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Dragnets – Into the Rabbit Hole….Again

by | Feb 9, 2010 | Archived Material, February 2010

Recently I received an email touting a Radio Program called TAKE NO PRISONERS with the latest and greatest of Patriot False Hopes and Myths.  This radio show took place on a network called the REPUBLIC BROADCASTING NETWORK.  With a names like this, I was expecting Caesar himself to show up (although what I listened to was not live, but an archive file from a website.)

Something doesn’t look right…

Instead of hearing from Caesar, on to the stage (my speakers) comes the voice of a man calling himself Sam Kennedy, firing off rhetoric with all the arrogance, zeal, and fervor of a seminary trained  minister.  It was a performance worthy of being called fire and brimstone.  For two hours, he touted stories of how he and some entourage of “legal experts” and “constitutionalists” were going to “take back America” with the help of the United States Military.   Of course, my question was, “am I going to hear anything new from these Patriot Praetorians of Caesar’s Republic ?”

Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.
— George Santayana

If you follow the Patriot Mythology of the past fifty years, you will find out that nothing has changed.   The Patriot Rabbit Hole is among the most dangerous because it is a constant regurgitation of the same failed procedures and alleged “legal” remedies involving mistake after mistake after misinterpretation and false claims and ultimately…false hope.

And, what is the common denominator at the end of this Rabbit Hole?  Here’s a hint…Montana FreemanJohnny LibertyAmerican Rights Litigators, UCC gurus: Barton Bhuttes and Roger Elvick, Dick Simkanin, Dr. Kent Hovind, Peter Stern, Sam Davis, Wade Starr, Lynne Meredith, Dan  Benham, Attorney Oscar Stilley, Sherry Jackson Peel, etc.

Yes…you guessed it…PRISON.  (check here: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

This coffee call was put out for one reason, and one reason only; to warn our members and as many others as we and you (as trusted members) can reach…to STAY AWAY FROM THESE MEN AND THEIR ASSOCIATED GROUPS.  In this call, David-Parker: Williams discusses the issues and provides irrefutable proof that, while these men and groups may have good intentions; they continue to walk themselves and others down a paved road to Hell/Jail.



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