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Intervention in International Law

by | Oct 9, 2010 | Archived Material, October 2010

The blog below is “From the Mailbag”.  It is from a comment that contained a question about the book that I have mentioned on several occasions called INTERVENTION IN INTERNATIONAL LAW.

Every Nation is an Agent of the LAW OF NATIONS

This was the book that was found while helping Bolivian National: Dario Busch, in his quest to get relief from charges in the US for which he contended that he was not guilty, and wherein the State of Missouri has destroyed all evidence that related to the case.  It is a must-read for those truly interested in Self-Determination and taking Globally Responsibility to Self-Govern. So, please read at the least to first and last chapters to understand exactly how your position is viewed in among the Family of Nations; whether you are a citizen, National, Subject, Resident, or Alien…or have Sovereign or Diplomatic Immunity.

Just a quick note about current work being done towards THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION.

I have been traveling and working on getting Humanitarian Aid into Haiti.    I am putting up another post later today; that could be called something like a “fireside chat” between Aaron and I about what is going on with the website and with both of our activities.

I will be going to meetings on November 4th in New York City.  These meetings are to sit down with the current Presidential front-runner (Candidate) in the upcoming Haitian Election.  Haiti is still devastated from last year’s earthquake and we are having a major problem getting anything cleared through Haitian Customs due to the lack of Governmental Structure and lack of regulation.

In addition, there are ongoing talks with Tribal Concerns and their Treaties and Land Claims in New Zealand.  Also, based on conversations held last night, there is a group that is looking at the possibility of 200 acres of beautiful, undeveloped land in Fiji.   Anyone that is truly interested in “coming out” of the “United States: American Matrix System” and Exercising the Right of Self-Determination must begin to think “outside the box” and along the lines of the many conversations and presentations that have been recorded and posted to MATRIX SOLUTIONS.  Some of the previous recordings were either presented in Conference Calls to groups, or held in person with smaller groups, or were one-on-one direct phone calls with me.

So, if you feel that you’re becoming ready to self-govern and interest in being more directly involved in MATRIX SOLUTIONS and some of the things that you have seen, heard, or read; then feel free to contact me at

Cody says:

David men­tioned a book that was shared with him about self-determination. Is it still relevant today and is it available?


Hi Cody;

Yes.…the book is about INTERVENTION IN INTERNATIONAL LAW. It is an excellent read if you want to understand the global system.  Every­thing about Treaties and Inter­na­tional Law is rel­e­vant in terms of self-determination.

The world runs on global agree­ments; like Postal, Fuel Tax Treaties…etc. For instance, Saudia Ara­bia and other oil pro­duc­ers have the right to mar­ket oil to the US because there are Treaties in place for this. These include all Bank­ing Treaties because you are deal­ing with PAR val­ues and Exchange Rates. I will upload the book. It is a nec­es­sary read for any­one seek­ing to “come out” of their Sys­tem and re-contract with the sys­tem via Treaty, Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of Treaties, and Vari­a­tion by Agreement.

All the best,

David Williams



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