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It’s the First of 3 Keys

by | May 7, 2010 | Archived Material, May 2010

This mailbag post is not actually mail.    By now, most of our current members know that I am trying to help Dario Busch  with his situation.  (learn more at   This is a Skype conversation between Dario and I on a multitude of issues.

I am not going to spend time elaborating on the content….just read it.   It is long for a “blog” (just under 5000 words) according to the modern microwave society;  but of course, most of modern society needs a “waaambulance”.

Hey…if you can’t read it all at once, then come back later and finish.   But, this has some very good points and shows how to start breaking paradigms of those around you.

[12:03:47 AM]

Dario Busch: what’s the status on the phone deal? I’m ready to rock.

[12:04:27 AM]

Dario Busch: Also, have court tomorrow on the tampering case, will try to continue the arraignment after firing Jeff Witt.

[12:05:33 AM]

David Williams: I am going to focus on the coffee deal more at the moment…it is cheaper to get into and pays out very well…..Nate used churches and non profits to go from 0 to 10k per month in 3 months

[12:05:40 AM]

David Williams: that’s faster than the phone; check your email there are two documents

[12:06:44 AM]

Dario Busch: faster  $?

[12:06:52 AM]

David Williams: yes

[12:06:55 AM]

Dario Busch: ok, will check the email

[12:07:51 AM]

David Williams: Well….the guy I work with went from 0 to 6k per week in 6 months, but  Nate went to 10k per week in 3 months…which looks better to you?

[12:11:09 AM]

Dario Busch: ok, I’ll check the coffee then, however, I already talked to half a dozen people about the phone and I did the ad copy for the cellphone post with the argument that “communication is key”. Yes, Nate sounds good.

[12:12:32 AM]

David Williams: let’s talk about it tomorrow… did you get your website up?

[12:26:50 AM]

Dario Busch: almost, working on it right now, debating on how much to charge per month for the templates, manuals,  and live support, suggestions? ($25? $50? $100? Or just a low fee for the templates and manuals and support I charge by the whatever? We can also charge a small amount for the tele / webinars and split it brotherly you and me and whoever else we have on, Raina, whoever?

[12:27:19 AM]

David Williams: what templates and manuals?

[12:29:04 AM]

Dario Busch: Protected: How to: Make Money Stopping Foreclosures

Protected: How to: Make Money Making Friends (MLM)

Protected: How to: Make Money Trading Futures

Protected: How to: Make Money Flipping Houses with OPM

Protected: How to: Make Money Brokering Mortgages

Protected: How to: Make Money Accelerating Debt

[12:29:20 AM]

Dario Busch: and the other ones that I am still bringing back live, all the stuff I was giving away for free for donations before the arrest and the support calls etc etc

[12:30:53 AM]

Dario Busch: I used to sell the Money manual for $750 which is

[12:30:53 AM]

Dario Busch: Protected: How to: Make Money Making Friends (MLM)

Protected: How to: Make Money Trading Futures

Protected: How to: Make Money Flipping Houses with OPM

Protected: How to: Make Money Brokering Mortgages

Protected: How to: Make Money Accelerating Debt

[12:31:07 AM]

David Williams: drop the stopping foreclosures, because you cannot stop a foreclosure these days; the banks are ramping up with new employees to handle the overload and people will be going out on their heads for dishonoring their agreements….if you haven’t seen this…you need to understand that banks are financial agents of the government and you are interfering with their contracts.  U.S.C. Title 12: 90[12:32:26 AM]

Dario Busch: so for someone facing a foreclosure sale next week this s*&t will help them out, with me?    I understand what you are saying, but time is money, at least they get more time

[12:32:50 AM]

David Williams: Well that will stop when they get ready to crush the system down and little more and put the allegedly “illegals” Mexicans, who they’re going to make “legal”…. into those vacant houses who will pay a mortgage.

[12:33:27 AM]

David Williams: all I am telling you is that the other products don’t raise a flag, but that one does.

[12:33:35 AM]

Dario Busch: just for the bank to file “relief of automatic stay”.  have you seen my templates for the foreclosure stuff?

