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False Remedy and History of DoM

by | Nov 2, 2018 | October 2018, On-Going Training

This Training from October 21st focuses on two inquiries from members. We have broken them down into separate video sections. 

The first video covers an interview with Anna Von Reitz on Sarah Westall’s Program. Unfortunately, this fraud has received a lot of attention. Scott, a member of our On-Going Training program, submitted an Email asking if we could cover some of Anna’s interview with Sarah. 

The Second video covers a brief overview of the DoM’s History and current activities. 


0:00 – Opening discussion with Scott about “Where do they get the right”.

4:15 – Anna Von Reitz & David Wynn Miller.

11:30 – Prevention and Protection of Internationally Protected Individuals. 

14:20 – 18 US Code, Section 112; Protection of Foreign Officials, Official Guest, and Internationally Protected Persons. 

15:00 – In Loco Parentis.

17:00 – Back to Analyzing Anna Von Reitz & Comments David made on the YouTube Channel. 

23:35 – Sources on U.S History and Anna Von Reitz

+Introduction to Freman’s Top Five Tips for Studying the Revolution
+Ben Franklin’s World Website
+Crash Course U.S History Youtube Channel
+Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History
+Virgo Triad Youtube Channel
+Anna Von Reitz Website

36:20 – Brief Clips from Virgo Triad on Anna Von Reitz. 


0:29 – Micronation on Dominion of Melchizedek.

2:00 – History of the DoM on

3:00 – Letter from Mayor of Port de Paix, Haiti. 

11:00 – Overview of David Pedley on DoM Wikipedia Page.

13:30 – Segway Discussion on Crypto-Currency.

+2018 Economist Magazine
+2019 Economist Magazine
+Chris Duane – Silver Shield
+Bulgarian Government Seizes 3 Billion in BitCoin 

27:00 – Back to DoM & Recognition on Wikipedia. 

31:00 – Frauds linked to DoM.

33:45 – Asia Pacific Media Services Limited on Passport Fraud.

37:00- Shrine of Dreams.

46:45 – Overview of Current Events in DoM.

50:00 – Overview of the Points and Authority.

1:09:00 – Questions on Traveling to other States.





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