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Decorum Training 101-a: Humbleness and Honor

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Archived Material, June 2010

This post is dedicated to Mr. Jonathan Halsey.   Although I don’t know Jonathan personally; his reply and apology in the comments section was inspiring and “big league”.

And, I am going to use it to springboard more directly into “decorum training”.   After this brief set-up, I am going to copy in Jonathan’s comment and my reply.   Afterward, look for the next blog post to come out later today.

In case you’re wondering what I am talking about with this term “decorum”; let me explain.   Many people give lip service to the word “Sovereign” when in reality they nothing about it because they are not Sovereign.   Sovereigns build things, they did Nations-States-Societies.  That’s what a Sovereign does, and that is done with others of like-mind to accomplish an end goal in terms of stewardship and productivity on Earth.

Decorum and honor, humbleness and respect are how those in Political Power deal with one another.  Even among enemies, the Samurai smiled and bowed and introduce themselves by name.  A show of respect for the “universal power” within the other Individual before them.

There are times when any of us, due to human nature, can “dishonor” ourselves.  It is what we do after that makes the difference.  Do we recognize our own shortcoming or rashness and continue to act without learning from mistakes in judgment; or do we take action and put stricter guidelines on ourselves?

Below is the post.   In 201, decorum is going to be the only issue and it is going to come straight from the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and other books and research on International Law regarding diplomacy and how one stay in honor and never violates the International Public Order.

Plus, I will start to develop and explain what exactly “is” this “international public order”?   If you want to exercise Self-determination and be a diplomat; and thereafter set your home up to be a consulate, then you must know the rules that apply.

Stay tuned…the teacher is here; the students are here…time to start building the initial part of “community”; which is “under-Standing” (before Standing).


Jonathan Halsey says:

You’re right, and I want to apol­o­gize to all for my arro­gant and abra­sive post. I have to admit that I dis­play that from time to time and it needs fixing.

 dpwashore says:

Wow.…now that’s strong as thunder…to come into our pro­gram, and in front of every­one deliver an apol­ogy. I think you are well on your way to that goal (of fixing things). Stand by.…I am about to put every mem­ber to work. Many peo­ple are want­ing to know what is it going to take to “become a Self-determinant Individual”.

I did this for a reason.…decorum is para­mount among the Fam­ily of Nations. When you get a chance, Jonathan, do a google search and read the Con­ven­tions and Treaties relat­ing to the Vienna Con­ven­tion on Con­sular Func­tions. This is among the first steps in under­stand­ing how “self-determination, agree­ments, and pro­to­cols” function.

Thanks for your comment…that was very bold.…and hum­ble.  Chin up.

And chins up, everyone.  It is now time to starting walking the talk.   Diplomacy “to the max” is critical….if you want the PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT of the disputes.   The dispute is “status”; but that can not be changed overnight.   It took the founders of some other jurisdiction 9 years before they were recognized and found their “peaceful settlement”.




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