share in “her plagues”….which are here now (and more on the way.)

I am not a pessimist.   I am building and looking for others of like-mind who want to build something new.   There are 3 reasons….1) because life always finds a way….2) there is no other solution…and 3) there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.   I am not looking for “something outside” this planet to ‘save the planet” or me.

I do believe that we, in our entire being, need to have peace, love and a sound mind.   But I see very little of it.  Ignorance breeds ignorance.   Arrogance breeds arrogance.   And hate apparently breeds hate.   I will admit that I have yet to figure out what “love breeds”.   It is supposed to drive out fear….but I see this in very few.   People like David Clarence are not helping.

My last comment, in case you were questioning whether I think THEY have any honor behind the scenes or beyond the system…..the answer is yes.   They honor THEIR true agreements because THEY will not be seen as being in dishonor.  Yahweh would remove THEM, too.  But, THEY do honor criminals or those in collusion with criminals.   Understand, just because someone created debt money (the unclean thing), or just because the Queen is the treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire,….don’t think that THEY use money.   THEY don’t.  THEY DEAL IN SUBSTANCE…THE DEBT IS FOR THE MASSES OF THE REPUBLICS.

So now you have something of my philosophy.  I gave honor to the “powers” and then I received honor.  Do I like the misrepresentation of the system?  No….which is why I chose to separate from it.   The truth can be found….but not with the ease, comfort, and laziness that everyone is looking for.   You know the price of freedom… is responsibility and vigilance.

All the best;

David-Parker: Williams

P.S.: There is another maxim that states “if you meant to say it, you would have written it down”.   When it comes to philosophical questions, the requirement is not to create confusion.  Since I would suspect that you have not seen what I have seen “behind the system”; or been acknowledged as Ambassador, or acquired diplomatic immunity by agreement…a short, simple answer was not going to suffice.  Philosophy pertains to beliefs…and beliefs require “reason”.

From: brad Date: 3/13/2010 10:33:52 PM To: David Williams Subject: Re: document

Thanks for the mini-tutorial. You have a fascinating mind. If you don’t mind I would like to ask some questions of you. Not to disprove or dissuade but for my understanding. Frankly, you put so much out there we could talk, it seems, for days if not weeks. So if you have some time and don’t mind some questions my first would be; I thought for a nation to be recognized as a nation in “their” international community that the nation would have to have a treasury and some sort of military for defense of its borders. True?

There were some other pre-requisites but I have forgotten what they were or where I read them. I think a currency may have been another.

As an aside have you visited a site called Just wondering.

I have some personal dealings and awakenings while in the U.S. military in Vietnam. While there I realized the people wanted to live their lives, for the most part, uninterrupted by others. Much like a lot of people here. Also, I became aware of more than one big lie of government. Many died from the U.S. and 10x to 20x that amount of Vietnamese. A huge waste for all.

Teddy Roosevelt, in a public speech, said the same thing as you have; that if men do not govern themselves then it will be done for them.

But where did Yahweh grant authority for men to rule over others the way the government has devolved? In a true Yahweh government, all authority lies within each man and he is at the bottom of a pyramid with the power delegated up, not down.

Man o man. I am getting all over the map here. Sorry. If you would please respond to the first thing I asked…maybe one other.  lol

Peace on your house. Brad



From: David Williams To: brad Sent: Sat, March 13, 2010 11:11:17 PM Subject: Re: document

You’re not all over the map.  You are assimilating pieces of a puzzle that has been hidden from you and I and others for a long time.  It wasn’t because it couldn’t be found, but Yahweh didn’t make it easy.

The form a nation, you don’t have to have a “treasury” department immediately.  You never have to have a military.   The world is looking for peace, but losing the right to have it more through the pen than any other instrument.   I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that people have abdicated their responsibilities “teach their children well” and to “steward the planet properly”.   This is why “they are not left alone”.   They allow their rulers to become corrupt and give into the “greed” of the system.   So, nation after nation becomes a slave to the corrupt because their acquiescence brings the agreement with it.

You do need courts and you need a legislature and you need a ministry of foreign affairs (state department).  In today’s world, you also need communications technology to deal with the other members of the family of nations.

I am familiar with HHC because Joey has chosen to go that route.  But, they are not very organized and I am unconvinced of their ability to deal with the State Department of the US.   But, they have a good amount of knowledge and I am sure that I will talk his the man called Brother Gregory soon enough.

