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Braveheart in 12 minutes

by | Apr 20, 2011 | April 2011, Archived Material

“All men die. Not all men really live.”

I have promised to start with movies reviews since we now understand that the system…THE MATRIX; must give notice.  But, we also now know from reading the ELEMENTS OF ECCLESIASTICAL LAW that notice can come in many forms or from different types of forums.   and BRAVEHEART is a good one to start with because it was based on a true story about the pursuit of Status and independent Statehood.  As I have stated, millions (and likely billions) of men and women have died to ensure that the Right of Exile would finally see the day that the Right of Self-Determination could be seen by the world as THE PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES.  As seen in the movie (and his real life), William Wallace did not live to see his dream fulfilled.  But, he could see the

the importance of freedom and he understood that to acquire Standing he had to Stand.

We know that we must STAND, and be “in the world, but not of THEIR world” by the Creation of something new.  But that STAND must be done in peace.  It is the central theme of the entire Matrix Trilogy.

Read about the real William Wallace

Ok…the Braveheart section is 43 minutes into the Video (part 4 actually).  So, you can go straight to that if you choose.

The first 3 parts cover various other topics; including a review of a Blog Talk UCC Redemption Strawman Program.   I will be covering more on this since intel came in this weekend and Tuesday that 2 more “UCC GURUS” (and their cohorts) have been arrested and are being held.  One of these is/was the ring-leader for Creditors in Commerce.  If you recall, last year after I did the One Radio Network show with Patrick Timpone; Creditors in Commerce had a series of very negative comments about MATRIX SOLUTIONS, the Right of Self-Determination, and (of course) me.   Their “upset” was my stance on UCC 5-116; which as you should know by now is “your choice of law and forum”.

So, are you going to choice THEIR forum or work towards the creation of your/our own forum?   You know the KEY.

I am trying to keep the reading part sh0rt with the length of the video, but I have one little tidbit about the LANGUAGE RABBIT HOLE.   This is a paragraph in the book: THE COUNT OF MONTECRISTO.

“Since Rome has been civilized, instead of sending a Centurion to tell you that the Emperor wants you to die, they send a cleric to tell you that the Pope wants you to come and dine.”

Look at this jpg from a clip in the movie: BEDAZZLED….a movie well worth watching by the way, if you haven’t seen it.   I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to.  But, it’s certainly blatant.  Now you know where the word “dine” comes from.

Sin-Dying, huh?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5




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