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Never Do This Comments

by | Sep 27, 2010 | Archived Material, September 2010

The video about the “So-called Sovereign dude” (the Canadian) seems to be a hit on the Internet.   It has also aroused some attention on MATRIX SOLUTIONS.    The comments are good feedback because I see that many people are beginning to see the extent of the MATRIX PROGRAMMING and the extent of the Silent Weapons Technology that has been used to control masses of people.

I want to extend general thanks to those that are commenting on the material.   Check out my A/V commentary at the bottom.

Most, if not all, members/ students have been affected and infected with this Programming; and breaking the false paradigms (rabbit holes) of the System are not easy.  In fact, the “Silent Weapons” manual states that the ability to break free of the Silent Weapons Technology and methods of control  for anyone subjected, will not be easy.  Based on the comments, many are either have broken those paradigms or are deeply in the process.

Again, thanks to those that are commenting.  It is helpful and it actually creates more material; because it always draws my mind to things that need to be discussed that have not been, as yet.

To that end, the next 2 blogs are going to be responses to comments on the site.  The thing that I am finding that I like about these responses is that it triggers in my mind the actual experiences that I had along the way; in testing this system to find the DOORWAY out of the system and find Immunity.

I want to mention one thing about that youtube video.  I discovered that he (the alleged Sovereign with the ponytail) is probably going back to court.   It was posted on the youtube video 2 days ago.  Then it was removed.  Either way, he had no standing; so it’s a matter of time.   As stated in the first blog: NEVER DO THIS; men get arrested due to warrants for this type of activity.

From the Comments:

aequitate says:

A few things to add of note…

1) In Canada, the judge bows every time he enters and leaves the court­room. I find this con­sis­tently ignored in the dis­cus­sion of this video. It is a mat­ter of procedure.

2) He claimed the birth cer­tifi­cate. You bring a claim, you’ve got the liability.

3) The judge called a recess, and then he declared the judge had aban­doned and “claimed” the court­room… Isn’t that an act of war? The judge did not aban­don by call­ing a recess. Again, an act of stan­dard pro­ce­dure, which the judge is well within his rules / guide­lines / etc to do.

Just some ran­dom thoughts. This sit­u­a­tion is some­what nearby, so I will hear from some mutual acquain­tances if / when he is back in orange again.

REPLY FROM David Williams

Back in orange again, huh?   Thanks for the com­ments; aequitate

Okay, ques­tion: is this video all over the Internet or some­thing? This seg­ment is the only reply or com­ment that I have made about it. And that was because some mem­bers had sent it to me for my opin­ion. Oth­er­wise; this is Patriot Rab­bit Hole dribble.

Your state­ments about the judge and proper pro­to­col are accu­rate. And, whether this guy claimed the birth cer­tifi­cate or not is not that rel­e­vant. He has never exer­cised the Right of Self-Determination to “come out” of the State that he BELONGS to. He claimed to be “admin­is­ter­ing” THEIR TRUST. There­fore, he is either a cit­i­zen, res­i­dent, national, alien, or state­less. All of those posi­tions carry with them granted civil rights, and NO IMMUNITY as Aaron and I dis­cussed in the new video at the bot­tom of the blog: NEVER DO THIS. Be sure to watch the 23 minutes.

That man is not SOVEREIGN. Sov­er­eignty is cre­ated and then Assumed Among the Pow­ers of the Earth. And, peo­ple had bet­ter learned how its cre­ated. Time is of the essence and it will run out on North Amer­i­cans. THEY are clos­ing the door.

The only rea­son; and I mean the only rea­son, that I com­mented on that video is because I tire of see­ing peo­ple get­ting sucked into doing stu­pid, use­less NONSENSE that gets them tossed into THE PRIZE-ZONE (prison). And, the only rea­son that I still get these types of videos sent to me is because peo­ple want the EZ BUTTON. They don’t want to have to pledge and while they agree that the Right of Self Deter­mi­na­tion is the “right way”; many still have what I call the “yeah, BUT(t)” Syndrome.

And I am work­ing on a “From the Mail­bag” Blog that is going to put an end to the “yeah, but Syn­drome” on Matrix Solu­tions. See, the “yeah, but” con­ver­sa­tion will nor­mally go like this with me; “Well, I know that you’re right…and that we don’t have any rights.…and I see what you are say­ing about the 9 cases of case law where they are IMMUNE from what they do to THEIR citizens.…and I know that I’ve never pledged my life, for­tune, and honor to any­thing… and I know that I have no rec­og­nized or rec­og­niz­able IMMUNITY.….and I know accord­ing to the Leiber Code that the US is already under mar­tial rule…and I know that Con­gress passed Sen­ate Res­o­lu­tion 62 and estab­lished Trust #62 whereby “all prop­erty belongs to the State” and I am only a “mere user” of the United States’ property.…..BUT(t)

This is utterly double-minded. I do these types of pre­sen­ta­tions in hopes that I can assist in keep­ing some peo­ple out of the GRAY-BAR HOTEL. And, I am and have been devel­op­ing some­thing of a track record with help­ing peo­ple “go to peace” with the sys­tem, thereby avoid­ing the pain asso­ci­ated with the “writhing victim”.

