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Get out of the System: The All or Nothing Mindset

by | Jun 29, 2011 | Archived Material, June 2011

I am going to start this topic now and continue as time allows me.  This is part 1 of a series that starts with this thought: “Stop looking at the glass as half full.  It is either flowing because you are absorbing everything necessary to FULFILL YOUR JOURNEY…or it is empty because you are pouring everything you have into the PATH/JOURNEY to make it to the goal”.

I am on the road in Florida and having some necessary meetings along the way.   But, with the prior 10 days of computer problems and “down time” combined with being on the road; gives you plenty of time to reflect on priorities and “re-member”.   We have spent a lot of time putting out information on Mindset from the perspective of what most people like to call the “Elite”.   But, are they truly “Elites”, or are they “EL-ites”.  If you read Superman or watch Smallville; THEY do claim the House of El.

Is this significant?

Yes; it is very significant because we are talking about a very ancient knowledge and Mindset.  It is a knowledge and Mindset that is almost lost in this world; but one that is going to have to be “re-membered” by the “members” of Mankind, if “kind-ness”, tolerance, justice, and Truth are going to prevail in our lives.

And, I say “our lives” because don’t believe for one minute that the “public” or the “masses” of people on Earth are suddenly going to wake up and start DOING THE RIGHT THING (or things).  In fact, in my own self-analysis; there are many things that I have been doing wrong in bringing forward the information on MATRIX SOLUTIONS.  One of those things is “indulging people’s negativity and laziness”.   For instance, I was told once again in an email recently that the writer/member of the website still does not believe that the “EL-ites” are going to honor a treaty.  My response to this is “then you are never getting out of the MATRIX…you are NEVER getting out of THEIR SYSTEM”.

This Universe is/was built on honor….it was built on rules…and it was built on the prince-iples necessary for you to be a Prince and for you to be a King.  Of course, that Prince-iple requires courage, RESPONSE-ABILITY; and it requires belief.   It is as simple as the ancient maxim: THERE’S NEVER A WRONG TIME TO DO THE RIGHT THING.   Otherwise, why learn anything?  Wouldn’t learn “anything” be pointless without the courage, Responsibility, and Belief to see IMPLEMENTATION?

As I used to hear in sales; either lead, follow or get outta the way.  So, why not go for the gusto?   Is it only your life we’re talking about right?  Oh….and possibly that of your Posterity.  See it’s real simple for me because I made up my mind long ago that THERE’S NO OTHER OPTION…so why not for one-time thinking about winning?  Why not drink it all in until I am overflowing and then pour it all out?  You know; why not lay everything on the line?

Many people have blamed others and the Bankers and the Illuminati for their woes.   But, it is these people that Pledged their Lives, Fortunes and Honor.  Do you think that to have “EQUAL STATION AND EQUAL STANDING” that somehow “less” is going to be required?

I will tell you this…there are many members who have written in recently that all willing to lay it all down.  And, they do believe with everything in them; just like I do.  If I had the attitude that I read at times; I would’ve have quit a long time ago.   And, if you are still in the mode of wanting to blame the EL-ites…then just remember, THEY didn’t have to give the little video clip below; but THEY DID.

Self-determination includes DETERMINATION.  It means “you determine yourself”…you are the President, the VP, the Treasurer.  You are among those that Govern and Self-Govern among the Family of Nations….and the EL-ites.  THERE IS NO FENCE.   Those that “stand” in the middle of the road; will get run over.

Here’s Part 1.  Stay tuned….dpw





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