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History of International Law

by | Jul 18, 2018 | July 2018, On-Going Training

Understanding the history of international law is the foundation needed in order to move forward in understanding how societies have formed and how they interact amongst themselves. In this on-going training, David begins the discussion with Livy’s History of Rome. Starting with this historical document, it becomes very clear the Law of Nations and the concepts of international relations dates all the way back to Roman times.

This 90-minute training covers a lot of material. David did mention listening to an audio recording between him and Gary. Although he did not get to that audio, it will be available for you to listen in this archive. David also reviews two video excerpts (1) The LON in America’s Independence, and (2) a presentation from a Harvard professor who wrote a book called the Founder’s Coup in which he discusses just how bad things got between the “founding fathers” during the time of the Constitutional Convention. Below will be the full training as well as a brief timeline of topics discussed. along with links to certain resource material mentioned. After that, videos of the excerpts along with the full presentations will be posted.



11:00 – Titus Livius: The History of Rome

16:20 – Mention of audio conversation with Gary (Down below)

19:20 – Review of resource material
+ Statehood & The Law of Self-Determination
+ The Equality of States in International Law
+ The Hidden History of International Law in America
+ Bitcoin Video (Down Below)
Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts
+ Invoking State Responsibility in the 21st Century

21:25 – Discussion on Universal Jurisdiction (Further explanation at the end of the training session)
+ Universal Jurisdiction – War Crimes and Crimes against Human Rights
+ Spains Expanded Universal Jurisdiction to Prosecute Human Rights Abuses in Latin America, China & Beyond
+ The Case for Universal Jurisdiction
+ Universal Jurisdiction in International Law
+ Universal Jurisdiction: Clarifying the Basic Concept

28:00 – A break to answer questions / General Conversations about Winston Shrout and other Domestic Paper Terrorist

48:45 – Excerpt on the Founder’s Coup

1:10:00 – LON in American History

1:25:00 – Question on Universal Jurisdiction


Excerpts Discussed in the Training Session

If you are interested… below is the full presentation from the Library of Congress YouTube Channel. Each presentation is about one hour in length.




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