[12:34:21 AM]

David Williams: no

[12:34:28 AM]

Dario Busch: it don’t challenge anything, just asks to see the entire file which the bank refuses to do and you can drag on the sale almost forever like the Barber has done…..   i’ll send you an example, hang on

[12:35:22 AM]

David Williams: the only thing that is stopping banks at this point is that they don’t want to report more toxic assets than necessary

[12:35:37 AM]

Dario Busch: I agree

[12:36:03 AM]

Dario Busch: but that buys the homeowner time and time is what is worth $ :) with me?  It’s a life raft, not a boat :)

[12:36:21 AM]

David Williams: doesn’t matter….what is eventually going to happen is that people like Barber will go to prison for creating a constructive fraud.

[12:37:21 AM]

David Williams: when anyone signs a mortgage; they are guilty of two crimes and two frauds that are worth up to 30 years in prison and up 1 million in fines.  We did the document: IT’S ALL CRIMINAL BY DESIGN

[12:37:48 AM]

Dario Busch: there is no fraud, just asking questions the bank avoids to answer and wins time, that’s all, let me send it to you and you let me know your feedback, how do I send this on Skype? let me see

[12:38:05 AM]

David Williams: you are not listening or understanding; which means that you have not watched my presentation

[12:38:07 AM]

Dario Busch: send me that pdf too if you can please… yes I am listening and understanding…my stuff is not a solution, just a bandaid

[12:39:04 AM]

Dario Busch: their option is to either sink on next weeks foreclosure or wing it and swim with the sharks.

[12:39:37 AM]

Dario Busch: like eating a McDonalds hamburger, it will eventually kill you but you don’t starve to death today :)

[12:40:09 AM]

David Williams: when anyone goes into the bank to get a mortgage, that person has committed a crime before they ever close on the property, and since there is no statute of limitations on fraud…if the government wants to, they can lock anyway up who has a mortgage….because they committed fraud to get it

[12:40:30 AM]

Dario Busch: but will they play that card?

[12:40:50 AM]

David Williams: they already do…have, and will…i have seen it

[12:41:59 AM]

Dario Busch: here are the 2 documents that kept barber in the house for 2 years, why has his bank not responded then?

[12:42:29 AM]

David Williams: i just told you, the banks have too many toxic assets on their books at the moment

[12:42:52 AM]

Dario Busch: I will again, but I did, what would be the solution then, just capitulate and get out of the house before the foreclosure,…. with kids and dogs and all to motel 8?

[12:42:58 AM]

David Williams: they are maintaining the illusion so that China will still buy US bonds and mortgage backed assets….But, China has been granted imminent domain by and in the United States….China is the next Empire that THEY are building… will swallow the US through these multi TRILLION debts and bailouts that China is financing; but eventually what are these people going to do….they must ‘GET INTO BUSINESS’…and earnings mode.   They need MORE…not to just learn how to avoid responsibility…..the answer is to learn how to EARN MORE, KEEP MORE, AND MAKE IT GROW

[12:43:37 AM]

Dario Busch: I agree with you 100% , well, then, as long as we market it as a bandaid and then educate them with your presentation?

[12:43:57 AM]

David Williams: what are they going to do when they eventually get kicked out

[12:44:19 AM]

David Williams:  I have seen people in these battle for years and still get booted out of the house…..because they failed to honor the mortgage contract….YOU SEEM TO FORGET….they have a contract and agreement…….and it might be based on fraud….but every person who ever signed a mortgage document…. including me…..committed FRAUD first……if that person didn’t understand the contract…..OH SO SORRY

[12:44:31 AM]

Dario Busch: hopefully we can teach them to make money before that happens, that is why STALLING is needed, no?

[12:45:00 AM]

David Williams: they still don’t understand that they have to use the business and tech enhancements in the system to create resources to eventually come out of the system

[12:45:22 AM]

David Williams: stalling doesn’t reach a solution

[12:45:23 AM]

Dario Busch: so if this stuff can keep them in the house for 6 months or 6 years and we focus in making them money, which will make us money, that could work, agree?