Where do they get the authority?   From acquiescence.   People want someone else to “do it for them”.    Everyone, in my opinion, should be required to become a lawyer.  Not an attorney, but know the law.   I found out how bad ignorance was in 1999 when we lost 600k at one shot, due to seizure…and in dealing with an estate in NC……I filed claims on 12 attorneys, 5 financial institutions, 1 superior court clerk, 1 superior court judge, 1 us court clerk, and 1 us judge.

But, my wife and I had moved to St. Kitts, because I wanted out of this jurisdiction.  Back then, I just didn’t realize that geography didn’t get me out of their cage.

Philosophy is the answer.  People have to “change their minds” and want to learn and want to take responsibility.   Wanting to be left alone is naive.  This is planet Earth….no one has ever been left alone.   What I recommend is reading a couple of books and watching one movie to understand that responsibility.  The book is called Way of the Peaceful Warrior…..and parts of the series about the Yaqui shaman by Carlos Casteneda.   I would recommend Journey to Ixtlan although it is the third book in the series.   The movie is called “THE LAST SAMURAI”.

The key is discipline….and living that disciplined life.  In the movie, Cruise is talking about the people of that village and he says “from the moment they wake, the seek the perfection of what they set themselves to do”.   It didn’t matter what they did…that was the Mindset.

But the message was the movie was that the “way of the samurai was still necessary”….but not the “way of the sword”.   THEY are telling everyone how to live if you have eyes to eyes, and ears to hear.    Writing that, I would highly recommend a very recent movie called “THE BOX”.   As Neo said…the problem in choice.  THE BOX is all about the consequence of choice.

And of course, failure to make a decision…is a decision.   It’s a NO.  That is why self-governance is so important.

As far as “self-determination”….it is my life and my path….so I don’t mind the questions.  I am attaching a document that might help as well.  Hope that helps.


From: brad Date: 3/14/2010 9:45:47 AM To: David Williams Subject: Re: document

Thank you for the attachment. While reading it I was able to identify with both, “the average man” (whatever that is) and the warrior. I find both in my life and struggle to put the average man back in his box. lol, I have read some of Castenada’s works 40 years ago, maybe it is time to revisit. I can tell you something about brother Gregory but it might be best if he tells you the how and why he is where he is today. If you haven’t read “Rulers Of Evil” by Tupper Saussey I recommend that you do. One of a few books I have read more than once. I like to believe that all men and women are searching for peaceful existence but I do not. And I agree that your statements regarding acquiesence are on the mark. I would not, however, go so far as to study lawyering. Contract law and Trust law though is essential to interact with what I term the manipulators. It really boils down to Trusts but contracts are dynamic and are dynamic. Peace on your house. Brad

–Return Message–

Good morning Brad,

Saw your reply.  I  was up early this morning working on a contract for a “green” business event in Atlanta on April 3.

When I say that people should become “lawyers”….I don’t mean attorneys.  But, everyone needs to know how to defend their contracts, their “busy-ness”, their property of stewardship by agreement,  and their philosophy/beliefs.    Most people cannot give you an explanation of “why” they believe in the “what” they believe in.

I am familiar with Tupper Saussey.   I have a friend in Florida that allowed Tupper to “hide out” with him when the system was looking for him.   I don’t remember the specifics….it happened over 10 years ago; before my “time” so to speak.

You are correct about putting that average man back in the box.    It is the concepts that the byble mentions about “doing that which we know we should not do, and not doing those things that we know we should do”.   In the movie: THE LAST SAMURAI….the system (or THEY….whoever THEY are) told everyone that the way of samurai/warrior was necessary.  In fact….when Katsamoto said: “the way of the samurai is no longer necessary”…..Halgren/Cruise said “Necessary? What could be MORE necessary?”   But, there is another scene where Katsamoto gives Halgren a “new sword”.  On this sword, there is an inscription written in Japanese (yah-pan-ese)…..and it is translated: “I belong to the warrior in who, the ways of the old have joined the new”.   It is the “way” without the sword.  It is the way of “honor”.

And, yes….it is a struggle; because “we” were not trained (discipled) to be disciplined or live a disciplined life.   The Samurai or Shaman (men of Sham or Shem…the patriarch) or the Warrior….their Mindset was the ancient Hebrew Mindset; which was “everything is TOV”.   This means “everything is good”.  We are here to learn from the experience….and to learn to control our experience.

However, I see a “problem” with the predecessors.  Many of the Samurai became corrupt themselves, and did not exhibit honor.   The same of the Indian Shaman…and certainly of the Hebrews; if we “see” the meanings of the ‘examples’.   One of the other problems is that they did not “learn the tools of their enemies”.   There is an ancient saying that states “to defeat one’s enemies, one must learn the tools of one’s enemy”.

