DVD, Archive, and Monthly Training

$ 25.00 / month with a sign-up fee of $ 995.00


What You Receive: 

(1) Introduction DVD
(1) Reference Guide Data Disc
(18) DVD’s categorized by Month
Lifetime access to the Deprogramming Series Cloud.
2-Months access to new content released on 3Keystofreedom.com. (When Launched)

About the DVD’s

This newly remastered DVD set is compatible with Blue-ray & DVD Players, Apple, Linux, & Windows OS. It is a 20 Disc set including an introduction DVD and Reference Data.

In 2010, David Williams started Matrix Solutions, a membership-based website focused on teaching the masses about international law. More specifically, to teach the masses that there was, in fact, a door out! That door….The Right of Self-Determination. The Key..going to peace. After posting over 100 articles, blogs, a/v presentations, broadcast, and hosting calls, David turned his focus towards doing business while continuing to increase his level of understanding to better work with fellow members of the Family of Nations as a separate but equal body-politic.

It was decided the membership site would close down, but the content downloaded, organized, and arranged onto a DVD format. Shortly thereafter, the first copies of the DVD became available. This was a 22-Disc DVD set that included a copy of the Law of Nations and How to Read A Book in an A/V read-along format. It was decided the Law of Nations DVD will be taken out as other sites will be doing education on the LON for our members. It was also decided to take out How to Read a Book.

Archive Access

All Contents on the DVD is archived on deprogrammingseries.com. When you purchase the DVD’s you automatically get access to this Digital Archive.  This access is perpetual so you always have access to the material online when the DVD is not.

  1. Archive Material Page
  2. Course Material Page
  3. Newsletter Archive Page


By purchasing this product you also receive monthly access to ongoing training and discussions as long as you maintain your monthly subscription.

  • This subscription guarantees a minimum of (1) 90-minute training per month.
  • More training may occur depending on time availability.
  • Training occurs on the last Sunday of each month at “9 pm EST”, “8 pm CST”, “6 pm PST”.
  • Additional training will be scheduled for Sundays at 9 pm EST when scheduled.
  • All training is archived and accessible as long as you maintain your subscription.

This add-on is to maintain open communications with those who have bought the DVD’s and interested in on-going training, Q&A, discussions, and current events. If you are not interested in this additional service then only purchase the DVD series. You can add-on this option at a later date.


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ON-GOING TRAINING: By purchasing this product you are signing up for the on-going training as well. This means that an additional 20.00 USD will be added to your total cost at checkout for your first month payment.


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