[12:45:43 AM]

David Williams: but, i only suggested that you not sell that product currently in your condition; tell them where to get it…but don’t promote it…you’re being watched

[12:46:29 AM]

Dario Busch: so should I still just GIVE AWAY the freedom, foreclosure, strawman and all that stuff away and only charge for The Money Manual and tele / web seminars?

[12:46:53 AM]

Dario Busch: like a “look at what can be done” type of attitude on my blog?

[12:47:23 AM]

Dario Busch: that way we can cross market with your $27/mo membership?

[12:47:27 AM]

David Williams: Protected: How to: Make Money Making Friends (MLM)

Protected: How to: Make Money Trading Futures

Protected: How to: Make Money Flipping Houses with OPM

Protected: How to: Make Money Brokering Mortgages

Protected: How to: Make Money Accelerating Debt

[12:47:36 AM]

David Williams: nothing wrong with any of this…but, everyone needs my info…I am not arrogant about it, but I only of  two others that have done what I did

[12:48:24 AM]

Dario Busch: so the “free(dom) templates still free with the understanding that it is just temporary stalling so that they can make money and get ahead that way?

[12:49:10 AM]

David Williams: and no one else that has a plan to escape the Matrix; I am not a messiah…people must save themselves….education is the key….and when people come together as “THE STATE” there is strength in numbers……then you operate by THE AGREEMENT


David Williams: you don’t buckle and you don’t waiver, even if THEY have more firepower

[12:50:40 AM]

Dario Busch: agree, but education takes time, and I have hundreds of people that need help by next week or they will be homeless, capicce?

[12:51:11 AM]

David Williams: well…have them pay you and send them the docs….but don’t market it openly, I just personally think it’s a waste of time; and that “time” is running out anywhere; and people are scared, lazy and lethargic…..they’re looking at a train coming right at them….and stand there to get hit.

[12:52:07 AM]

David Williams: even if they submit this paperwork….if they are questioned in court and don’t understand it and cannot articulate it in court the judge will throw it out

[12:53:33 AM]

David Williams: too many people want something for nothing….and for someone else to bail them out

[12:53:40 AM]

Dario Busch: that is why we have to train them, to understand and articulate

[12:55:23 AM]

Dario Busch: so you are basically saying that the constitution is gone and that we are just slaves that have no chance and there is no law nor case law that can save us?

[12:55:40 AM]

David Williams: the constitution is not gone….

[12:55:57 AM]

David Williams: but you didn’t sign it and you are not “Posterity” of the founders

[12:56:05 AM]

David Williams: therefore it does not apply to you and about 350 million americans


[12:56:21 AM]

Dario Busch: I understand that, but, it does limit government and gives them rules to abide by, right?

[12:56:51 AM]

David Williams: it does not limit s*(t

[12:57:00 AM]

Dario Busch: it is not about our constitutional rights, it is about their constitutional violations…so you are basically saying that the constitution is gone and that we are just slaves that have no chance and there is no law nor case law that can save us?

[12:57:32 AM]

David Williams: Article 1 sect 8; it states that they can pass ‘ALL LAWS NECESSARY”

[12:57:47 AM]


[12:58:59 AM]

David Williams: To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof. Section 9.

[12:59:16 AM]

David Williams: do you see that word: NECESSARY??

[12:59:48 AM]

David Williams: it’s called a ‘CATCH ALL PHRASE” which means this…if there is something “we” missed….we’ll catch it later

[1:00:22 AM]

Dario Busch: ya, but, the foreclosure docs are not challenging any laws, just asking for the bank to produce the file… there is plenty of case law about driver license not being needed, international law and civil rights, protocol, and all that stuff on my site that must aply still or this is just not america and a revolution will be on the way as soon as the sheeple get a clue?

[1:00:56 AM]

David Williams: there is only one issue….’DO YOU HAVE STANDING TO STATE THE CLAIM”? AND THE ANSWER IS …..NO; and JP Morgan told them ‘god would not have made sheep if he did not intend for them to be shorn.  Most people will get shorn, because they act like sheep and want to be led to the slaughter…if they didn’t want that…they would change.

