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Visigoth Radio 3

by | Sep 4, 2010 | Archived Material, September 2010

I had to re-edit all audio and video sections of the interview with Keith.   But, it is now done and uploaded (below).   Previously, as stated in VISIGOTH RADIO; Part 2:

“This is the con­tin­u­a­tion of the Inter­view with Keith Hansen of Visig­oth Radio.   I had a  crash in pro­duc­tion soft­ware yes­ter­day, so this seg­ment is ~14 min.  The remain­ing 12 min­utes will be “re-shot” and “re-produced” and posted later today.  So, please look for it.”

Well,  Part: 3 is 13 minutes; so I was close.  Enjoy, learn, then act.  Remember; the purpose of life is “not to think, think that you know, or even to the know….the purpose of life is to act.”   Many people are into information and affirmations, especially about their perceived freedom and alleged assets.  However, TRUE freedom requires taking total responsibility and the actions necessary to make it happen.

“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion” — Jim Rohn

That means assuming your separate Station/Standing among the “POWERS OF THE EARTH”.   As Einstein said: “you can’t solve your problems at the same level of thinking that you had when you created them.   And, a Sovereign without Knowledge is not a Sovereign, because if your “governors” are more knowledgeable than you, then they can (will) steal what you have.  It’s been going on for thousands of years.  Don’t you think it’s time to set a new course?   If so, the knowledge is the first key.

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 at the Jamestown Exposition: “Men can never escape being governed.  They must govern themselves or submit to being governed by others.  If from lawlessness, fickleness, folly, or self-indulgence they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly they will have to be governed by other.  A sovereign cannot make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the POWER that inheres in him.”

To become it….you must live it.  It’s an imperative.

Last piece of business….I want to extend a special thanks to Keith Hansen of Visigoth Radio for being an excellent interviewer.  I believe this is due to his level of knowledge from his own past research; which is very commendable in today’s world….since the ancient MAXIM is: IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE.

So, kudos to Keith.   We will do this again…shortly.





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