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First of 3 keys…continued

by | May 12, 2010 | Archived Material, May 2010

This post is going to diverge from the normal “are you paying attention to what’s going on in the world” type blog.  We are going to focus on “are you paying attention to YOU”.

Let food be your medicine

There are 3 KEYS TO FREEDOM.  In the last post, it was discussed that Knowledge is Power and that only “the Right Knowledge combined with the Right Action” is truly power.   But, this is an overriding PRINCIPLE.  Implementation requires specifics; the 3 Specifics Keys are:

1)  Understanding the LAWS OF HEALTH and NUTRITION are a vital part of being able to Exercise Self-governance and the Right of Self-Determination.   It’s simply “governing internally” and “governing your body” first.

2) Understanding the LAWS OF STEWARDSHIP (finance) and RESOURCE GATHERING.   Within this context, there are 2 other “laws” or maxims that must be implemented.  These are the Law of Necessity, which simply means that you must provide for yourself first.  Next: the Law of Prosperity, which means gathering all the resources necessary to exercise self-governance; Separate and Apart and Equal in station; and whereby you can do “business” or gather resources and necessities in a manner that OTHERS of Equal Station do it…..i.e. with IMMUNITY.

There are 2 groups of people on this planet.   One group gathers and exercises stewardship with diplomatic immunity by agreement among all others that have “assumed their Separate and Equal Station.  The other group…the vast majority…has acquiesced and given up their power to others, in order to be governed; and therefore, have no immunities.   In other words, most have abdicated their rights to other men/women/governments because of their own failures and acceptances of lies.  You don’t have to.  It’s why you are here; to assume total responsibility and through that acquire the IMMUNITIES that you will need for the times ahead

3) Learning to govern and Exercise the Right of Self-Determination.

Obviously, people know less about #3 that the other 2 KEYS.   That’s not saying much today since the number of “healthy” people on this planet is decreasing rapidly and the number of people that live/retire with no resources and the inability to even take care of themselves is growing at an alarming rate.

For today, we’re going to focus on internal governance and healthy living.  The audio file below is a recording done with a “legal researcher” who turned “health researcher”.   This audio delivers a lot of information in a very short period of time.   It covers why people are so diseased and how the disease process starts in our bodies. And, can you believe it; that the process starts with “excess sugar”.

The food you eat is and can be used as a “drug”.   All foods caused chemical reactions in your body.  So, is the food you’re currently eating a “good drug” or a “bad drug”.  If you want to be healthy, learn what, how, when and why to eat right and live healthily.




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