[1:01:30 AM]

Dario Busch: that’s what they do, I agree, but we keep hammering the problem and ultimately understanding when the people need practical quick solutions right now even though it is not the ultimate

[1:01:33 AM]

David Williams: civil rights are “GRANTED” by the sovereign and therefore can be ‘Un-GRANTED”….and there are no “quick solutions” to that….Education is the KEY.   The first of three Keys (3)

[1:02:41 AM]

Dario Busch: if the answer is NO to standing, then it is hopeless, how to gain standing?

[1:02:48 AM]

David Williams: the only way to acquire STANDING is to assume total responsibility to self govern….and ASSUME YOUR SEPARATE AND EQUAL STATION AMONG THE POWERS OF THE EARTH

[1:03:16 AM]

David Williams: it’s all about responsibility to pledge to build something new

[1:03:28 AM]

David Williams: THEY are not required to “do it for you”

[1:03:37 AM]

Dario Busch: so in one sentence, what is the solution and is it possible for Joe Shmoe from Kokomo?

[1:04:04 AM]

David Williams: this is not about the ‘COMMON MAN”….. it is about the UN-COMMON MAN; or at a minimum…the common man doing “uncommon things”

[1:04:19 AM]

Dario Busch: so what is the solution?

[1:04:38 AM]

David Williams: the common man is an idiot….a flea to the Powers… who does not accept TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY or the Right of Self Determination, and fails to seekSelf-Governance.  Look at what the “common man” is d0ing in Greece.   Not just killing these three INNOCENT Bank Tellers….but dragging them in the street and burning them.   Think it won’t happen here.

[1:05:13 AM]

Dario Busch: but not for Joe shmoe from Kokomo?

[1:06:08 AM]

Dario Busch: Joe will pay us for the solution… and for any other products we sell to Joe… but if Joe is homeless and penniless… we go down too without paper money

[1:06:10 AM]

David Williams: what the heck  has “joe shmoe” ever done, other than ask for a  privilege or benefit that he didn’t really earn?   If Joe is homeless and penniless….it means he never accepted the RESPONSIBILITY to self-govern

[1:06:57 AM]

Dario Busch: so… screw Joe, then?  What do we do without Joe s $ to buy our products?

[1:07:08 AM]

David Williams: Look….this is bigger than that.  The universe is about choice…as NEO said in the Matrix….the problem is choice. Do you think that Joe got there by accident

[1:08:15 AM]

David Williams: or because he just wanted to work as a slave for some corporation that he INSTINCTIVELY knew was going to screw him

[1:08:51 AM]

David Williams: i hear all the time from these corporate idiots…. well my company screwed us again”   Crap, do they have to have a house fall on them?

[1:08:56 AM]

David Williams:  ANSWER:   YES THEY DO.    People are thick…and worse, most are lazy.   As I said, getting out of the Matrix is not about the Common man….MATRIX SOLUTIONS is about the Uncommon.   Uncommon Deeds….uncommon acts….uncommon knowledge.   Do you want to “rise up and fight”; or “Rise up to a different playing field all together?”   Do you want to be lumped in with Joe and “his Posterity”….or do you want to do something spectacular and unprecedented for YOURSELF AND YOUR POSTERITY..

[1:09:06 AM]

David Williams: THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

[1:09:20 AM]

Dario Busch:  I understand the fundamentals, but, we are talking about life here and now… then… what is the solution we can sell to Joe?

[1:09:23 AM]

David Williams: Dario, let “Joe” make his own decisions.   I am not here to fleece people.   Most of them think that their govt is GOD.   If that what they want; and they fail to take responsibility, then you cannot help them.   Dust your shoes off.

[1:09:57 AM]

David Williams: in the words of Aristotle when asked the difference between the educated and the uneducated….he said; “the same as between the living and the dead.”

