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Closing a Patriot Rabbit Hole…The Borking of Bork Cont.

by | Nov 30, 2011 | Archived Material, November 2011


Good morning everyone.  After having intermittent internet service for a couple of days (apparently the local company was doing random repairs and testing systems…it happens)…I can finally now post parts 2 and 3 of the “Borking Series”.    This series is going to come hard and fast to its conclusion, now.  We had some problems getting this one produced and you will here some “choppy spots” in the Audio Visual Presentation.  But….I did the editing and I must say that I think that this series may be the best produced to date in terms of pure content.

You’re gonna need a few links to cover one or two things I missed.  These are just additional “nails” to slam into the coffin door of this Patriot Hole and keep that sucker shut.  They will be at the bottom above the vids.  Also, you need to know that this video series has evolved and is no longer about “just LB Bork”.  In fact, the first video (below) starts out with a recent segment from Keith Livingway and Jack Bauer.  But, it’s all the same to me…NO SOLUTION….so I tied them together (you’ll see why by the end).

When this started; I felt that doing this was somewhat like “sullying” myself by going way back in time, and being tainted with the totally misinformed melodrama that is THE PATRIOT RABBIT HOLE.  And, that is exactly what the “patriot movement” is about; drama and melodrama.  I know; I was in and out of it and have been around these types of people for over a decade.

This is not done with malice or intent to degrade anyone; but to degrade the “mindset” of entitlement that is the PATRIOT MOVEMENT….whether it is American National, or State Sovereign Citizen, or A4V, or UCC-1 filings, bonds, County Notary…or whatever the “patriot de jure meal of the day” is at the moment.  The mindset of entitlement is not about freedom.  It is not about taking TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Responsibility is a message that has been taught since the inception of MATRIX SOLUTIONS.  And, we have lost many members because of that message.  But; the numbers continue up, as the cream rises to the top.  This is as it should be and it means that many people (you) are truly awakening and seeing the “message of hope” that  is THE RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION and what I call: Universal Self Identity.

There are Six AV’s total.  Three of these cover the Federalist, Anti-Federalist, and Founders of the U.S.A.; and what those men had to say about THEIR COUNTRY that THEY CREATED.  I am going to describe a couple of the A/V’s below since it was the amalgamation of 5 days work to get this completed

I hope you enjoy this…and take notes so that you can “defend and debate” anyone on these issues, once you are empowered with the knowledge in this session.  I’ll state it again; I edited the recording and I am now posting the recording/training.  Every once in a while, it is good to “impress yourself”.  This material is very good, irrefutable, and unimpeachable.

In the end, I was very glad that I did this series because I believe it is going to be very beneficial to many of the members on MATRIX SOLUTIONS that still have that “splinter in your minds”…but aren’t quite ready to give up the illusions that the MATRIX laid before you about “having a country” and/or “being born sovereign” (or other such nonsense).

Ok…here’s some supporting links you need so that you don’t have to copy them out of the a little extra.


George Mason to Patrick Henry

Articles of Confederation and the Perpetual Union

Primary Documents in American History

James Madison, May 7, 1787. Vices of the Political System

These are other supporting links that are not in this presentation. Some have been shown in the past, so this is to shortcut the information curve for newcomers and a refresher for the “old-timers”.

New:   The treaty-making power of the United States, Volume 1

Old: The Monarchy Superior to Republic, from Hunter’s Note on the Paris Peace Treaty 1783

Old: States gave up the Right of Self-Preservation; Padleford v Savannah (find it on pg. 35)

A/V Presentation: Total Run Time is 112 minutes and 32 seconds and will begin on the next page…




Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


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