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Remedy Radio Interview

by | Sep 13, 2011 | Archived Material, September 2011

Sorry that I have been absent of late.  I have traveled more this summer than a long time, in the attempt to move forward with the funds, resources, status, further recognition, and all matters requisite to building a new compact and sustainable communities.  This has taken much of my time; but I am not going to explain the results or progress at this point.  There will be a conference call tomorrow night; much the same as the 2 others that were done last month.

I am ramping up a radio blitz campaign.  This interview with Remedy Radio is the start.  I have received phone calls from people who are in the media and who are connected to media that this presentation is already making “the rounds”.

I am absolutely finished with all travels; after this coming weekend.  I go back to Jacksonville to meet with a Senator and Dignitaries from the Dominican Republic to discuss “business”.

(How many times have I said that the State is business?)

After that get ready for the blitz…because the system is coming down and time is of the essence.  If you don’t think that this is true, then I suggest….LOOK AGAIN.   ACORN has scheduled a “Day of Rage” that is going to cause civil unrest and Bank of America (and others) are teetering on Bank-Rupt-ion.  If B.O.A. falls; expect a massive whiplash effect. Personally, I believe that B.O.A. will get propped up once more…but I am not on the inside of this information.  If it “suits THEIR purpose”…it will crash very soon.

Enough of that…enjoy this presentation and the supplement that will follow tomorrow.

My thanks to Paul, Adam, and Rob.  Good job on the interview.  Next time we will put more impact and emphasis on “motivating” people about what to do about this FREIGHT TRAIN OF TROUBLE that is bearing down on them.




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