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Matrix Solutions Update – July 2012

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Archived Material, July 2012


This is the first blog that I have had a chance to do in a month.  My father died on Friday, 2 weeks ago.  I was in Florida in meetings with Delegates from Uganda; when I got the call.   This interrupted my travel plans and meetings, which had to be set aside and continued later.  “Later” is not and I am back on the road…literally.   This trip will last 3 weeks and take me from NC to Florida to Atlanta, back to the NC mountains.  Then I have business meetings in Knoxville.  From Knoxville, I go to Los Angeles, San Jose, Lake Taho, and then Albuquerque for the TESLA TECH CONFERENCE from July 27 to 30.

So, things are very busy.

But, the good news is that the archiving is done on the website and ready to go to DVD production….soon.  Then, we will ramp up a radio campaign to market the DVDs and start initiating a more systematic way for people (that claim to want out of the MATRIX) to “deprogram and reprogram”.  A new website will come from this, and will be geared only to International Business and Law; and current events.

Lastly, although I have been unable to carve out much time to post, I have been able to record.  The material has been edited over the past 3 to 4 weeks and will be coming out very soon….like at the bottom of this blog.  The audio below is about “money”.  Tim Madden and I talk again about what happens in banking, mortgages, safe deposit boxes, and other asundry topics that relate to dealing with and “being in this World”.  The audio is about 30 minutes.  Enjoy.




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