“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ”
Alvin Toffler


You Were Born A Slave: Citizens Have no Rights

Hidden Meanings Behind The Matrix

Are Elites Laughing…At Your Ignorance?


 In The Matrix movie, do you remember Morpheus saying…”You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo.” The system has not been made for you. You’ve been told lies your entire life and from those lies come false hope. False hope is actually NOT the place where your expectations and beliefs should rest; because this leads to delusional thinking. Delusion then leads to errors in judgment, which in turn, cause expectations to not be fulfilled. And this is the reason why people lose hope, which can only lead to despair. As Thoreau was quoted; “most men live a life of quiet desperation.” Let’s add to this; anger and frustration as we see men and women “acting out” their anger and frustration on each other; all around the planet. This “lack of right knowledge and understanding”…this ignorance and delusion….is this what you want for your life?

Let us agree on the fallacy of ignorance being bliss. Ignorance is not bliss, IT IS DANGEROUS. Just look around, right? Does it look like ignorance is helping “us”?

Living a lie doesn’t bring despair….realization without a solution or a remedy to “fix” these lies is what brings it. No matter a personal philosophy or what people claim to believe in…they develop emotional attachments which must be undone. If everything or most everything in “the System” (Leontief and FAR Matrix) is not true, then you must “unlearn” back to the “loading point of the lie”. It’s just like corrupted files and programs on a computer hard-drive…to “fix” it; you have to purge (unlearn) the root file in your subconscious. The hardest part will be “detaching” the emotional control that has become embedded.

Hmmmm…are you thinking Matrix Reloaded now?

YOU CAN’T HAVE RIGHTS… especially when you are wrong.  How will you ACQUIRE STANDING if you are not right about “your Rights”?

What is The Matrix really about? It is about the law; because the law is nothing more than the values, rules, standards, and principles of a society. Did you think that it wasn’t REAL? Did you think that it was not about you? As Agent Smith said in the movie “have you ever just looked at it…marveled at its Beauty; at its genius”. Billions of people just living out their lives oblivious. The final scene of THE MATRIX was Neo dying and being “reborn” with the ability to “see the code”. Once he could see it; Once he was no longer ignorant of it…only then could he “use” it for his own benefit.

Herein was the ultimate Solution…the Ultimate Value and Right. Neo acquired the KEY by discovering “the exile”; aka THE KEYMAKER. New key…New Door….Mr. Anderson became “NEW”. The Right of Exile was the “old program”. With the advent of the UN Charter, the Right of Exile was “deleted” and a new program…The Right of Self Determination under Peaceful Settlement of Disputes became the New Door. Question…Are you looking for this kind of Peace?

Bottom line…You have to “SEE THE CODE TO BE FREE”.


This DVD Series is more valuable than education/training/programming you would receive from Yale or Harvard. Even then, you still wouldn’t learn what you are going MUST learn in order to gain your freedom and be of the world but not of Their World! 

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