I just helped Dario Busch and went to the Boli­vian and Mex­i­can Embassies; where Bolivia’s Embassy ended up fol­low­ing the Treaty Pro­to­cols, which assisted get­ting Dario’s sit­u­a­tion dropped (and he was look­ing at 60 years in that GRAY-BAR HOTEL, BTW). Of course, I told him upfront that if he was a US cit­i­zen or some “Amer­i­can” that I could not help him.

How­ever, there are at least 4 other mem­bers on the site that I have helped in avoid­ing the pain that comes from tum­bling down the Legal Rab­bit Hole. Lady Jus­tice is blind and with good rea­son. Amer­i­cans or US Cit­i­zens have “granted civil rights” that can be “un-granted” at any time. This is why you must “PLEAD” in THEIR courts.…i.e. beg.

This is true in Canada as well. I don’t know whether you know this, but due to your Queen doing a cor­po­rate shuf­fle with her “states”; Canada is now under the United States and the UK. I have seen it in Canada’s Bond Fil­ings with the US SEC.

Any­way, thanks for the com­ments. Allow me to be spe­cific about your points now…

1) Okay; why is this “bow­ing thing” impor­tant? Are there other peo­ple mak­ing com­ments that the Judge “bowed” for some other rea­son? You are cor­rect. It is pro­ce­dure and THEY fol­low it to the tee. It’s a mil­i­tary court…even in Canada. In the video that Aaron and I did as a com­ple­ment to the blog: NEVER DO THIS (about this youtube pony­tail dude’s video); Aaron talked about mil­i­tary pro­to­cols between offi­cers and enlisted men. If the Enlisted Man or Woman salutes an Offi­cer; the Offi­cer is duty bound to salute back.

2) Claimed the “birth cer­tifi­cate”? So what? Unless you have IMMUNITY; you can claim it, or not claim it.…it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. With­out Stand­ing, every­thing else is a moot point; and that man has no Stand­ing. But, based on what you wrote; do you know whether or not this man has been in prison before? You men­tioned “orange” .…AGAIN.…?

3) Yep…the Judge called “recess”. He did not “aban­don the court­room”. Peo­ple act like these Judges are scared and don’t know what’s going on. It’s the Judge’s court­room; and the other mon­key (pony­tail dude_ is in TRESPASS.

Maybe the Judge had “to go”; who knows. Anyway.…..

Look for an upcom­ing blog that will prob­a­bly be titled some­thing like.….“THE END OF THE YEAH…BUTs”. I have had it with this “happy hope” that peo­ple seem to cling to.…knowing that they have NO IMMUNITY from the onslaught that they are facing.

EXTREME TIMES CALL FOR EXTREME KNOWLEDGE. There is only “one door” and ONE KEY that fits that door. STANDING is the ONLY ISSUE. There is noth­ing else.

But, I am on a steeper learn­ing curve about “human nature” at the moment. I would very highly sug­gest read­ing WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR by Dan Mill­man. Don’t watch the movie…read the book. Whether peo­ple like it or not.…it is only “this path” that will help them endure the knowl­edge down­load nec­es­sary to “step forward”.

This “Government-is-God” sys­tem has made cow­ards of mil­lions of peo­ple. Here’s an excerpt from SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS.…”

The Polit­i­cal Struc­ture of a Nation — Depen­dency: The pri­mary rea­son why the indi­vid­ual cit­i­zens of a coun­try cre­ate a polit­i­cal struc­ture is a sub­con­scious wish or desire to per­pet­u­ate their own depen­dency rela­tion­ship of child­hood. Sim­ply put, they want a human god to elim­i­nate all risk from their life, pat them on the head, kiss their bruises, put a chicken on every din­ner table, clothe their bod­ies, tuck them into bed at night, and tell them that every­thing will be alright when they wake up in the morning.

Many, many of the mem­bers on this site, are very dif­fer­ent than that. I just had a call from the rep­re­sen­ta­tive of eight men that are ready to start form­ing “their own state”. Already sent off the first round of doc­u­ments. Do you know how rare it is for peo­ple to actu­ally to move for­ward with a Solu­tion ver­sus wait­ing for some­one else “to do it for them”?

The next mate­r­ial com­ing out will be to reply on the Mem­ber Com­ments made last week on the ELEMENTS OF ECCLESIASTICAL LAW. This is already under­way. I am going to be com­ment­ing on the excerpts ref­er­enced in that book.…and adding to it with even more mate­r­ial, includ­ing SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS.

So aequi­tate .…know­ing that the “sys­tem” is mov­ing for­ward toward Mar­tial law at a greatly accel­er­ated pace;(and pass­ing more and more leg­is­la­tion to con­trol and sub­ject peo­ple, do you get the feel­ing that peo­ple have NO CLUE what they’re up against with that subject-debtor-slave “cit­i­zen­ship” position?

All the best,

David Williams





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