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Decorum Training 201: Becoming A Diplomat

by | Jun 26, 2010 | Archived Material, June 2010

1) MATRIX SOLUTIONS is going to be changing its name to MATRIX SOLUTION; because there is only one Solution relating to the problem of having Standing and Capacity in law among the Family of Nations.  That Solution is THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION.

This Right is at least 4000 years old; and although it has changed form and names from the Right of Exile to the new more modernized term: self-determination”, it is still the exit out of the Matrix.  In fact, it is the only method whereby you can “be separate” from the Matrix, but still, peacefully co-exist alongside the Matrix.

Becoming a Prince might be a miracle, but it ain’t magic. It’s work.

2) Members are now asking, about the next steps to exercising the RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION.   I have given this serious consideration and it is the reason that I began Decorum Training.   If you are going to “be a King/Queen”; then you must act like one.   Among the Family of Nations, “they” leave nothing to chance.  There are protocols that have been laid down for hundreds, and even thousands of years that set the parameters of how One will “treat” and Treaty with other Dignitaries, Ambassadors, Consulates, Kings, Queens, Ministers and others with Sovereign Immunity.   There are Duties associated with Assuming Your Separate and Equal Station.  It’s not about “being left alone”; it takes work, study, and discipline.   John Quincy Adams was the Ambassador to the Courts of Versailles at age 14.    Do have some perspective that needs to change about living among the Powers of the Earth?

MATRIX SOLUTION(S) is an education website.  The education here and the education coming is going to be designed to instruct all members in International Law in order to understand how “the construct” of the Global geopolitical Systems work.   That “construct” is built on agreements and contracts; ordinarily called Treaties or Accords.   In today’s world, many of these Treaties and Accords are now passed and ratified by many members of the Family of Nations all at once.  This occurs within Conventions that are held to discuss and debate issues of Diplomacy among Nations and all other Global Issues of concern (such as the environment, adoption of children, war, etc.).   Due to these Global Events, we find treaties and accords such as the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.3) ADDED PERSPECTIVE:

The point is that if you are not thinking GLOBALLY, you are never going to attain “freedom”.   There are literally tens and hundreds of thousands of such treaties, accords, and conventions that have been held over the past 4000+ years that form the basis of the CONSTRUCT (i.e. contracts) of this Planet that we live on.  And, if you are paying attention and if you are a true seeker of truth and freedom; then it is of Utmost Importance to understand how “things function”.   Once Neo was “pulled out”; his next task was to go into “training” and go into a “hyper-fast knowledge download mode” on all the elements of the CONSTRUCT so that by the end of the first movie (MATRIX) he could “see” all elements of the CONSTRUCT.

I trust you are getting the point, but let me give an example of how the Global Construct works that people rarely pay attention to.   Let’s say that you want to mail a package to another country (member of the Family of Nations).   We just use the UK and Japan.   You carry this package to the Post Office in the UK, have it weighed for lading, and then pay the appropriate Stamp Tax in order to send your package to Japan.  What you just did (most without knowing) is activate at least 3 dozen treaties within the Global Construct.  Those treaties, once activated, will then used to facilitate the proper arrival and delivery of your package via mail service contracts that function within the Universal Postal Union.  These treaties coming from the International Law and Forums, are then rolled down through that codes, rules, and regulations within the 2 Nation-states that you involved in the handling of your package when you submitted the fee and received your “receipt/invoice”.

Without going into great detail with links to specific agreements; let’s just think about what sort of Treaties might be involved in mailing your package.   The first might be “fee agreement” for the price you pay for the handling, transportation, and delivery of the package.  Part of that fee goes to the UK and part to Japan.  This is business, and both states are involved, correct?

Then there must necessarily be Treaties for the successful transportation, which in this case are going to include things like International Fuel Tax Agreements for the Airlines involved; along with Radar Tracking between not just the 2 nation-states involved, but also along the entire transport route.   And then, since the payment, bill of lading, and invoicing involved financing your endeavor (to mail your package); there must be Banking Treaties involved, by NECESSITY.   After all, this is a business.

Does this make sense? If not, then click to see one Treaty used:

Now, do you have the Treaty Right, or does it belong to the State?   Have you assumed your separate and equal station in order to start dealing directly in Treaties, Accords, Accessions, Adherences, and International Negotiations?   There are 2, and only 2, types of people on this planet.  We were put here to be productive….to exercise stewardship….i.e. to do “business”.   Some folks on this Planet are doing business with immunity.  Most are not.   Most Individuals have not “created the State”; most people “belong to a State”.  Which are you?

There is a bottom line to this, which is:

“If you want out of the box, system, or trap that you find yourself in”…then you must first “see” every aspect of that trap to reverse engineer your way out.”

Since the movie: MATRIX came out in 1999; in many countries, just the word “matrix” alone has become synonymous with a trap.   It is a technological system of slavery and control.   Neo had to seek “peace” with the system so that Zion could co-exist with the system.  And, this is what you must do; both individually and collectively with others of like-mind.

4) You paid for your public education.   You paid to be pointing in the right direction, to be given assignments, and to be tested on the materials that you were pointed to check your skill and proficiency.   Now there’s MATRIX SOLUTION.   Did you think it would be different?

Most people are looking for a silver bullet.  Most people complain and whine that they “don’t want to be bothered” and they “just want to be left alone”.   Well, this is Planet Earth, and as you can see from reading #3 above about just one aspect of the Construct; that being Postal Treaties and the ability to move commerce and communications Globally; you should by now discern the following truth:


Since this is a Universal Truth, and since you are here because you are looking for the ability to do business with Immunity (or so I assume), the following links are the beginning of what you will need to become proficient in…in order to live and deal peacefully within the Family of Nations, globally; so that you never violate the International Public Order.   The IPO (International Public Order) is about “going to peace” and to do that you must first understand the protocols for proper communications and negotiations with other dignitaries, Ambassadors, and diplomats.  In other words…DECORUM.

Vienna Convention on Consular Relations

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic Protection of Citizens Abroad

Bridging the Gap: Effective Representation of Foreign Nationals in US Criminal Cases: Third Edition2007

A Universal Safeguard: Providing Consular Assistance to Nationals in Custody (International Justice Project & Human Rights Research)

Equal Protection: Consular Assistance & Criminal Justice Procedures in the USA June 2008

The audio below was made while I was on the road.  It was recorded in a hand-held device; so there is some background noise.  It’s only 3 minutes and it’s the recording I made during the thought process of what and how MATRIX SOLUTION needs to “train” you; our valued member, in the arena of International Law and the Internationally-Accepted Protocols for “coming out of one system” to “form another”.   The predecessors of the past told everyone that “when the ends of one government become perverted, and the public liberty is manifestly in danger, and all other means of redress are ineffectual; then the people may and of right ought…to form a new government”.  (original Maryland Declaration).  Of course, THEY (i.e. the Masonic Predecessors) said it even more succinctly in the Declaration of the U.S.A. when they stated that to protect your Right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness…YOU MUST INSTITUTE NEW GUARDS.

If THEY are not “doing it for you”….and you already know that THEY are not; then do it for yourself.   That is the Right of Self-Determination.


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