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Mindset: Abilities For The 4-Hour Workweek

by | Feb 17, 2011 | Archived Material, February 2011

Listen to the 3-minute teaser (above)…the rest is below

In the Golden Oldie Blog of last Wednesday, I mentioned that “New Topics” were coming.   Among those topics are “mindset” and “life-skills training”.   Aaron put up the audiobook; THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK.  Many people are commenting to me privately about this book and how it is radically changing their mindset about business.  If you haven’t downloaded it; please do.

To go along with this book I am posting THE 5 ABILITIES by Jim Rohn.  Jim Rohn was a very popular success trainer, life-skills coach, and speaker.   I have listened to his material for years.  I believe that the abilities discussed in this audio presentation are critical in exercising the Right of Self-Determination and also living a happy, productive life.  The quality of the audio is not the greatest.  In fact, to listen to the audio below you will have to click download and either save it to your desktop or play it in another player.  The audio player here is MP3 and will not play .wav files.  But, when I tried to convert the .wav to .mp3, the quality got even worse.  However, the quality of the information and its impact of making a change in thought processes is invaluable.






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