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A Golden Oldie for Review

by | Feb 9, 2011 | Archived Material, February 2011

I decided to re-edit a GOLDEN OLDIE …a presentation that I did 3 years ago.  But, before we get to it; we’re gonna do a little V FOR VENDETTA routine and “take some time to have a little chat” (rather than merely a “blog”, whatever that actually is).  This is the point where I should say “you’ will probably see and hear some things that you have already seen, heard, and read.

This website and my life are dedicated to the Right of Self-Determination and Education.  It is and has been MY PATH.   I long ago perceived danger by getting off  (to the right or left) of THE PATH.  In 2006, I accepted an Ambassadorial Appointment as my first expression of exercising the Right and achieving a recognized Immunity in accordance with the Vienna Conventions.  This has served me well.

I was honorably recognized by the United States, when I honorably recognized the United States as  a Sovereign among the Family of Nations.  Because of this understanding and my diligence to continue learning International Law, International Protocols, and maintaining Honor and Decorum with THEM; not only have I kept myself out of prison, but I have helped others do the same.  So, even if you’ve heard or read any of this before; please take further NOTICE of this next statement as a DECLARATION of Global Maxim #1.

Maxim 1: There are 2 types…and only 2 types…of people on this planet. There are those that Exercise Stewardship with IMMUNITY.  And, there are those that are “doing business” with NO IMMUNITY.

As a former acquaintance of mine used to say; “a man will be known by his contracts”.  The question to ask is “am I stewarding” or merely “doing business” (busy-ness)?  Your contracts will provide the answer.  Do I have Variations by Agreement or Modifications of Treaties in place; so that I am IMMUNE and EXEMPT for the “use” of the system?  (It’s steeped in “usury”, like trade-usury or Trea-sury…part of the Language Rabbit Hole, you know.)  Your contracts will provide the answer.

So what’s the real issue here?

It has come to my attention that some members (who are studying the Right of Self-Determination, and the associated Peaceful Settlement of Disputes that goes along with Self-governance and getting out of the “SYSTEM”); are still creating violations of International Law “in the System“.   For instance, in one recent conversation, I was told about the “writing of Bonds and Bills of Exchange”…which are Banking instruments that are controlled by International Treaties between member Nations within the Family of Nations within guidelines called: THE INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC ORDER.

Unless you are signatory to said International Banking Treaties; then the writing of Bonds and Bills of Exchange can, and most likely will,  be considered a violation of International Law, a trespass of International Copyright, a tort/trespass against International Intellectual Property and Contract Rights, and a breach of THE INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC ORDER by the State/master to which you “belong”.  When the State “to which you belong” decides that you are in violation, they will “place you in debt/death and make you dead by charging you for your torts, violations, and trespasses….i.e. you “sinned” against the State.  You will pay your debt/death to society.

So, I suggested to the other party to stop this Bond-writing immediately.  Then, we made light of it, because that individual does want “out” and we shifted focus.  Still, doing these bonds (and other various patriot snares) are a waste of time.   It’s time could be better spent on other pursuits.   (speaking of pursuits; Aaron put up the book/audiobook: “THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK”, so please listen and read because “time is always against us” and “time is all you got” if you know what I mean.)

In another recent conversation, I was told; “well, people have to start somewhere”.  (I was reminded by that party that “we” had made a lot of mistakes along the way.  However, I consider that mistakes equal chaos.  Some folks like chaos; not me. I hated the mistakes because of the stress and chaos produced.)

I replied “No.  People do not have to start somewhere.  It cost “us” a lot of time, it cost “us” a lot of resources; and for many…it cost them their relationships when they went to prison…..NEEDLESSLY”.

On Matrix Solutions, we use 2 terms for this “somewhere“.  Those terms are “Rabbit Hole and Dragnet”.   These rabbit holes and dragnets become time-delays or detours that inhibit self-determination.  Even political leaders such as Noriega and Mandela fell into “international rabbit holes” (via dishonor) and spent time in prison.   If you fall into a “Hole” or get caught in one of their “Nets”; you may not see daylight again for a long time.   If you want to know how bad “just starting somewhere” can be, then please go back in time and re-listen to the blogs about what happened to Dario Busch: Learning Curve and Special Thanks from Bolivia.

