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International Rights and Duties

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Archived Material, February 2012

The last 3 blogs and conference calls have a been partially a set-up to start looking into where the world’s nations/states are headed in terms of HUMAN RIGHTS LAW.  As you heard on the conferences 2 to 3 weeks back; “everyone” (particularly “paytriots”) seems to want to ignore the LAW OF NATIONS and focus on their “alleged” rights without paying any attention to their duties and obligations.  There is not much more to elaborate on with that being understood; because as stated in the LAW OF NATIONS and International Treaties/agreements (in summary)…”if you don’t exercise and perform your obligations, you don’t get the Rights”.

So what more can one say other than “time to study and focus on the duties and obligations before complaining, griping, and whining about Rights”….maybe?  ‘Nuff said on this.  Let’s get to it.

David Williams

Caveat:  BTW, I forgot to mention one thing more about this blog.  The first of the Video is spent debunking a Canadian “patriot freeman type”.  I had thought it was understood by now, after 2 years and 20 blogs on Patriot Rabbit Holes and with the “Borking of LB Bork” that none of these people read, have read, have studied…or complied with the LAW OF NATIONS in order to have IMMUNITY and RIGHTS.  This also includes so-called Canadian “Freemen”…which was covered in a previous blog called DON’T DO THIS and NEVER DO THIS.  However; I was sent another 4 to 6 hours of “yeah, but” by a Canadian subject-citizen of the Queen.   So, in case you don’t want to hear the rebuttal of “Freeman: Dean Clifford, Canadian Subject-Citizen-Slave”…you can skip the first 20 minutes of the A/V presentation.  (I know that some of MATRIX SOLUTIONS members are now saying that “they’ve heard enough”…and are more ready to proceed forward into obligations, duties…and Rights on an International Level.  I agree, but there are newer members….on the learning curve…so I felt this one necessary.  Hopefully, you know me well enough by now to know my attitude about “innocent victims” being misinformed and going to prison needlessly.)

Bonus: MSWord Doc for Download. Contents: emails on some items discussed in the A/V.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

And… If you can stomach more of Mr. Clifford…

Here is the full length version:




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