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Remedy Radio – Supplement

by | Sep 19, 2011 | Archived Material, September 2011

Here is the sup­ple­ment that was just com­pleted (edit­ing).  What had ini­tially occurred was this.   The “sup­ple­ment” here, was actu­ally done at the begin­ning of the sec­ond hour of the pro­gram.  How­ever, due to the con­tent, I deter­mined that this por­tion of the Radio Show needed it own “empha­sis”.  As you have seen, the Rem­edy Radio show is not the “norm”, because com­bines video and audio.  You will see the same in this pre­sen­ta­tion; but with an extra twist.

Thanks again to Adam, Paul, and Rob of Rem­edy Radio for all your work  and efforts…and for seek­ing Self Deter­mi­na­tion.  You guys are new in many respects, but sharp and well learned in the phi­los­o­phy nec­es­sary to carry forward.…and I know you would agree that “phi­los­o­phy is where it all begins”. It is the “why” behind every­thing you do…your Philosophy.




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