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G.H.B. – My Tango with the Medical Mafia

by | Feb 1, 2010 | Archived Material, February 2010

It was the depression that woke me up to the fact I was now deep inside a medical rabbit hole. Let me really be blunt and correct myself by admitting it was constant constipation that flushed me down the medical rabbit hole. My somewhat sympathetic female general practitioner asked if I had depression when I told her constipation was becoming a huge problem. Well, yes, I had to admit that depression was a factor too. In retrospect, it was a secondary factor as a result of constipation but yes, I was depressed.

Hooray for Prozac!

Well, let’s start you off on X antidepressant for six weeks and if that doesn’t work, we’ll try, Y, Z and then A, B, C, D, E, F or G until we find one right for you.” What a colossal waste of my time. Not only did I try all those different antidepressants but the side effects almost incapacitated me by doing so. Not an easy initiation into the pharmaceutical world when I had three young children to take care of. Besides, my sweet general practitioner turned ugly when I couldn’t be helped by her generous dosages and sent me out to find a psychiatrist. Well, in doing my background checks I chose a doctor whose grandmother had worked with herbs since I was beginning herbal studies to treat myself for the ever-present constipation.

Soon I found that Dr. Curandero (name changed to protect the guilty) followed the same pharmaceutical recipes that the general practitioner had and became exasperated with me when I complained about the debilitating side effects. He had the audacity to recommend shock therapy to which I vehemently declined. Thankfully, the internet was brand new and now, I had a quick, extensive source of research and the help of others also looking for their own depression solutions. This was back in the day of bulletin boards and one post on GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate) changed my whole life.

I dug deeper into the usage of GHB in Europe, successfully treating not only depression but also alcohol and drug addictions with ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. What great info, I thought, as I copied the reams of research onto a 3.5” floppy drive to share with the Dr. Curandero. It acted quickly in the body almost instantly relieving depression and the recommended period of use was only two weeks. It was described as self-limiting medicine because as soon as the body no longer needed it, there would be no desire for it. Plus it was inexpensive and easily compounded in any pharmacy. GHB occurs naturally in our bodies and breaks down into to carbon dioxide and water. The worst thing about it was overdosing on it, you would just fall asleep.

That’s about the time our media branded GHB as the DATE RAPE drug! Oh the horrors of it. Suddenly, there were news stories everywhere about this evil drug. Now how interesting that Prozac was being pushed simultaneously as the best antidepressant ever. Two plus two was adding up to four again and the collusion between the corporate media and pharmaceutical giants were now glaringly obvious.

The best day ever was when I asked Dr. Curandero if he had looked at the research I given him previously. He “didn’t have the time” was his reply. That was when I stood up and told him that all problems were multi-layered; physical, spiritual, emotional and mental and he obviously didn’t learn that in medical school. I told him I also needed a doctor who knew he didn’t know it all and that it wasn’t him so I was firing him. Two weeks later, I was down in Nogales, Mexico with a doctor who appreciated my research and wrote out a Rx for GHB. The pharmacy next door made it for me and in two weeks, I was back to swinging my pony-tail when I walked. My health is now in my hands again and it will never be left to anyone else.

The moral of the story is that your life and everything that makes up YOUR LIFE IS UP TO YOU because it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. So get mad, or sad then get over it. Do your research and test your new knowledge. What do you have to lose compared with what you will gain?



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