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Age of the Matrix – Part I

by | Nov 19, 2012 | Archived Material, November 2012

There is no way to escape the fact that the size of the Matrix is based on the Age of the Matrix.   The Architect told Neo that this is the “sixth version” and each successive one has been built upon the previous.  THEY, the Architects of the Global System; have lost nothing…but have absorbed what THEY call “anomalies” and keep on moving.

The system morphs from one Empire to the next.  But, it does not decrease in size, strength, programming, and expediency.  It becomes more and more efficiency…based on what the Architect told Neo about “THE VAGARIES OF YOUR HUMAN NATURE.

How do you change the Matrix?  Change Human Nature.

How do you change Human Nature?  Courage and Impeccability.  Impeccability means “not giving lip service to your beliefs”.  Impeccability means STANDING….standing on your beliefs in the face of any and everything that is holding you back from following the “Jump Program”.

Courage is the only answer to fixing your own nature…because fear produces insanity. And, don’t tell me that your “nature” is correct when you are allied with an Unrighteous Throne and opt to stay there due to fear.

Do you have the “courage to leave the Matrix”?  Oh…I know…you don’t really think you in it, do you?  Otherwise, wouldn’t you be doing everything humanly possible to “get out”?

Courage comes in the face of fear and fear is the only emotion that will break fear, procrastination, and your desire to continually find your Identity with the Status Quo of the Nation-State that you “belong to”.  It’s a Peaceful Courage based on giving and receiving honor to the System that already existed before you were born.  It’s a Peaceful Courage that can accept that you have been lied to most of your life. (So, deal with it.)  It’s a Peaceful Courage that gains Universal Respect and Standing among the Society of Nations

It’s a Courage, a courageous acceptance, that allows you to truly “see” and understand that most of your fellow men/women are going to Stay in the Matrix.   The question is…ARE YOU STAYING IN?

Okay, before or after watching the video… there’s a little more information to check out; just to make sure that you fully comprehend “The Age of the System”.   So, read these 6 points below, then, within the next Part II post, read #7, and #8 from “the Protocols of Zion”, then #9, #10, and #11, and view their A/Vs, and then enjoy then the presentation called: “The Age of the Matrix”.   And after all of that, check out (below #11, and below all of the A/Vs, listed underneath “Downloads”) the “M1 Gold Report” on the history of gold.

1. They (The Powers That Be) uses a lot of symbols, flags, seals, crests, brands, tattoos….or in a word: “GLYPHS”.  The word: “glyph” means a symbol (as a curved arrow on a road sign) that conveys information non-verbally.

2.  Six and Sex are the same word; phonetically…and mean the same thing (in the origin).   It’s an “act” and a “number” and a major part of the “programming”.   Don’t think so?  Check this link out and think about words like “sextuplet”.

3.  Glyphs, symbols, letters…take a look at a “word/symbol” play with this one.

4.   Hiding in plain sight.      (click and read)

5.   Distraction….it’s a Circus   (click and read)

The etymology of the word: Sports….to amuse oneself,” from Anglo-Fr. disport, O.Fr. from desporter “to divert”,

6.   Lex = Law and the “Eagle = Egal.    Lex + Egal = Legal or “the Law of the Eagle”.   It’s obviously an “E-gal-itarian Matrix”.  egal·i·tar·i·an·ism:   a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people.


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