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Age of the Matrix – Part III

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Archived Material, March 2013

Folks, it has been a fast and furious past month.  I have recordings ready to go.  I am going to continue this series as an ongoing set of coffee calls.  The premise is going to stay on the path as stated previously; that the Size of the Matrix is related directly to the Age of the Matrix.

And, of course, the size of Earth’s population contributes as well.  As stated in the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION; “what has ever restrained these beast of prey called men?”   As shown specifically by the United States of America; men will kill, maim, and murder other men, women, and children anywhere on this Planet for any reason…(valid or not).  And the women are now involved; especially those mothers who want their little boys killing others so that they can proudly display that bumper stick…”Proud Mother of an American Marine“”…..(who kills, maims, murders, and destroys other people that never did anything to deserve it).

And, all of this done for the Queen, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the Pope by allegedly conscientious and enlightened human beings.   Certainly, I was no different at one point and thumped my chest that America is #1 and therefore “I am better than people of other nations” (which is the justification for killing them or crushing their economies with embargo).  BUT; when I learned the truth, I grew up and took action to change that condition.  Personally, I would say that “today” I  just don’t understand how people can heap that much dishonor on themselves by being or remaining in collusion with it….and also carrying and “branding yourself” with THEIR VAMPIRE CATTLE BRANDS.  (It makes you the Vampire, as well.)

Voluntary Compliance….What’s Your Brand?

This Planet’s problem (people’s problem) started with Religious and Governmental Indoctrination, i.e.: men and women bowing down to other men and women. (What a program.) And, of course, this is reinforced with Family Indoctrination…and it does not end (for you) until all of that Indoctrination and Stock Syndrome Programming is torn down.

Something is holding (most of) you back…fear, complacency, apathy…and, you know it.   Time is of the essence; so it’s time to figure that out (doncha think?)

Theodore Roosevelt
Jamestown Exposition April 26,1907

…it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within, a sovereign cannot make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him….

According to this and Theo…which one applies to you?  Lawlessness, fickleness, folly, or self-indulgence?    It can’t be just me telling you this truth, right?

As you were told in the Matrix Trilogy…” the problem is choice”.  And, your failure to make a decision…is a decision. (Did I mention the word: Fear?)  So, I hope you’re ready; because in the past month, I finally realize why “the Cabal” sent their agent to talk to me.  I am going to take my time with these “coffee call” sessions.  But, I am not going to directly teach any “Solutions-oriented material…i.e. Law/contract”…during this series.  This is going to be pure deprogramming and for “Posterity’s sake”.  And, it’s partially for me, as well.  It’s always good to brush up and “sharpen the sword”.


The messenger…..David


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