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Mandatory Reading – Animal Farm – George Orwell

by | Mar 8, 2010 | Archived Material, March 2010

The sad story of all free societies

Based on feedback from the 1984 post, we’ve decided to make available the second most popular book by Orwell, Animal Farm.

This book is a bit more light-hearted than 1984, but the point is no less serious.  It chronicles the birth of a free society and the death of the same society to tyranny at the hands of the educated, and all within the lifespan of an animal or two, so the process is accelerated.  All the elements are there.  The initial free-thinker who dreams up the society plants the seed, and the usurpers quickly pervert a good idea into what the society was originally created to prevent.

If you follow this story with open eyes, you’ll see why almost all societies go this way.  You can listen along with the reader while you drive, or throw it on your iPod and go for a jog.

Orwell was a highly educated man who saw the writing on the wall many years before the wall was built.  Learn from his wisdom…




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