(And, if you want to know how bad sitting around for almost 1 year and contemplating the possibility of spending 30-60 years in prison is, leave a comment and I will have Dario respond.)

For the remaining of the UCC/Redemption thought-forms that may be lurking and loping around; the word IMMUNITY contains within its meaning the word: EXEMPTION.   If you don’t have IMMUNITY; you have NO EXEMPTION.  You have not been totally accountable, therefore you have no “account”.  No one has done anything “for” you.  As one of the new members told me recently when he got it….”you actually have not proven that you are sane or competent until you exercise self-determination, because who in their right mind would stay in a system of abuse and torture?”

Right on point, Paul.

Within the 70 or so blogs and presentations on Matrix Solutions, I have stated many times that  “we” are all tired of seeing people go to prison for listening to the advice of “alleged gurus” that “think” they’re Sovereign; but in reality HAVE NO IMMUNITY.   When I later discussed this “doing something” topic with Aaron, his comment was that his father taught him that you “can learn from your own mistakes or from the mistakes of others.”  This is why you don’t “just start” without first learning what works and what does not work.

So, please learn from my mistakes as you read the blogs or hear me discuss them in audios and videos.   And, if you see  (or have seen) a lot of people go to prison for some process that you’re considering….STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

(Sorry for the tangent…back on-point.  Ah, yes.  The GOLDEN OLDIE.)

Maxims are anchors (imperatives) and this one means that you are on Planet Earth, and on Earth there is no fence; and therefore no fence-sitting allowed.

Maxim #1 is based on the premise that we are put on Earth to be productive and “steward” this planet for the number of days that we’re here.  This means the acceptance of total responsibility and ultimately learning to govern ourselves. This is done in order that our attempts to “exercise maximum stewardship” are not stopped by rogue elements meant to control those that refuse to accept responsibility to learn and to govern themselves.

This is not complicated.  THEY told you in THEIR U.S.A. Declaration about people tending to “suffer a long train of abuses” before they get off their butts and do something.  (Here we go again) You’ve most likely heard me repeat another ancient maxim in previous presentations that states: ALL PEOPLE END UP GETTING THE GOVERNMENT THEY DESERVE.

Well, if you are like me, and having a hard time finding a “government” on this planet that you “deserve”….then you’re just going to have to build one.

It is not really that people aren’t competent; maybe just partially insane.  Why?  Because we should admit the truth; which is  that everyone in the United States and (practically) every other government on this planet, has been subjected to GOVERNMENTAL STOCKHOLM SYNDROME since birth.   Therefore, the majority of people end up loving their abuser….and as Morpheus said in the first MATRIX; they are so dependent (on their abuser) they will fight to defend it. (Here’s a good time for review of the MATRIX itself.   “Woman in the Red Dress”)

The only thing that changes here is your willingness to exercise Self-Determination and “go to Peace”.   The only thing that changes that is your ability to learn and Self-Govern.  The only thing that changes that is your willingness to PLEDGE your “Life, Fortune, and Sacred Honor”.  Any other actions taken on this planet are deemed to prove your incompetence and/or your acceptance of the Governmental Stockholm Syndrom Slow-Torture Program.  It is the evidence that the System needs to prove that you need to be “RE-PRESENTED” as some THING (a farm animal) that is “of unsound mind”.

If this sounds like doom-and-gloom; then let me to suggest that your PERCEPTION OF THE PROBLEM AND THE SOLUTION  is the Problem.  There is a song you may have heard with a chorus that says “if you want to be somebody else, change your mind”.

MATRIX SOLUTIONS has good news and is good news…which is this: THERE IS A SOLUTION.  Wouldn’t life be horrible without having a solution to all problems?   If you are tired of the gloom and doom, then change your mind and get excited about your ability to create solutions.  Get excited about the possibility of creating a new world, a new paradigm, and a new STATE-us.

Reference Material: The Mystery of Loving an Abuser

Ok, ’nuff said about that.  Let’s get to business and discuss some other issues and what’s planned for MATRIX SOLUTIONS.  There is no particular order to this.

