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Don’t Do This

by | Sep 13, 2010 | Archived Material, September 2010

Email is coming in from the Radio Program I did on “one radio network” with Patrick Timpone.   I am posting this as an example of what can happen or is going to happen if people don’t “get out” of the system here.  It is becoming more brutal….BY AGREEMENT.


This is M-L, on Florida, just listened to a two-part radio show you did on Memorial Day.   At that time, I was in jail for three months.   I’ve been jailed many times before for paper crimes, never harmed anyone or their property, a peaceful man.

I have always felt deep in my gut that the (con)stitution did not apply to me.   Anyway enough about me.  You have possibly been down the same rabbit holes.

The questions,  I surrendered their driver’s license over five years ago,  I travel with none of their state documents DL, Registration, Insurance,  and plate,  been pulled over before, just given a warning,  (no plate).  This last time in Florida,  local county, they were at least 20 cops through me on the asphalt road cracked my jaw busted my knee and said I had no DL,  put me in jail for 31 days.  So what I’m asking is for less persecution from the corporate agents while traveling, owning my land free and clear from rent(tax).

I have tried to separate myself from the matrix (system) in many ways all have obviously failed.  I want to be Free.  I have taken no benefits from the corporate government ever. All it seems I have done is work like a slave and got nowhere.  How long will it take to create our own local system?   Or is there one already set up?  Is there suggestive step by step templates?   I, like you, have been looking and working on being free for 12 years, so I know and have been through many truths.   If you can help I’m willing and will help others.

Thanks,  M-L.

This is the big question that everyone has….”where is the step by step playbook called: ‘HOW TO START, ESTABLISH, BUILD YOUR OWN NATION-STATE”.

There is no manual.  You have to know how to Self-govern and you have to do what the predecessors throughout history have done.   They read, study, and then comply with International Law and Protocols; starting with the Law of Nations.  I suggest you read this too so that you can get these preconceived notions out of your head that THEY are the usurpers through some ruse called “corporations”.   Under-STAND this; all governments are corporate and all governments are FICTIONS if you want to view it that way.  This includes the “ONE that you are going to set up”.

Whether you create the “State of Ghehn”…or the Kingdom of Heaven…or the Kingdom of God….or the State of Rhodesia…..or the state of M.L-burg…..none of it matters.  It is a “Fiction”, because according to your philosophy, M.L-burg  exist only on paper.   Pull up any tree stump and read to me the stamped claim of formation that says….MADE IN THE STATE OF RHODESIA…or MADE IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD….or MADE IN M.L-bug.  People mistakenly believe that if you had to “create it”, then “it” does not exist in the “real world”.

But, this is false and it’s merely a matter of perception; because everything is Real.  It is not Fiction; unless proclaimed to be “untrue”.   Fiction under the Library’s Dewey Decimal system means a story, or a tale, or a novel.

The truth is that the UNITED STATES and the United States both exist IN THIS WORLD because men “created” them.  Others decided to “accept these creations” and “want to be of these creations” and “volunteered to be a part of them”.   The United States is in the Real World and it is “non-fiction” because the “matter is established by more than 2 witnesses”.

It’s like MONEY.  Show me anything that people call “money” that has the word “money” on it.   There are “money orders” which are “orders for Money”…..but it’s not “money”.   “MON-ey” comes from two words: MOON and EYE.  They put that “eye” on the dowl-oar bill; because THEY are watching you.  But, doesn’t everyone “believe” that MONEY is the real thing?

So, I suggest you drop the words: “CORPORATE GOVERNMENT” from your vocabulary.  It is a sign of ignorance about how governments are formed and reformed; how the People that form them can “run the business of the State” however the People deem Necessary.  Your use of this term also shows a belligerent, bellicose nature.   THEY have evidence of your nature….you’re fighting a paper terrorist war with them.   It is their system; and if you don’t like it, then; the global remedy has always been the Right of Exile; which is now the Right of Self-Determination.  Meaning, get the heck out of their system and build your own.

And, that takes resources.  So whatcha got?

Seriously; if you want out, then what are you willing to pledge to build it?   THEY aren’t going to help you/us.   So, what do you do for work/productivity/just-stewardship.   (you can write to me privately; y0u have the email)

Throughout time, this has been done by businessmen.  Men that ‘pledged’ their resources to build something NEW.

The next thing that I suggest, is that you leave THEM (other states) alone if you want peace.   You can contract with them for services.  But, if you are not out and you don’t leave THEM alone, then you are deemed to be a violator of the International Internal Order of the Nation to which you belong. You are not “out of their system” until you build your own as a shelter organization (i.e. nation-state, also called International Jurist Person).

See, you “think” that you are “out” like many men do.  But you are not out.  And, the worst case scenario for you would be that “THEY” label you a terrorist, claim you to be “stateless-alien”, and then you have NO RIGHTS; not even civil.  After you are declared “stateless”, the United States can just AIRMAIL you to Guantanamo, Cuba where the other “stateless and alleged torturees are.   The latest enactment that has come out as US Law from the US Congress, is to strip citizenship from any citizen that becomes labeled as a Domestic Terrorist.

This means….coming soon to a FEMA CAMP near you—Water-boarding 101 training.

Any New Creation that I’m involved with, will not be “local”.  It will be “outside US borders”.   People that want to be here when the United States comes tumbling down, can stay at their peril.   Their homes can be consulates; once recognition is established with the US through the UN.  But, that takes too much faith for me.   “A prudent man sees the danger and “hides himself” and/or seeks refuge….or ‘BUILDS A NEW REFUGE.”

If you listened to Patrick’s Radio Show, as you said….then you know that my first Philosophical Truth is this:

There are 2 types of people on this planet.  Those exercising “just stewardship” or “doing business” with Immunity and those doing it with NO IMMUNITY.   If you don’t have the credentials to prove it…or Stand on…then you don’t have it.

Are you a member on the site?  You are going to need to start studying.  Sovereigns don’t ask for what you asked for, nor in the way that you “ask”.   Your tone is a little more than “irreverent” towards the system at this time.   If you don’t stop pretending to “be sovereign” when you don’t have the particulars necessary to show that you are Sovereign or a “minister of a Foreign Sovereign”; then they are going to do more than “break your jaw”.    I suggest that you watch the movie: UNTHINKABLE because They will do that to you.  Using “stateless-alien” status on this entire “citizenry” is the next phase of “correction”.  And they can torture you like that, too; once they declare that you are stateless.

Go get the ID  that you are supposed to have based on your current STANDING or lack thereof.  Until you are “out” and have learned to “do this”; so that you don’t violate International Law and Contracts, as well; then STOP playing in THEIR SANDBOX.


David Williams.




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