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Continuing the International Learning Curve

by | Jul 25, 2010 | Archived Material, July 2010

It’s been 20 days since the last newsletter.  I have been traveling for the past two weeks in Texas.  Prior to that, we went to Washington, DC for several days where I met with the Mexican and Bolivian Embassies as stated in the last newsletter… wit, as I stated then:

Bolivian Embassy – Washington, DC

“I am going to be brief in this posting.   I leave tomorrow to sit down with the Bolivian Embassy in DC tomorrow afternoon to discuss the next steps that the Bolivian Legal Attaché should be taking in the matter of United States of America v. Dario Busch.   The Legal Attaché and I will then be meeting with the Mexican Embassy on Wednesday morning.”

These meetings went very well.  In the matter of the USA v. DARIO BUSCH; there has been an offer of pre-trial diversion.   This is something in their law, that I knew existed, but was unaware of the terminology.   So let me explain.

Diversion is an admission of culpability, but with a suspended sentence and post-diversion agreement monitoring.  In other words, the “accused” is freed on a probationary status that has certain strings attached.  Those strings are related to “keeping one’s nose clean”…so to speak.

But….how does this apply to you?

In past blogs and past newsletter and numerous emails, I have mentioned that if you want to “come out of the Matrix or System”; you must learn how the rest of this Planet operates.  To that end, I recommended that you start reading and understanding the Treaties and Conventions on Consular and Diplomatic Relations.

So, how’s that going for you?  Are you learning what it’s going to take to Self-govern and come out from under your “Masters and slave-owners”?

The founders of the United States were businessmen.  They were businessmen that read and studied law, and treaties, and knew the LAW OF NATIONS.  On this planet, there is this “thing” that operates called THE FAMILY OF NATIONS.  The reason for this name is that the “nations” must have “rules” (I.e. Agreements) among themselves to make things function globally.  For instance, included in part of the Global Construct are Postal Treaties.

Let’s say that you “mail a letter” to Japan from the United States.  Does your letter, via some act of magic, somehow just appear in Japan?  No.  Your mail gets to Japan through the activation of dozens treaties when you placed your stamp (tax/fee) on your letter.   Once you gave the consideration for the stampage; and your letter was appropriate “sealed” by the post clerk (clergy); you engaged a contract that tapped into and opened up a series of Contracts like circuit switches that “light up” and engage once you turn the power on.  These include international fuel taxes, exchange rates on postage, and such.  The system is INTERNATIONAL.

Nothing happens by accident on this planet.   You are engaged in contracts and those contracts define your existence in relationship to governments, other men, and the Family of Nations.  Are you reading and learning about how this planet, which you live on, works? The founders of the U.S.A. were men.  Were they just men or uncommon men?  They stated that they were going to “assume their Separate and Equal Station among the Powers of the Earth”.

Those powers exercise Stewardship and put agreements in place that dictate how others on among the Family of Nations “treat” with THEM.  And, because of this “assumption of power to Self-Govern”; they afford themselves the status of Diplomatic Immunity.

In other words, in the matter of doing business on this Planet (i.e. Stewarding the Planet); there are 2 and only 2 kinds of people:
1) Those doing business with Immunity and 2) those without Immunity.  Which are you?

Which do you want to be?  Are you reading the information and links that I/we have provided so that when you are ready to “assume your separate and EQUAL station”, you will know how to treat and treaty within the Family of Nations with Proper Decorum, without violating any other member of the Family of Nations; and thereby, acquire the Immunity that exercising THE RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION affords?

As stated in the previous newsletter, the word ‘solutions” is going to change to “solution”, since there is only “ONE KEY THAT FITS ONE DOOR”…to escape the nightmare that has become “citizenship or voluntary-servitude” on this Planet.

Extreme times call for Extreme Knowledge.  Neo did a massive “unlearning-learning matrix code download” when he first figured out that he needed to “wake up”.  We all need to do the same.  “Coming out of one System” to form another “society”, has never been “easy” on this Planet.  But, it has been necessary.

THEY have left the secrets behind.  In the Oregon Constitution, Article 1: Bill of Rights; it states that “men, when they FORM A SOCIAL COMPACT are Equal in Rights”.  Well, when did you “form” a social compact?  If the United States or States Constitions are Compacts; ie. Contracts among men….when did you sign onto or FORM your Contract to “assume among the Powers your Equal Station”?   And, if you “think” (falsely think) that you did, then where are you documents showing your Immunity for doing so?

As stated previously in many of our blogs and other material; in the Jamestown Exposition in 1907 Theodore Roosevelt said that “men can never escape being governed.  They will either govern themselves or they will have to be governed by others.  If from lawlessness, fickleness, folly, or self-indulgence they refuse to govern themselves, then MOST ASSUREDLY in the end, they will have to be governed from the outside”.

So, one more time…’s the question to ponder…..”do you like being governed from the outside”?  What are you doing for yourself and your Posterity?

If you are asking about implementation of this Right of Self-Determination; that is being worked on all the time, by myself and others.  Believe me….I made up my mind long ago that there is only one solution.  But, that doesn’t mean that it’s immediate.  And, the bigger question is: “Are you ready”?  It took the founders of the U.S.A. decades to decide to “break away” from Britain; and it took resources.   But for the sake of those that are considering their “condition” and are interested in establishing a new compact and gaining the immunities that are afforded; please listen to the audio.

This audio is a conversation between myself and Jonathan May.  Jonathan lives in the UK and has been instrumental in attempting to bring forward a different monetary system (Re-economy Program); based on real assets, intellectual property, and true productivity.   He worked with the famous Hunt Brothers of Texas in attempting to assist them in monetary reform in the United States.




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