1)  There are some “latency” issues on the internet.  They are peculiar to our website at the moment.  I am not going to speculate as to why at the moment; because I have been running speed test from my computer to server locations throughout the US.  For instance, my download speed from DC is 23mbps today.  Yesterday it was 19mbps.  But, my download speed from Seattle is 5.3 Mbps today and yesterday Dallas was less than 1 Mbps.   It’s like a certain “drag” on the entire internet is the US, but dependent on “routing connections”.  We cannot explain it; but there appears a little fishy to say the least.  You have already seen what occurred in Egypt.  I am not insinuating at this point.  It could be entirely an internal problem on our end. We are working on trying to clear this on our end to get the front page and other pages to load faster.  Please bear with us.

2) Everyone comes to Self-Determination and MATRIX SOLUTIONS at different levels of education and experience; that’s a given.  There is a lot of material on this website now and some people get thr0ugh it faster than others.  New people become overwhelmed in some cases.  Others have been through the entire website in 1 month.  Regardless, I am going to stop teaching on International law and Protocols for 2 to 4 weeks.  I am switching to some new topics.

3) I have had help editing recently.  These edited calls are even now being uploaded to my computer; and then to the servers.  Some of the conference calls and personal recordings are just good information and need to be up.  After this blog…these will come out rapid fire, but may have no particular order.  Also, there may be only a short blurb or no written material at all explaining what the audio-blogs are about.   They will have a title, obviously. You will see an increase in the number of blogs and e-mail announcements.

4) One of the major topics to be addressed is “mindset”.  Particularly my mindset; and what it took for me to actually file in the Supreme Court and the World Court.  In other words; we will be examining “core values”.  This includes relationships, marriages, and pledging.  What does it mean to “PLEDGE TO EACH OTHER your Life, Fortune, and Sacred Honor”?

5) This examination of “core values” will not be “religious” (a term that requires much analysis, anyway).   However, whether fortunately or unfortunately; “RELIGION” is one of the Rabbit Holes portrayed on this site.  I am honor-bound to discuss the topic.  Be forewarned…I have beaten every single Greek translator that I have been up against in debate in the last 11 years.  I am not here to tell people what to believe about what they deem to be their “creator”. I am not here to tell anyone that they should believe in a creator.   The Right of Self-Determination does not require either.  It first and foremost requires HONOR.  Likewise, no one is going to tell me what I “should believe”.  We can all “reason together” and have open minds, can we not?

6) I will try in every way to be compassionate and sympathetic to most everyone; and be at peace with all people.  But, in debates with Greek translators, I have seen people “meltdown” if and/or when a “sacred cow” gets slaughtered.  This should be of no surprise on this website.  Neo’s MATRIX deprogramming sessions were all about the slaughter of “sacred cows” that had him imprisoned.  In fact, you became a member here for the same reason.  You heard something that challenged a “belief” and at the same time offered the hope of solution.  Therefore, the reason that you examine your “core values” is so that you don’t waiver or “meltdown” when you need “your core” the most.  That will be the focus.

7) I am going to increase the number of written blogs in the “from the mailbag” section; and that section will soon have it’s own little corner.  I suppose that this will generate more emails from the servers as well.

? I will shortly announce when webinars will begin.  The purpose is going to be first to drive up the efforts of affiliates that want to “earn while they learn”.  I have mentioned it before, reiterate (again) that there are 3 KEYS TO FREEDOM.  1) Understanding the KEY to health and vitally.  2) Understanding Economics, Finance and the KEY of Gathering Resources.  3) Protecting the first 2 KEYS with the KEY of Governance and Self-Determination.  If you don’t understand this at the moment; no worries.  It is about to be covered.

9) Don’t get dismayed or discouraged.   Comfort yourself with the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in THE DECISIVE ELEMENT

I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the Decisive Element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture, or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated, and if a person humanized or dehumanized. If I treat people as they are, I make them worse. If I treat people as they ought to be, I help them become what they are capable of becoming.

Let’s have some fun with this …okay?  Based on this “longggggggggggg blog”, we need some theme music.



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