[1:10:17 AM]

David Williams: I grew up on a farm, Dario.   I was the least likely to learn everything I learned

[1:10:55 AM] David Williams: but my will is close to indomitable and I tapped into a ton of help from ‘above”….yahweh is supreme….and people are “praying” or “preying” to some generic “god” ….that they don’t understand…….every NAME has a meaning and a reason…..that the meaning and reason were taken from people because of their own failures….and their participation with THE UNRIGHTEOUS KING’ or “unrighteous government”…..and “the people/sheep” are guilty by association for all these war atrocities around the world; yet they act like it doesn’t apply universally to them….but YAHWEH is watching, and collusion with this “wicked governmental system” is like a TAR-BABY…. universally it sticks to you like glue The question is ask in Psalms 94: 20…..HOW CAN YOU BE ALLIED WITH THE UNRIGHTEOUS  KING? 1:11:09 AM] David Williams: I was not the way that I am now….when I was growing up [1:11:15 AM]

David Williams: I learned, and studied and “tested all things” related to my “contracts and agreements” on this planet… other words…I improved and I changed…..I didn’t ask that the system to change [because that violates people’s free will to be in collusion with the “wicked government that frames all of its evil by decree”]



[1:11:33 AM]

David Williams: …..but I am 49 now…and I don’t even remember who that “25 year old David” was

[1:12:08 AM]

David Williams: help these people with their “foreclosures’ and little menial problems  if you want…but I have better things to do…and “JOE SHMOE” has much bigger problems come at him in the next 2 years than foreclosure.   Inflation is going to go to 300%; bio-chips are coming….and their agreement to pay these “bailouts and national debts” are going to bury them all.

[1:12:39 AM]

David Williams: If the sheeple didn’t understand the ancient maxim: “the borrower is SLAVE to the lender”and after going to churches for 200 years in “America”and reading that bible for 2000 year, then all I can say to them is “do you best”….but ‘get off your lazy ass and LEARN SOMETHING”.   DO IT…whatever “it” is.  Maybe this might be called “tough love”….but that is this universe.   Here….maybe you can get something from this link…..[1:14:16 AM]

Dario Busch: dude, I understand the maxim, they screwed up, we all did, we are all swimming amongst the sharks, we are slaves, but after all that sinks in the heads…

[1:11:21 AM]

Dario Busch: so what solution can we sell to Joe here and now to stop their foreclosure next week and defend themselves against court oppression?

[1:14:21 AM]

David Williams:  If “Joe” is broke; what should you sell him.   Another lie?  Look, I don’t like to see people suffer….however; who is responsible for your choice to believe in lies”?    YOU ARE.

[1:14:44 AM]

David Williams: AND…..I don’t see very many doing anything but bitchin’ …and that does not work.  People say that they believe all this stuff…but don’t act.   They say that they believe

[1:15:18 AM]

David Williams: BIBLE:  be as SHREWD/smart as a serpent…but as harmless as a dove

[1:15:36 AM]

David Williams: Bible: STUDY….STUDY…STUDY…to show yourself approved

[1:15:57 AM]

David Williams: Bible: MY people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,…but

[1:16:18 AM]

David Williams: because you reject knowledge, I/Yahweh will reject you as my priest…see….most people love “half sentences”….but not me….If you reject knowledge….you get rejected…it’s a universal principle

[1:17:20 AM]

David Williams: and I didn’t make it up….i just read it and apply it…because I did not want to be the one rejected….and there’s more;

[1:17:38 AM]

David Williams: BIble;  “SEE ISRAEL”

[1:17:52 AM]


[1:18:17 AM]

David Williams: no one “forced” them to sign a mortgage and commit fraud

[1:18:31 AM]

David Williams: they were lazy …and didn’t read the contract

[1:18:40 AM]

David Williams: I was guilty until age 40

[1:18:44 AM]

David Williams: but i changed

[1:19:27 AM]

David Williams: MAXIM;  “the pen is mightier than the sword”

[1:19:37 AM]

David Williams: so learn the ways of the pen…and not the sword

[1:21:08 AM]

David Williams: i recently had a friend tell me …”you’re like a sniper or clean up man…sent behind enemy lines to clean up the s*(t

[1:21:41 AM]

David Williams: even the courts couldn’t believe it….they watched

[1:21:58 AM]

David Williams: but most around me went to prison, because they wanted to change the system

[1:22:07 AM]

David Williams: I am not here to change them….I am here to change me….and I am looking for others of like mind…as it says…”For LASTING PEACE, men of good will must unite and organize.    Am I looking for “bad will”….i.e. sloth and laziness and people that refuse to study; and people that refuse to “go to peace”.

