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All or Nothing Mindset 2: Get out of Their Courts

by | Jul 26, 2011 | Archived Material, July 2011

It’s been weeks since the last blog, but highly productive weeks.  Today is Tuesday (July 26, 2011).  I am not going to elaborate more here…that comes next week after this next trip on Thursday to the mountains is completed and other business related to Self-Determination (and setting up a compact is concluded.)

I am posting an audio that was done months ago about “mindset” and getting out (as staying out) of their court system…i.e. the Legal Rabbit Hole.   If you are in their “domestic slave courts”, then it means you do not have immunity.  THERE IS NO DEBATE ON THIS.  Before the audio, though, there is A/V that was recorded on Friday.  To listen to and follow up on the material in the audio-visual presentation you will need all of the following links under the resource section including these Youtube presentations. To facilitate better “study”… each link and then click on “open in new window or tab” so that you don’t move off this page.



And, here is the audio file.  It was pre-recorded over 7 months ago…but appropriate for now.  This is a conversation between myself and long time friend and colleague in Canada.  It’s rough…sort of a “no holds barred” conversation directed at not only taking action; but taking the right action.  It is not for the timid (but then again, neither is Self-Determination); and definitely more along the lines of the spirited debates held between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist over 200 years ago.


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