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Nipping this one Quickly

by | Aug 3, 2011 | Archived Material, August 2011

I am back from traveling yet again.  No mas, i.e. no more traveling for a while.  It’s beautiful in the NC mountains on the 106 acres that I have mentioned, but I am exhausted now.  Plus, we have much ground to cover and not the least of which is more nonsense from the “Patriot Constitutional Remedy” promoters. I received at least 5 emails with the following YouTube presentation:

I recorded an Audio-Visual “rebuttal”  of this rhetoric 2 days ago (edited yesterday, and publishing now).  Since the recording the total number of hits has gone up by 28%; which means that it will likely go viral among the “Sovereign Citizen Domestic Terrorist Movement” that is intent on trying to usurp and claim rights from a contract to which they are not a party.

Once again, this is a simple matter of not reading; or being able to read a document correctly, based on a false paradigm.  This will produce the same eventuality and outcome as always…A DRAGNET.  The dragnet will lead to more people being arrested and put into prison…and more people becoming angry and enraged that “the Powers that Be” have “stolen their rights” and “their Nation or Country”.  Nothing could be further from the truth; and the information outlined in the A/V (below) outlines the fallacies and false foundations of “Individual American Sovereignty and Freedom”.

This Blog is going to be quickly followed up by an audio-only presentation to “nip this even further”.  Stay Tuned.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4




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