Congratulations on your purchase of the Deprogramming Series DVD Set. Your DVD’s are on the way. We will have tracking information sent to the E-mail on file for your account. In the meantime, you have access to all the content of the DVDs through the deprogrammingseries.com digital archives. Please take the time to go through this getting started section as it will help you to navigate this site effectively.

** Full functionality of the Membership area may take up to 24 hours. If you do not gain full access after the 24 hour period email admin@deprogrammingseries.com. The DVDs vs the Website: The two are the same. The only difference will be the arrangement of the information and the flexibility the web platform provides. THE DVDs – You are receiving 20 discs contained in a set of two boxes. You will have 1) Reference Disc, 2) an Introduction Video, and 3) 18 DVD disc covering 3 + years of material on Matrix Solutions.  The Tabs below will help you to get started. I suggest going through the “Layout of Digital Archive” tab first and review the introduction video at the bottom. That video will go over the archive in detail starting with this page and the different tabs below.

The Archive is separated into 5 sections; Start Here (This page), Archive Material, Course Material, Video Newsletter, and Dashboard. Below will be a quick overview of each of these sections Followed by an introduction and walkthrough video. Keep in mind when navigating the site; the sidebars for each section will be different. The “Archive Material” page will contain a list of each month/year in the sidebar. The “Video Newsletter” page will contain a list of all the newsletter in the sidebar. The Course Material page will contain a list of the course material in that particular course along with your progress through the course. However, each page and post on the site will have a search section available for easy and quick navigation.

1. Dashboard:  All Member information will be accessible here. This includes account information, notices from deprogrammingseries.com, affiliate information and access, along with any other information that will be relative to your membership on deprogrammingseries.com.

2. Video Newsletter:  During 2011, David tested the idea of video newsletters, conference calls, and live broadcast via Google Hangout. All testing the best method of providing information to those who wanted it. This section contains the 13 video newsletters that Matrix Solutions sent to its members. This information is found on the “Resource Disc” within the DVD Set.

3. Course Material:  Some presentations published on Matrix Solutions turned into series. They contained a large amount of great information and thus it was decided to turn those series into course material. This will help to break up the material into manageable parts. Each course will contain a progress bar in the sidebar area so you can track yourself through the material.

4. Archived Material:  Matrix Solutions produced presentations between January 2010 and August 2013. This section contains all the post in chronological order with the latest post listed first. There are two ways to search for any post in the database. On each page, there will be a search option. If you know the name of the post you are looking for simply type it in. You may also wish to view the blogs in order, you may select the month and year from the sidebar for easy navigation (starting with January 2010).

5 Start Here:  This page will help familiarize you with the website and the flow of material. The resources on this page will help you to get the most out of the DVDs and this site.

6. Policies & Contact Information: It is your job to read and understand all of the policies governing this website and your agreements with us while a member of deprogrammingseries.com. All of your policies; Terms of Use, Privacy & Disclosure Policy, along with our contact information is listed at the bottom of the website on every page or the top of the sidebar on this page.  


Below are links to material that will help get you started down the right path. The DVD’s come with a Table of Contents on the Reference Disc. However, it can also be downloaded below. The links to Blacks Law Dictionary are available in the post “A Law Diction for All Seasons“. However, you may not “come across” this post right away and it is important for you to have this resource next to you from the start.



Click Image to Download Table of Contents

Blacks_Law_Ed_1                             Blacks_Law_Ed_6                                                   
Blacks_Law_Ed_2                             Blacks_Law_Ed_7
Blacks_Law_Ed_3                             Blacks_Law_Ed_8
Blacks_Law_Ed_4                             Blacks_Law_Ed_9
Blacks_Law_Ed_5                             Bouvier’s Revised 6th Edition






With over 100 blogs and 100s of hours worth of material, it can difficult to find a place to start. In this section, we offer some suggestions of what to review first in order to gain a foundation and precept to review all other material in the archive. There are three ways you can navigate the Archive:

1). Most Recent – When you go to the “Archive Material” section, the latest post is first and moves backward to the first post in 2010. You can choose to navigate through the post using the “previous” button at the bottom of the page. 

1). Chronological Order – The DVD’s are structured with the first Disc starting in January 2010 through Disc 18 ending in March 2013. The website is similar. On the “Archive Material” page, the sidebar has a list (month/year) starting with January 2010 – March 2013. You can review the Material starting with the first post. 

2). Table of Contents – You can download under the “Resources” tab.  The Table of Contents is structured like the “Matrix Solutions” site; by Rabbit Hole. If a particular Rabbit Hole Interest you, look up the post name in the ToC and then search the archive for the post associated with the Rabbit Hole.


What to do First?


  1. Download the Table of Contents and the legal dictionaries under the resources tab.
  2. The place to start your deprogramming is by going through the “Extrication Course“. By the end of the course, it will become clear what your status is, why that is your status, where you got that status, how you got that status, and most importantly, what it is going to take to change your status. It will also set you up for understanding the fallacies of the various legal lunatics and the dead-end they all keep coming to.
  3. Another Series of Post to study is the Banking post: Banking 101 – Part I & Part II and Banking 201: Partners in Crime.
  4. if you are someone who comes from any of the various legal lunatics such as Dean Clifford, Rod Class, Anna Von Reitz, David Wynn Miller, Winston Shrout, etc. It is recommended that you start with number 2 and then move to the Patriot Rabbit Hole to review posts such as the Borking of Bork series and the Don’t Do This series.
  5. Although lengthy, the Language Course must be studied. It is recommended that you begin to study this material sooner rather than later.

Keep This in Mind!


  • The Archive has a “Search” icon on every page.
  • At the bottom of each post, there is a previous and next link. You can use it to progress between posts.
  • Some posts are long. To help break them up into manageable portions you will find dividers such as the one used to separate the sections above.
  • Some material may reference certain post that is not in the archive. This is because those particular posts have since become obsolete and unnecessary.
  • At the bottom of each post is a section for links and downloads. If any links or documents are mentioned in the post you will find them referenced in this section.
  • As you complete a unit in a course you can check a “completed” button. This button is located at the bottom of the course page. You may have to scroll down to see it.
  • You will find all course progress on the Dashboard page. Individual course progress will be shown in each of the Courses as well.

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