[1:22:31 AM]

David Williams: I understood that peace was the answer

[1:23:13 AM]

David Williams: and that even those wearing uniforms are just as ignorant as everyone else….but they are still my ‘BREATH-REN”

[1:24:14 AM]

David Williams: I dont’ like the system or the misrepresentation…but I do understand why people must be governed when they refuse to self-govern

[1:24:39 AM]

Dario Busch: yep, I want peace too, I hear you,  but after all that sinks in the heads… what is the solution we can offer Joe so we can make money and get Joe out of the jam and keep him in his house even if temporarily? There are 300,000 foreclosures a month originated

[1:24:48 AM]

David Williams: it is crueler than i think it should be…and I have a lot of questions for the Creator….but that comes later

[1:25:50 AM]

David Williams: you are placing attacks on the system…because banks are AGENTS OF THE SYSTEM …. they are watching what you do, even now.  I know you are monitored….but don’t think for one instance that I am not monitored ….every single day and every single key stroke

[1:26:41 AM]

Dario Busch: I know they are watching, that’s why compliance is paramount

[1:27:01 AM]

Dario Busch: compliance has always been paramount

[1:27:19 AM]

David Williams: so what if people lose a house and have to move….it is not the end of the world

[1:28:32 AM]

Dario Busch: I always play by the rules, even though they don’t  I play by the rules, laws, codes, case law, etc. But what I see as obvious you are rocking and that is what I need to find the ultimate solution, which i think you and me can provide to a number of people

[1:28:33 AM]

David Williams: the problem is paradigms….KNOWLEDGE IS SUPREME AND THE MOST VALUABLE COMMODITY ON THIS PLANET.…..Ignorance is dangerous and is the least valuable commodity on this planet…..BUT, people love buying stupid and being stupid…stupid sells on the order of billions, if not trillions per day, globally just watch TV; people love stupid….rape, murder, incest, adultery, sports(distraction), gladiators, wrestling, boxing, bloodsport, massive car crashes from guys driving 500 miles in a circle, solving the murder with CSI American Idolatry….TURNED OVER to the worship of their ‘STARS”; sports stars, movie Stars, music Stars, Political Stars, Rock Stars, Wrestling Stars,…..entertainment, mood altering and mind-numbing nonsense….. because they are either lazy or believe that IGNORANCE IS BLISS…..well Welcome to EARTH….a planet of complete and utter bliss.

[1:29:11 AM]

David Williams: And…..playing by “whose rules”….? their rules???  they change the rules for slaves

[1:29:44 AM]

David Williams: but not among the family of nations via the law/treaty of nations

[1:29:48 AM]

David Williams: that does not change….not for those that have STANDING and keep Honor

[1:30:01 AM]

David Williams: and is actually more unforgiving for making screw ups at the international level….as it states in international law: “silent acquiescence in breach of a treaty, BINDS an entire Nation” …so if the “head of state” dishonors and messes up.. then, he binds the entire nation of people

[1:31:09 AM]

Dario Busch: yep, their rules, screwed up world we live in, but in the meantime, what about Joe Shmoe?

