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Passport Methodologies

by | Oct 27, 2010 | Archived Material, October 2010

This is from the Mailbag.   As a plus, I am going to read the post in audio to elaborate on the information covered.   So, you can read first or go to the bottom and listen.  Reading the blog first and then listen…would be the best method to “lock in this presentation”.

There are links to Hague Conventions that everyone needs to know; in particular to Understand process and procedure for “service” or being “served” outside the jurisdiction of the United States or to whatever State you currently belong, as a resident-citizen-national-foreign national or alien within the territory of a foreign Nation-state.

From: “LateNiteEnt”

Date: 10/27/10 01:22:02

To: David

Subject: passport methodologies

So from my understanding David, you are recommending to use our own Estate Passports per the United Nations Charter, similar to the World Passport Authority? In Lieu of, proclaiming yourself as a US National with The DOS (Department of State), a non-citizen, but allegiance with the US?

You feel an exclusive sovereign estate passport pledged to the United Nations, will give us Superior standing, then US National Methods people have tried in the past? I thought a US National non-citizen had better standing than a subject citizen that is naturalized in the District.

Treaty Variance Agreement Passports have better standing than checking off US National on Passport?

Which type do want to use?

——-Original Message——-From David Williams
Date: 10/27/2010 8:28:31 AM
To: unknown
Subject: Re: passport methodologies

“We” use our own passports.  The Dominion has a land claim since 1990.  They submitted (presented/noticed) the UN via an Accession Document…to agree to adhere to the International conventions on the Rights of Road Travel.  Then they submitted an Adherence document.  Since protocol was Accession Document….mail and keep receipts thereof….since the timeline run is going to be 6 months.  With the UN, it is the secretariat general’s job (the office of) to send notice to all contracting States/nations or other “contracting or adhering International Juristic Persons”.   When the 6 months is up….if no one has made an objection (that is not “settled”)

…then the State/nation submits (presents) their Document of Adherence.   Once that is delivered, all parties who have not made a reservation within 30 days of receipt of the Adherence are thereby bound by the Convention treaty with respect to the “new Adhering State”.

Simple procedure really.   From the “nation/state/society” side (the Private Side called Private International law) acquiesce is pretty much the rule of the day.  The nations operate a lot with “silence” about the matters of a “state”.  And, since this is about “business” and nothing else but business; then we like the protocols of acquiescing in Private International Law.   Everyone “thinks” that acquiescence applies Universally.  It does not.  If you are a subject citizen debtor slave to “the King-state” that you “belong to”….then the King has no requirement to listen to the slave; and the slave cannot “default” the King or make the King “acquiesce”.  It is the “illusion” of sovereignty that has people’s head screwed up.  They don’t understand that “sovereignty” must be “created” via to pledge to build.  That’s what Sovereign do….they build nations/societies.  THEY do it dual-form; as Re-publics, THEY have one side that is private (them and their kids) and one side that is “public” (those that serve THEM and their KIDS).   (SEE: Res Publicae; the “public thing”)

THEY do it for their Posterity since the “nation-state” is the Ultimate Asset Protection Program.  In other words; “we are here to do private business at the Same Table as you other (private) Powers of the Earth..and we all agree “privately” to leave each other and our Posterities alone apart from our  private business dealings; whereby we are going to train our Posterity privately to privately Sit at the Private Table as well.”

Private International Law is where it’s at……
Public International Law
Private International Law
List of Conventions

I am running down an index of protocols (international and therefore national) on Extrajudicial Process or Service to the Foreign States (because of the video that you sent to me of the Moor….because this is how it’s supposed to roll)

Convention on Civil Procedure 
U.S Title 28 – Rule 4
28 U.S. Code § 1608

About the World Service Authority.  We have copies of their material….but they are doing it wrong.  They have no standing in International law; since they have no Treaty Position.   Unless you are dealing in Universal Principles; like the Right of Self-Determination, you must have Treaty Position to “invoke or call on the Treaty Position”.   The World Service Authority is a US 501C3 CORPORATION that is “licensed” by the US.

US Nationals are not “non-citizens”; which is why that “DRAGNET” does not work.  Nationals have only the same rights as citizens….Granted Civil Rights which can be ungranted.  But, you don’t “pledge” to the UN.  This is “private business” and what you do is “tell a Candid World what your Intent is”… Noticing THEM….privately.   Once the State is formed, it has a right to exist and to protect and conserve it’s existence.  This means that you can submit notices (or present Notices…a better terminology) to the UN.  You can do Accessions and Adherences…and I think it necessary.

But, you don’t necessarily have to do Accession docs to create and use your identification….because….due to the LAW OF NECESSITY and the fact that the “State” has the right to exist and to protect and conserve it’s existence….you really don’t want to be running around with “their ID” if you are “Separate”.   Their ID’s create “legal persona” (personas); which THEY grant standing in law to BE SUED.  But THEY don’t grant these legal personas the “standing/right” to sue…unless they are just suing another slave (i.e. Legal persona).

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as a US NATIONAL PASSPORT….and if there is, I have never seen it…and further, if there is such a passport it doesn’t “grant” anymore “civil rights” than are “granted” to “citizens, residents, and aliens”.People had better learn that the “Grantor” never loses control to the “Grantee”.   And, the Grantor always has “resources to Grant—pledge”.  Without that; how would the Grantor-Sovereign build anything for their Posterity?

Now…all that being said…I am not going to build the Dominion.  At least until I see that the founder learns a little more humility and becomes humble enough to let “those that understand” Private International Law…TO BUILD.   As you know, because you are part “of the crew” now….we have the connections to build and achieve recognition quickly.   But, I am not doing this with “uneducated people”.  Most people are looking for a “silver bullet” and the “Betty Crocker Easy button” whereby they “think” that they can just sign some piece of paper…and then they’re done.   Private International Law doesn’t work that way.  It’s not set up for idiots or the ignorant.  THEY will not tolerate it…which is why most tribal factions get “rolled over”.   They simply will not take the time to learn…and I know because I have met with 19 tribes…and they are a disaster.  They couldn’t “self-govern” if their lives depended on it.

And their lives and your life…do depend on being able to Self govern.   There is strong undertow now…to rip this area of the world apart, and send it plummeting into a chaotic Abyss.  I will not be in the way of it.  THEY have their strongholds to provide refuge..and I am working on mine/ours.

Please do the research on extra-judicial process.  It is a necessary International Protocol to “know” and Under-Stand.




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