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Proper Commercial Process

by | Aug 25, 2011 | Archived Material, August 2011

In the last couple of blogs, I said that I was done traveling for a while…that I had enough (no mas).  Well, I was wrong.  Due to a conference call I had on August 7, I had to leave for an unscheduled trip on August 8 and was gone for 9 days.  I got back last week, but have been extremely busy with other matters and concerns about doing Humanitarian Aid and keeping other people in place; as I (or “we) move forward in this quest to fully exercise Self-Determination and possibly provide sustainable communities in the United States…while at the same time, looking for and maintaining contact and negotiations outside the US.

Whew….a mouthful.

I am going to keep this short and sweet.  A friend and fellow member of Matrix Solutions that I have known for 3 years; is contending with a “rip-off scam” conducted by a FORD DEALERSHIP against his father.   He asked me for information on what to do to identify the damages and start a claims-process in order to rectify the situation for his dad.  This audiovisual is that process.  It is already posted on the Globalpreneurs Newsletter System, but I am reposting it here in a larger format; just in case.





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