[1:31:53 AM]

David Williams: joe needs to repent for his laziness and ignorance

[1:32:01 AM]

David Williams: maxim hasn’t changed; “the PRICE OF FREEDOM IS CONSTANT VIGILENCE”

[1:32:34 AM]

David Williams: constant….all the time

[1:32:38 AM]

David Williams: everyday

[1:32:42 AM]

David Williams: every hour

[1:32:52 AM]

David Williams: this is a dangerous planet to live on

[1:33:13 AM]

David Williams: lots of ignorant, dishonorable, selfish idiots running around

[1:33:31 AM]

David Williams: that would cut your throat open for 100.00 usd

[1:33:50 AM]

David Williams: millions of them….if not billions

[1:34:10 AM]

David Williams: just give them the right circumstances and see where their honor is

[1:34:39 AM]

David Williams: you have about what ….18 people lying about you and selling you down the river right now, don’t you?  and, the US is using those lying idiot drug addicts to help send you away for 60 years….now that’s your average “joe shmoe”….and you want to help that?   You think that their dishonor doesn’t stick to you?   Why are they all lying about you?  Fear?   Afraid of telling the truth because Uncle Sam’s Club will “club” them?  “be in this world, but not of it”…..I found the way to “create a new world” right in the International law, because yahweh made them leave it there.   and, THEY know it. tell me Dario…how many dishonorable little cretins are you dealing with right now that call themselves “Americans”?  I will not be in collusion with that.  How many “joe shmoes” are selling you down the river, right now as I type?

[1:34:42 AM]

David Williams: ???

[1:35:33 AM]

Dario Busch: 13

[1:34:56 AM]

David Williams: and, all for what?  Ancient Maxim:  DO NOT GIVE CREDIT, WHERE CREDIT IS NOT DUE….people must earn respect on this planet… is not just given

[1:36:30 AM]

David Williams: and the system is cold…. THEY give respect when earned under extreme conditions ….to see where honor lies

[1:37:24 AM]

David Williams: I told THEM in court….all of them and

THEM….that THEY and they were my breathren

[1:37:52 AM]

David Williams: the same people have been in power for 4000 years

[1:38:29 AM]

David Williams: contrary to David icke and the new age ‘consciousness  idiots….THEY, who are in control… are not afraid of the masses

[1:38:36 AM]

David Williams: THEY know how to control them

[1:38:50 AM]

David Williams: what they never know is the ANAMOLY

[1:39:06 AM]

David Williams: it comes out of nowhere….but not to change them or the system

[1:39:17 AM]

David Williams: but those it touches

[1:39:57 AM]

David Williams: those people in the MATRIX that “came out” and went to Zion…they were all anomalies…not just Neo.   Morpheus, Trinity….even the Oracle.

[1:40:22 AM]

David Williams: 250,000 people out of billions

[1:41:30 AM]

David Williams: i wish it were different….but Joe Shmoe is too worried about wearing cheese on his head while watching a bunch of dudes called “Packers” throw a leather ball around

[1:41:57 AM]

David Williams: they buy the lies and they buy the “ENTER-TAIN-MENT”

[1:42:07 AM]

David Williams: enter or inter means to ‘BURY”

[1:42:18 AM]

David Williams: TAIN means to “seize or capture”

[1:42:27 AM]

David Williams: and Ment is Mint is Mind

[1:42:52 AM]

David Williams: THEY captured the “minds of the masses…..and BURIED them”

[1:43:11 AM]

David Williams: while ‘TELLING them A VISION”

[1:43:45 AM]

David Williams: with TELL-A-VISION Programming….to program the masses

[1:44:03 AM]

David Williams: this stuff is not a mystery

[1:45:11 AM]

David Williams: you want the problem in a nutshell……watch this

[1:42:09 AM]

Dario Busch: I agree, all that needs to be tough in detail, but you are getting stuck in exposing the problem (which is necessary) when we need both the immediate and the long term solution NOW?

[1:45:11 AM]

David Williams:  I have the solution Dario….you are the one that has been preaching the problems without a solution, which is why they came after you; and you just got out of prison a month ago and still have not signed up on my website: MATRIX SOLUTIONS…..what do I have to do “spoon feed” you like a baby….?????   Stop bitchin’ and get off your butt and LEARN…stopping a stupid foreclosure is not a solution.  In 2 years, with inflation coming, people will need to earning 20k per month.  How is stopping their “house foreclosure” going to fix that problem?

[2:06:14 AM]

Dario Busch: ok, I will watch this




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