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Decorum Training 101

by | Jun 4, 2010 | Archived Material, June 2010

That Pig Has an Eating Disorder

Ok….someone thinks that we’re putting out “hogwash” on the site.  I actually posted the comment this time, although it was a totally negative comment; instead of simply deleting it.  The comment can be found in the blog post that we did about the “First of 3 keys” and the audio there about “healthy living”.

In this blog post….you will see the comment first, and then 2 replies.  Again…this is coming from a separate page…BUT, I am doing this for training purposes.

And here is the purpose.

I am not trying to be trivial….but this is about community building and decorum within a community.   If you want t0 be treated like a King or Queen…i.e. Sovereign…then you must learn to act like a King or Queen and treat others the same way.  If you want respect and proper decorum to exist, then you do it first.   It’s the old maxim:

Be the change in the world that you want to see.

So; here we go…Decorum Training 101.

Initial Comment:

Jonathan Halsey says:

June 3, 2010, at 5:33 pm (Edit)

Well, this is so full of nutri­tional hog­wash it’s hard to know where to begin. Let me just state the obvi­ous prob­lem: you’ve got a lawyer with an eat­ing dis­or­der giv­ing nutri­tional advice. It seems clear that the only “research” done here was on the “Zone Diet”. I would be a lot more inter­ested in lis­ten­ing to a reg­is­tered dietit­ian or nutri­tion­ist than some­one who seems stuck on the lat­est diet fad.


dpwashore says:

June 4, 2010, at 4:44 pm (Edit)

Well, every­one has an opin­ion. Yours is abra­sive, but we’ll go with it. Per­son­ally, I already know about the “Zone Diet”, but I also know this “attor­ney” and she is a total researcher. She did not do this research based on “the Zone”, she did it from the stand­point of becom­ing healthy. I have studied health and nutri­tion for over 20 years. I find no prob­lem with her research, and since you didn’t clar­ify as to which part is “hog­wash”; then MATRIX SOLUTIONS will stand behind the infor­ma­tion until such time as you “dis­prove” the infor­ma­tion. Once you do, then we will alter course and pro­vide “your solu­tion” to the Healthy Liv­ing issue.

Why do you care if some­one is “reg­is­tered” by the United States Gov­ern­ment? I didn’t become a “Reg­is­tered Attor­ney” or go through Law School to learn “LAW”. And, over the years, I had have attor­neys call me to find out answers.

Do you sup­pose that get­ting a “license” to be “reg­is­tered” means some­thing here in the U.S.? If they were “reg­is­tered”, does that some­how val­i­date that they have “true knowl­edge” and there­fore actu­ally know what they are talk­ing about? Would you like to debate with this attor­ney? Or, would you like to bring a “reg­is­tered” nutri­tion­ist to the table to debate with the attor­ney? We will record it and put it on the web and post our retrac­tion for putting out crappy infor­ma­tion, in accord with your claim that our infor­ma­tion is “hogwash”.

Bot­tom line; I know this woman and she is a dili­gent researcher, not just of her spe­cialty in law, but of this issue as well. She just flew to Michi­gan last week to meet with guys that claim to have the “best sil­ver” on the mar­ket. Plus, she is talk­ing with con­tacts of mine in rela­tion­ship to trioxy-silver com­pounds, and also detox reme­dies with a spe­cific form of Zeo­lite that’s com­bined with Humic and Ful­vic acid.

Next time you use the word “hog­wash” on this site.…have some proof to back it up. We don’t deal with what “seems clear” to any­one. All “Amer-u-Cons” think that they are “sov­er­eign” and “seem” to have FREEDOM, when in real­ity they are slaves. I built this site to be able to teach oth­ers about Self-Determination, Honor, Deco­rum; and, what it’s going to take to build a new par­a­digm and “State” on this planet…and then assist in train­ing peo­ple for a higher call­ing than just grip­ing and com­plain­ing like the com­mon “Amer-u-khans”.  And, we will continue on that path, understanding that Rome was not built in a day.

There is an old maxim that goes back cen­turies which states “if you don’t have a solu­tion, then why complain.…and if you GO TO YOUR BROTHER, whether pri­vately or publicly…then have an actual case to present”.

If you want to do a cof­fee call or pre­sen­ta­tion on “healthy liv­ing” and solu­tions for improv­ing health; then let me know and I will arrange to have it recorded and posted on the site. We’re all ears, here; and if some­one has bet­ter infor­ma­tion, we want to know about it.


Mary says:

June 4, 2010, at 5:35 pm (Edit)

After read­ing (the book) “Mas­ter­ing Lep­tin, Your Guide to Per­ma­nent Weight Loss & Opti­mum Health” I must say that this lawyer/health researcher was spot on with her infor­ma­tion on healthy oils, the impor­tance of pro­tein bal­ance and key sup­ple­ments. In fact, this hor­mone Lep­tin (only recently dis­cov­ered) which is secreted by a fat cell from white adi­pose tis­sue is the most sig­nif­i­cant hor­mone in the human body. It reg­u­lates all other hor­mones as the prime con­trol­ling sig­nal for home­osta­sis. When there is an insulin imbal­ance in the body, it also trig­gers a lep­tin resis­tance state thereby caus­ing a cas­cade of dys­func­tions in all the sys­tems of the body. Under­stand­ing how to bal­ance lep­tin will resolve inflam­ma­tion, aging issues, stress, weight gain around the mid­dle, eat­ing dis­or­ders, male/female hor­mone bal­ance, thy­roid prob­lems, fibromyal­gia, can­cer, osteo­poro­sis, prostate can­cer and breast cancer.

And the information that the researcher provided is exactly how to control and maintain that balance, according to all recent research.  So, I highly rec­om­mend tak­ing respon­si­bil­ity for your own under­stand­ing of this cru­cial hor­mone and read­ing this book for your­self.

To sug­gest that we all lis­ten to “reg­is­tered” dieti­tians who are bound to AMA guide­lines with out-of-date infor­ma­tion is to cut our­selves off from the lat­est cru­cial infor­ma­tion. Reg­is­tered dieti­tians are bound to the AMA guide­lines of the old nutri­tional infor­ma­tion (such as the old food pyra­mid) and even they are com­plain­ing about because the US is con­trol­ling them.

We all know that infor­ma­tion is increas­ing expo­nen­tially now and if we eat like the food pyra­mid sug­gests, then we will all look like a pyra­mid! There are vested inter­ests from the grain and dairy coun­cils to keep that pyra­mid in place. I for one am not falling for the lies and deceit being pro­mul­gated by those lob­bies, and this is very prob­lem­atic for those who become “reg­is­tered”. Thank you for post­ing this audio as it was an inspi­ra­tion to learn more and do more with the knowledge.




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