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Patriots and their strange games

by | Jan 25, 2010 | Archived Material, January 2010

The anti-tax movement has spawned a huge number of well-intentioned people with highfalutin rhetoric about how the tax code in the US

The view from in here. Not pretty…

(and most of her allies) is purely voluntary and no citizen in the US needs to pay or file a return.  The interesting part of this argument is, on the surface, they’re right.  Sadly, the ones beating the IRS in court are the bait for the trap.

It has long been government practice (in all countries) to pass a law banning or mandating a practice, then allowing a certain amount of grace when it comes to the enforcement of that law, sometimes for years.  The discovery of the “tax fraud” is exactly that.  A dragnet…

Patriot mythology usually approaches a problem from a point of view of ignorance and scratches the surface until the next layer of paint is exposed.  Realizing the paint is different underneath, the patriot runs and shouts from the rooftops that the problem has been solved and we can all tell the government where to stick it.  Sadly, just a little more digging will reveal yet another coat of paint, and another, and another…

The long and short of it is this.  If you are a US citizen, and you decide to take part in the tax protests and refuse to file your returns based on the fact that a good number of people have succeeded, be prepared to spend time in a cell getting to know Tiny.  The main problem with the anti-tax crowd is, they stopped digging.  Don’t fall victim to this ruse.  It takes just a little more information to make sense of the fact that you, as a citizen, don’t have to pay taxes or file returns, but you as a banking agent, do…




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