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Mindset of the Elite

by | May 11, 2011 | Archived Material, May 2011

To be unbound you must know the mindset of who or what is binding you.


The website has moved to new servers and this has caused 2 glitches in the system.  Both will be rectified shortly.  Due to these glitches, I have had to hold off posting material.  This has been unfortunate because there is much material in queue.  Additionally, it has delayed the start of webinars and radio spots.


But, I can no longer wait.  Although the content management software crashed; I am going to attempt to put up a long awaited blog.  I have mentioned several times that I would post material related to an Elite Family Banker passing his Financial Dynasty to his son.  The purpose is to understand how THEY view the world and what they do; so that “we” can know what it is that we must do and why we must do it.




It’s all about understanding mindset; both theirs and your own so that you/we can know what corrections to adopt in order to apply a counterbalance in order to exercise Self-Determination and exercise self-governance properly, without repeating mistakes of the past.  The biggest mistake is DEBT.   The maxim that the “borrower is slave to the lender” is true for Nations/States has well as the individual.


This presentation is not designed to commend nor condemn the Banking Elite, or anyone else, for their “reasoning” about how they operate.   It is designed to develop a deeper comprehension of how THIS MATRIX works, so that SOLUTIONS are applied properly.  What will be covered in the next blogs will be more discussion on what sort of mindset one must adopt to move forward and become an “overcomer” by accepting TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY.


Why is this important?  Well, the main reason is that the “system” is not going to go away.  As revealed in the scene: WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS in the movie: MATRIX…”most people are so dependent on the system, they will fight to defend it”.  It is a violation to change those that don’t want change against their will.  Therefore, we are not here to change their system….but to change ourselves.


Included in this presentation is a clip from the movie: IRON MAN.  That clip is designed to reinforce Senate Resolution #62 passed by the US Congress in 1933.  It is blatant how THEY or the MATRIX system is actually telling everyone the truth about their “citizenship” agreements and what it means to agree to be governed by “REPRESENTATIVES” that turn people into cattle and “mere users”….ie. slaves.



If you’re interested in true freedom that comes from assuming Total Responsibility, Assuming your Separate and Equal Station, understanding why you should seek to acquire Immunity, and seek out others of like-mind committed to Self-governance; then although some of what is covered in this A/V may be (at first) unpalatable…it is IMPERATIVE to understand what “we” are up against and how THEY think.


You have most likely heard me say that “people have no clue what they are up against”.  Reading through this pdf, or reading along and studying it while I go through portions of the document (downloadable below) should cement in your mind the level of thinking that will be required of “all of us” to break free of the MATRIX Controls and apply the SOLUTION of the Right of Self-Determination.


It is the only “key” throughout time that has worked.  The Right of Self-Determination is the reason that every Nation/State or Separate Society exist on this planet, today.  It worked for the Israelites.  It worked for the People of the United States governing over the United States of America.  It has worked for all “states” that chose to accept this obligation…and without whole-heartedly accepting THE OBLIGATION…you don’t get the RIGHT.


LAW OF NATIONS: “In this treatise it will appear, in what manner States, as such, ought to regulate all their actions. We shall examine theobligations of a people as well towards themselves as towards other nations; and by that means we shall discover the Rights which result from these obligations.”


(Read/study Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the preliminaries on the LAW OF NATIONS)



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