As I stated; the chief tool is the pen; because it is mightier than the sword.  However, I prefer to live in a manner and a premise that I have no enemies…and that if someone is breathing, they are my “brethren”…..although they may be seeking my harm (believing that they are my enemy).

You are correct about wanting to believe that all men and women are searching for a peaceful existence….but they are not.   They cannot resolve the battles within themselves, and therefore “they act it out on the world or on others”…..even those that they claim to love.   And, the movies are showing them this as well.  In SPIDERMAN 3: the system told everyone that their “anger and/or desire to harm others and/or desire to retaliate and strike at others” was the cause for THE VENOM within them.  VENOM was the name of the symbiotic creature, who appeared externally as the “black suited Spiderman”.   Spiderman’s desire was to “avenge his uncle’s death” at the hands of Marko, THE SANDMAN.   So, it was the SANDMAN who gave him his “dream, his illusion, his nightmare”.   The interesting thing was that the VENOM’s control was destroyed by the right sound frequency; which first occurred under a church bell at a time of repentance of Peter Parker…..calling upon the right “name”….sound frequency.   It did not say what “that sound” or “name” is.

However, Parker still had to face the consequences of the “monster” that he created by “his desire to retaliate and harm another”.   The VENOM got on his enemy….and his enemy used the VENOM to kidnap and almost kill his woman and to kill his best friend.   High consequences for such pathetic and petty emotions; because none of it would bring back his uncle, nor make him “feel” better.   In the end, when he admitted to his own “iniquities or IN-EQUITIES” (in other words, his “unclean hands”); Peter Parker forgave the SANDMAN and we see that the SANDMAN merely dissolved and drifted out of his life.   Now, he had the peace he was looking for.   His final comments were: “we can always choose to do the right thing”.

Do people want “peace”?  No…most do not; which is why THE MATRIX exist.   People are divisive over the stupidest of things; which all relate to the “me attitude” of Agent Smith.  Smith said that “the good thing about being me…is there’s so many me’s”.  And, it was the “many Smiths or me’s” that were not only going to destroy THE MATRIX but the entire world.    So, what was the solution for those that “wanted out of the matrix” and to live in Zion…..Neo went to “the source” and got a “peace agreement”.

Why is this important?   Do you think that Yahweh is not in control of Holy-wood, as well?

What of the CIA?  We “see” an acronym “c.i.a.” relating to Intelligence.   But do “we see” perhaps that it is more than an acronym; it is also a word with a specific pronunciation or pronoun-CIA-tion.   C-IA is also “KI-Yah”.   There was no letter “c” in ancient alphabets…just the “k”.   The “c” is an unnecessary letter or “symbol” in the English diction and it is (or has become) a “Luciferian symbol”.

But these symbols or letters are distortions of “true interpretation”.   I mention this because the CIA controls Hollywood.   The “actors” are just modern-day Prophets/profits or Mediums/medi-Yah to either inform or deceive the “people/papal” or “papal masses”.

What one “sees” is what one chooses to “see” based on how diligently they’re seeking “truth” and how tuned in they are to the true condition of the world.  And, therefore the question is…what does it mean to have eyes to “see” and ears to hear.    Many believe that the “powers that be” (as you called THEM before) don’t see, even though THEY created the HOLY SEE…..which then trapped the “people/papal” and their energy using “current-SEE”.

Many proclaim that “people” need to “wake up” to be able to “see” what is going on around them.  However,  the “wake” is behind the boat and “the wake” where you throw the dead folks off the ship.  This is why a funeral has “a wake”.   In the movie: PIRATES 3….there was a scene that shows how to “rise up” and get out of “hell”…which in the movie was called “Davie Jones Locker”.  The scene shows Captain Sparrow reading a map and when properly aligned shows “everyone” that “up is down”….and that to get out of this nightmare you must “turn your vessel upside-down” and then “rise up” out of this “hell” (not wake up).   As THEY told everyone in the movie BEDAZZLED….”heaven and hell are right here….you make the choice”.

I think that I will turn this into a video clip.   Watch for it.


BTW: These are not the only messages.   The right of self-determination can be seen in many movies…BRAVEHEART and THE TRUMAN SHOW.   In fact, the entire MATRIX TRILOGY is about International Law and “coming out of the system”.    Like I said….stay tuned into the website and watch for a new category called “The Mail Bag”.   I would appreciate your feedback on the information above.



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