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Banking 201: Partners in Crime

by | Mar 19, 2010 | Archived Material, March 2010

Banking 101 was a 2-part teaching session.    Both parts delivered very concise messages about bank accounts, the account holder contracts, and the fact that PEOPLE NEVER READ THEIR CONTRACTS and therefore KNOW NOTHING about Banking, Money, and the Laws that are controlling their assets.

Actually, because of the contracts that you have agreed to; whatever is in “your” bank account is NOT YOURS.  And, you are under and controlled by the Rules of the Uniform Commercial Code, as show below.

So, what did Banking 101 really teach?   Simple—IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE!

Now we enter a new phase and expose the so-called “American Dream” of homeownership and the contract, which many of you have signed; that controls the explosion of DEBT foisted upon all of the Americas.

What more is there really to say about Banking 201?  Nothing, because the title tells the tale.  Listen as the experts pull out that Mortgage contract and explain why the word: Mort-gage truly means; DEATH-PLEDGE.




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