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Quick Rebuttal to Patriot “non-solutions”

by | Jun 9, 2010 | Archived Material, June 2010

On Tue, Jun 8, 2010, at 8:37 PM, Matt  wrote:

I was doing some reading on a site which has “the informer” on it. He claims that the guy you used to work for ( or with ) stole his research. What say ye ? I am not accusing , just trying to find my way to the truth in the midst of all this.

Good morning Matt,

First of all…what research?   What is there to “steal”?   I don’t call this website “my research”.   The MATRIX SOLUTIONS website is about acquiring the mindset and education required to self-govern.   The right of self-determination is in the International Treaties and International Conventions.  I didn’t “research it” or “find it”.   Research involves exploration of things that are unknown, like sending out a probe to “explore” the universe and “find a conclusion” as to how things work and function.   “Researching laws and history” is not true “research”…it is merely detective work, but it should be geared toward finding a remedy for yourself and your Posterity to function at a higher Contract level among others; specifically the other “Powers of the Earth”.

All the codes, rules, and regs (and the history of such) that this alleged Informer writes about…are someone else’s copyrighted property.  And,  they were already here when he got here.  Again, “here” we go with someone’s massive ego.   So he found something…like I found some things that were already existent and prevailing in Law and the Construct of how things operate on this planet.  I didn’t find out anything that wasn’t already here and neither did he.

The question becomes two-fold….what’s he doing with his research?   And, how does this pertain to exercising the Right of Self-determination?  This so-called Informer has no research about getting out of the system by creating a new system for yourself and your Posterity via Self-determination or Self-governance.  So, he’s a failure on both counts.

Second, when this posting occurred, whereby this alleged Informer put this claim on his website….the gentleman in question contacted this so-called Informer five times.   I know because the gentleman in question copied me all emails between the two of them (i.e. the gentleman in question and this so-called Informer).  The “research” in question, which all came from public records, was actually found by the gentleman in question that the so-called Informer accused, because that gentleman (in question) had been in governmental office.

Even Walter Burien, who claims to have “found” the CAFRs got his “research” from the gentleman in question, here; but I can tell you, it was the gentleman in question (who had held an appointment governor’s office of a particular State in the United States) that uncovered the information.  Why?  Because he was on the inside at that point in time.

Btw….the gentleman in question was not my employer or boss. He had started a compact and an IGO….something that this gentleman obviously did not get from this Paytriot calling himself “THE INFORMER”.

Many that I have met so far in the PAYTRIOT movement have questionable integrity, in my opinion….and they have people that listen to them and follow them like sheep…which they fleece.   And, the proof is that everyone is still in the same condition after following some of these PAYTRIOTS for over 25, and sometimes 30+ years.

And, it is not much better among those that are trying to exercise Self-governance and Self-determination.  I have had to start over four times now, due to people’s (mainly MEN) flaming arrogance.

Now, after this contact of the five times via email; the alleged Informer had nothing to say.   He rebutted nothing that was sent him (the alleged Informer) including letters that I saw from Robert Kelly of the “Bulletin” telling this “Informer” that if he was going to use the “other gent’s” material and sell it, that he should pay him for it because the gent in question had a wife and six children to feed.  I saw that letter and the Informer acquiesced.

But, there is no way to stop these people’s relentless “NEED” to promote themselves, versus actually promoting a solution and offering a paradigm whereby people of like mind can come together in community and seek “the” Peaceful Settlement among the Family of Nations.  And since such people have not opted to self-govern via the exercise of the Right of Self-Determination and “assume Their Separate and Equal Station among the Power of the Earth” (as left open for them to do, and universally commanded for them to do) within a “STATE OF COMMUNITY”, then they get to be destroyed with the United States when it becomes “THE FORMER UNITED STATES”.  (See: V FOR VENDETTA)

I hope that in the end…that I will be able to exercise more fully this right…and build a compact-state of like-minded men and women (peaceful people with a Warrior’s heart) versus merely being an Ambassador for someone else.  For now, I would prefer to deal with questions of a more Universal Nature, from people that want to accept the Responsibility to extricate themselves from “belief systems” (i.e. governments) that don’t serve their best and highest good.

If he isn’t building community, then my opinion is to ignore it.   He has no solutions.  He challenged me as well and could not reply  to the information that I presented to him.

But, my problem is this…..I DON’T CARE….I am busy trying to get myself and others of like-mind….out from in front of a Runaway Train that is literally moving at MACH 4.5 and about to wipe you and me out.  What say you to this….now?   Ready to learn and build?  Or….join the Informer in his quest for…..?

What’s his quest again?

By the way…I know that we have emailed back and forth before.  Did you have get the BANKER’S MANUAL downloaded?

All the best,


P.S.  You know….in the end….what difference did this make?

P.S.S.  Also, since I know that this Informer used to publish his “research” and obviously his “derogatory claims” on ATG Press or “Against the Grain” Press; I did a Google search and clicked on their link.  The result that popped up stated that their account is suspended.  So, at first glance, it looks like their site is down.  I will not “presume” the reason”;…but now, I am curious….how did you find this alleged Informer’s claim in the first place?




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