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Addressing Email Questions

by | Sep 30, 2018 | On-Going Training, September 2018

This Training session was focused on answering questions emailed from one of the members. These were great questions. Below will be a copy of the questions asked. The training lasted a little over two hours and there is a lot of resource material shared to help answer some of the questions posed. Because of the length of this training, it is broken up into two 1 hour videos.

As always, questions are always welcomed. If you have any topics, questions, or comments… send an email and we will be happy to answer them. Enjoy this training.

The Current State of Self-Determination
– We have covered a lot of history.  What is the current state of self-determination?
– Individual self-determination.  Mentioned in passing.  Is this a thing?  Will states really recognize one human as their own nation-state?  Can you point to any resources about it?
– Cyber-community self-determination (landless sovereignty).  Would like more info on this.  Sounds like any online forum could be considered its own nation-state if it acted as such?  By doing what?  Issuing passports and conducting trade/business?
– How does interdependence work with individual and cyber-community self-determination?  Interdependence was cited as the key to recognition.

Business with Immunity
– Tour of UN site.  How do you find the documents you need, such as UN Resolution 2625 or 3166?  I guess I can search self-determination on their website; is there a better way?  What is relevant to me as one pursuing self-determination?  What other resources are particularly relevant?  I know of
– Is the UN general assembly a courtroom?  It kind of looks like one.  Is a court a church?
– Is it absolutely necessary to deal with the UN when pursuing self-determination?

Self-Determination and Empires
– British nobility system has emperors outranking kings.  Britain currently has a queen, which means there is probably (must be?) an emperor of Britain out there somewhere?  Is it the pope?
– You said Britain sold its nation to the Vatican at some point?  Can you back that up?
– Japan is a recognized Empire.  Roman/Britain/Vatican too.  Probably China & Russia are also recognized empires?  Why not a brand-new self-determined nation-state as an empire?  Why are you a Prime Minister and not an Emperor?
– There is a major focus on decolonization right now.  It seems like it is dismantling the British empire.  I’m not sure what to make of that (I am part British).  I am all for the self-determination of those peoples, but there seems to be a cost to my people in their own homelands?

– In Canada, we don’t have a written constitution.  Instead, our “constitution” is derived from a set of documents including our Charter, a bunch of other documents and Acts, and apparently some unwritten stuff too.  The sense is that the constitution is what constitutes or makes up the nation.  This differs from your reasoning that it is about debt payment.  However, I do know (I think I know) that all of Canada’s “constitution” applies to its government and not necessarily its people.
– Is the government of Canada involved in a debt payment situation, having an implied constitution?  The same question applies to any other British colony essentially.  Or are all these people, including Wikipedia, using “constitution” wrong?


0:00 – Reviewing Darlene’s Questions & showing much material on treaties, international law, and Self-Determination.

6:30 – Constitutions of Australia & Canada….succession of Quebec. Can it be done?

10:05 – Questions/Response on Self-Determination & Empires

33:28 – Question on how the King could claim land in the North American Continent.



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