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New Year Power Conference

by | Jan 14, 2011 | Archived Material, January 2011

Well, we kicked off last week by coming out with 3 powerful blogs and a very good teaching session in the first week of the New Year.  And, I had intended to follow those with more on Friday and over the weekend.

Plans are what get changed when life gets in the way.

The plan got derailed due to an injury last Friday morning.   And, of course, the injury was my own fault, since I did it working out.  It wasn’t major, but it included a lot of soreness in the knees, shoulder, jaw, mouth, nose, and chin.  It also got me some stitches in the lower lip.  So, talking has not been a pleasant experience.

I spent the week convalescing. I am still a little sore and the mouth is better.  Yesterday, the stitches come out.  So after “the delay,” it’s back to work on education and getting the site ready for change and learning a webinar system.

The audio below is what I would call a “power conference”.  It was recorded just before the first of the year and intended for last Friday. Technically, it is still just after the New Year and this was sitting “in queue”.  So, rather than change the name; I am just adding the personal update.  Time to move forward.

Good Afternoon…and Happy New Year (according to some calendars around the planet).

If you participated in the Holidays, in whatever manner…then let me say that I hope that all went well and that if you gathered with family and friends; you had great celebrations.

But, with these gathering times ended and this “new year” starting; those of us that are dedicated to education, freedom, and “getting out of the system by breaking collusion with the unrighteous throne” know that it’s time for a different kind of gathering.  This means with people that are truly of like-mind.  And, from that come “power conversations” like the audio below.

This call was between myself and someone that I met in July that worked in banking with the Bancroft Family (that’s Bank-craft, if you understand that names still have a meaning).  He also worked for the US Census bureau as y0u will hear.

Finally, before moving to the audio; there is a book link for a book on social compacts written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1761.  This is a must-read for all interested in understanding how to form a social contract/compact and self-govern.  Also, there is a link to what is considered Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s most valuable book on Education, called Emile.



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