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Nipping the Patriot’s Strange Games…Again

by | Oct 29, 2011 | Archived Material, October 2011

Play This Game At Your Own Risk

This blog took a lot longer to edit than I first thought it would.  Plus, I did a review of previous blogs that related to the “strange games” that Patriots play with a pretend Sovereignty, wherein the “pretending” is the FAILURE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO SELF-GOVERN. The “pretending” is also a very serious and deadly game that alleged “Great American Patriots” falsely think that they can affect a STATUS change by doing some frivolous papers that will make United States Courts and Judges stand down when dealing with these bogus/false documents…i.e. DRAGNETS.  The “pretending” is also believing that the United States government is somehow “supposed to” acknowledge that these mere papers are going to affect some change in United States policies or laws.  (Ref: WE THE PEOPLE FOUNDATION)nd, what is this all based on?That’s easy. If you have been on MATRIX SOLUTIONS for any length to time…you know that the answer is PHILOSOPHY.  It is a false notion and belief, based on a self-motivated “me-oriented” ego trip that gets people to proclaim that they are “ONE OF THE PEOPLE” and that the United States “owes its allegiance” to them.  After all, isn’t this what Sovereigns acquire…the allegiance of servants (slaves)?  How many times have we all heard these statements about how the “government is the Servant of these Patriot Gurus”…and that “THEY ARE OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS”?   Wrong…false assumption.  Public Servants serve to control the public via their “oath and allegiance” to “defend and support the Constitution of the People of the United States”…and neither you, I nor these alleged Patriots are “One of the People”.

Further, although there is an abundance of “evidence” that these Gurus and Patriots have never accomplished one single thing…people continue to bang their heads on a wall (that was built for them to bang their heads on); and then be led like sheep to the slaughter.   To top that off, they will refuse to do the honorable thing when confronted with the facts that nothing they do works….and then leads to the imprisonment of others (their students; the fleeced sheep)…where after these Patriots and Gurus then flee to the corner like cockroaches when “their students” need them the most.

Does this sound too harsh?  Or, have you not heard this story many, many times?

OH….and then what comes next….I know; the world famous excuse…”they are merely trying to do the right thing.”  Here’s a maxim to think about then: the road to where (hell/jail…the dungeon of debtors, see Black’s 6th) is paved with………….what?  And, if it’s true that these are the “most honorable and best of intentions”, then why run away when ONE is supposed to STAND…not only for yourself, but for your word and for others that followed you?  Isn’t this the essence of Pledging “Life, Fortune, and Honor to EACH OTHER”?

We all know this, don’t we? This is the reason that MATRIX SOLUTIONS is not ‘too harsh”.  You’ve seen and heard about all of these Patriots and their philosophies/methods…and so have I.  Therefore, this is not a judgment.  It is a fact.  The “State/Nation” is based on the philosophy, belief, and honor that “where we go one, we go all”.  That’s exactly why this “IS NOT A GAME”.

As a refresher, here are those previous blogs that cover the nightmare and dangers of these “Patriot Games” and “Pretend Sovereignty” …

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20. Nipping the Patriot’s Strange Games…Again  (I edited it yesterday and today)

Well, I am glad that I did this review.  One of the things that it revealed was that the MATRIX SOLUTIONS website and database spans a total of 3011 pages of material.  This does not include the hours and hours of audio and audio-visual presentations at the disposal of all members. That’s a massive repository of information.

At this point, I am going to post the A/V for this blog.  It is on 3 Patriot methodologies that are total nonsense and/or getting others into trouble.  It is in 4-parts.  Also; below that will be some more video clips on what they are trying to tell others in the movies and on a certain TV show.  If you remember the Rise of the Silver Surfer clip….notice the planet Saturn again.  It’s one that I cannot figure out yet; but there must be a significance; because I have seen it twice now.

all the best,

David Williams




IN the past 2 blogs; I have put up the INTERNATIONAL, showing what the banking industry is really used for.  Also, I put up a clip out of RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER…about making the RIGHT CHOICE.    In that clip, I intentionally left in a scene about Saturn.  I don’t know what this one means as yet.   If you have some perception about this one, let me know.  That part is not about “self-determination”…but the clips on “choice” are.  A suggestion for viewing all of these clips is to pull out a sheet of paper and write down as many messages as you believe that you see in these.  This is a test that I do from time to time; because is “forming a kingdom/state” is truly for “those that have eyes to see and ears to hear”…then it’s good to be certain you don’t miss anything….especially is “all of this is a test”.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4




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