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Audio Book – Listen to 1984 While You Drive

by | Jan 28, 2010 | Archived Material, January 2010

No, seriously… He is…

How many people quote 1984 who’ve never read it?  The number is astounding.  It’s not even right the number of times I’ve heard “Big Brother is watching” from a person who hasn’t even read the book.  Now, thanks to your friends at Matrix Solutions, your last excuse for not assimilating this Orwell classic are gone. I give you the audiobook version of 1984.  This is an unabridged reading of the whole book with a section at the end explaining new-speak and how it was to be applied in daily use (absolutely scary if you think about the implications of destroying a language that way).  As George Carlin said, we think in language, so he who controls the words controls our thoughts. This book should be something you’ve already read.  If not, now is the time.  You should pay attention when you listen.  Return to it often and re-listen to sections or the whole thing.  You’ll pick up things you missed the first time around.


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