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Never Do This

by | Sep 19, 2010 | Archived Material, September 2010

his blog is based on our Comments Section on the Site.  Names and emails are deleted to protect the privacy of the questioner.

The question relates to a “Patriot Mythology YouTube Video” that we were asked about in the Comments Section of the Matrix Solutions.  This is a topic that I believe that everyone should at least know about, in the unlikely case that you have ever contemplated doing such Patriot Fallacy.

IN ADDITION, we have made an Audio-Visual Review at the bottom of this blog, to elaborate on certain elements within that might not be so easy to understand.  I will state this right up front; please watch the YouTube vid….but NEVER DO THIS.


David, Would it be possible to view this video and comment on what is transpiring here?  Would certainly appreciate it.


Oh yes….I was just sent this yesterday by someone else.   And yes, we did all of this; and then some.  But, we did not do anything from “his position” or his “lack of standing”.

In that case on the YouTube video, no one appeared for the “Trust” called Keith…. (whatever the full name is).    So, the case is not dismissed, no matter what this “Keith” thinks.  Keith had an entourage with him; the judge did not want to make a public scene.  The rest of the court that was not part of Keith’s entourage will simply think that “those people are crazy”.

Please watch the video if you didn’t.  It’s short.

I was around other men who did this stuff all the time.   What the “court-system” will do now is wait.   They have great patience.   They are going to review all of his bank records, his SSN records, his mortgage and loan records, his school records, his children’s records, his driving record, any license that he may have ever held, any permit that he may have ever gotten, etc.

I have seen them wait for 2 years in matters like this.  Remember who the lion is here.

So what did “Keith” do wrong here?

1) He used the term “administrator.   “Administrator” means “Agent” and the Judge knows it.   As Administrator, Keith has Contract with the United States.  That Contract takes away all IMMUNITY and all Exemption and leaves you at the mercy of the Court/Judge.

Keith saying that he is the “Administrator of the Account”is just a word-game.  Look at the word.  You are “ministering” their Trust.   Ministers are Agents.  Plus, it is not “Keith’s trust”. The United States is the grantor.  He is the trustee-administrator-holder-agent-middleman, or whatever.   He is “using it” so;  IT DOES NOT MATTER.

In the IRS Code at Title 26 Section 672: the trustee/beneficial-holder/agent is the Adverse Party.  This means adverse to the Grantor.  This is perfectly rational, because they made the term fit the “party of use” since the United States President made all American enemies of the United States by Executive Order over 60 years ago.

2) He appeared for the trust because that is who the mail was sent to or “who/what” the case was filed against.   In addition, he handed them paperwork and he told them that the paperwork was “who they were looking for”.   If he is not the A-gent; then how would he know who they are looking for.

Until that Judge closes that accounting ledger of the CASE within the PORT that is on the DOCK-IT, then they have a Rogue Admiralty Vessel that has “run amok”; and someone it “using it”.    That vessel that they have charged is called KEITH; but it is the Captain of the Vessel that is responsible.  If he is steering the vessel; he is Captain/Agent of the Vessel.

THEY grant, he operates or “administrates”.  Keith is guilty of “usury” due to his “use” of THEIR trust.  That trust is “capitalized and capitolized” to raise “capitol/capital” at a rate of 9 to 1 in “equity-debt money”.   But, 9 to 1 is “not equitable”. Therefore, without the Variation by Agreement and Immunity, Keith’s hands are “not clean”. He is guilty of inequity; which proves his “in-iquiteis”.   (Diction remember….Juris-Diction).

Without “immunity” and a Variation by Agreement in place; Kevin will eventually end up “using” one or more of the “slave-benefits” of his “master because he is not “exempt”.  Exempt means “immune”.

It almost does not matter what Keith does because the man is belligerent and the US and Canada are going to make these sort of people: Stateless.   Then, the Master will pounce on the “subject-citizen” or “Stateless-Alien” for his “un-peaceful and arrogant” MANNER.

When this occurs…the punishments will escalate.

There is an ancient maxim that goes like this: “POWER takes as ingratitude the writhing of its victim”.   IN OTHER WORDS, if you’re in the lion’s den and in the lion’s mouth about to be torn apart….don’t wiggle.   Only makes the pain worse.

However, THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION is found in Treaties within the area called: PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES.   This is about the “right of exile” when you can find no redress from the “State that you belong to”.   But, “exile” is really no longer an option or necessary.  For thousands of years, “it” has been too violent or…”Un-peaceful”.  This is why they killed the EXILE in the MATRIX movie.  Through a “rite of passage and trial by fire”…the KEY was passed from the EXILE/KEYMAKER to Neo.  Neo means “new”….as in a “new way” or a “new door”.   As the ORACLE said: “You’ve seen in haven’t you…in your dreams….the door made of light”?

At the very end of the Matrix Trilogy, the character Serif (Seraphim) ask a question of the “all-knowing, aall-seeing and all powerful” Oracle.   He asked her: ….”did you always know”?

He meant the outcome.  Did the Oracle know the outcome of what would happen when Neo went to the city for the Peace Agreement; and the World would change and the Architect would reboot the Matrix….but with Zion being intact and not destroyed?

The Oracle replied…”Oh no.  No.  But….I believed”.

Conclusion:  The man in that video is going to prison.  He is a belligerent, combatant, enemy of the State that he “belongs to”.  NEVER…and I repeat NEVER do what this gentleman did.   Being a “citizen” at this time, if the U.S. decides to “remove his citizenship” and he becomes “stateless”; then the government can ship him off to Guantanamo Bay or any other facility as a Domestic Terrorist.

Many nations will follow the lead of the U.S.  It is time to become “the Nation”.


Whatever is built from this Point (going forward); must be built on Peace.   I went to peace with the United States four years ago.  They write to me as Ambassador-at-Large.

But, I don’t stop working on “setting up” the next State that is going to “come out of the matrix”.  And, this cannot be done alone and many people are going to have to “play catch up” on the learning curve to “get to Self-Governance”.  I am close…maybe closer than I think.  I have immunity by Agreement.

But, that’s not enough.  Everyone that wants to come through the “new door” into a “neo-society” of Peace must possess the KEY.  This is not only possible…it is IMPERATIVE.

Some people are reading and studying diligently.  Many people call upon their request to speak with me.  Others are writing with questions; for which I am grateful…just as I am grateful for your request.

It took me six years to figure it out, and then become Ambassador and get recognized Immunity. It took help and research of others, in addition to my own.  It took “testing all things”, making mistakes, and much trial and error to Conceptualize a SOLUTION.   Part of “my job”, now, is to help others that want out to “compress their learning curve”.

With economics being what they are, many don’t have as much time.  So, I’m in record and edit mode; because audio-visual is the only way to compress and collapse the time frames for as many as will reach for the “new door”.

I understand “walking the path” and that “time is always of the essence”.  But, just know that it could take 9 months or a year; or even 2 years to get up to the level of knowledge where you are truly ready to Self-govern.

But, Right Knowledge combined with Right Action is the Key and it always has been.  If you will seize the Knowledge, then Act on that Knowledge, and then teach your Posterity….then exercising the Right of Self-Determination is the way to Peace.  It is the Peaceful Settlement with this “LEGAL MATRIX”.

All the best,

David Williams





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