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Mandatory Reading – Fahrenheit 451

by | Jan 27, 2011 | Archived Material, January 2011

I was recently sent an article that originated in the UK.  I forwarded it to Gary (who you have previously heard in other presentations).  He read it and we discussed the article at length.  It is a great review of part of the history of the United States, the agendas, and the technology that is helping to push the agenda forward.

There is no need to belabor the point in this blog.  Gary and I discussed the issue pretty thoroughly.  As always, I do try to find an image that will convey the concepts of the material.  In this case, the book Fahrenheit 451 has been reprinted so many times that finding the “right” image wasn’t easy.  But, this image states in the middle; “What if you did not have the right to read?”

This was a key issue in “my path”.  As I have mentioned; I moved to St. Kitts in 1999 as part of my original exit strategy from the jurisdiction of the United States.  At that time, I had no clue that Nation-State Jurisdiction is all about contracts and agreements; and that leaving the geography of the US to move to St. Kitts did not “get me out”.   What became most important was the move back to the geography; because I quickly found out that there is no Law Libraries on that island.

It was an immediate lesson is what “we take for granted”.  I had to move back because, although the people of St. Kitts may have the right to read; they have no access to the knowledge.   It is the access to knowledge and to new information that helped “change my level of thinking”.  And for this, I am eternally grateful.

Below in the resource section is the download of the entire article in Microsoft Word ’97 along with copies of the book for you to read.

Enjoy the Presentation; after the 2 bonus vids….dpw




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